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Welcome back to another cooking video, and
Merry Christmas to you, unless you’re watching
this some other time except for Christmas
in which case, Merry Christmas anyway.
Today I am going to show you guys how to make
the Santa Sushi Roll. I think nothing else
needs to be said, so let’s get cooking.
Alright so we start by taking three crab sticks
and removing the orange part, find out which
way around it goes and you just peel it back
and then you just cut it at the end of the
orange — just slightly, don’t cut all the
way through and there you go, pull it off.
And that’s one, now you just have to do two
You can also just cut it off on the board
like this — and there you go. Drop them in
Nori, you simply just take your sheet of Nori
place your three crab sticks on it and then
wrap the Nori around so it makes a nice little
package. Cut off any excess and just lay it
on the seal so the seal has some time to absorb
some of the liquid of the crab sticks and
fix itself. So the seal is on the bottom now
and I am going to leave it there for about
four or five minutes.
Alright so now to cut your tuna the right
shape. I have here blocks of sashimi-grade
tuna, now your block of tuna should be a bit
wider than your crab package so this will
work. You want to just in slightly about a
half a centimeter, and you just want to slice
one half centimeter block off, the same size
as your crab package — okay, perfect. Now
it fits in there. Okay, now I am going to
flip it over and I am just going to curve
the edges of my tuna, and now the other side.
You simply just take your knife and you start
slicing and you curve it. If you need to you
pull it back and you do it again in the same
direction. If you miss like that, no worries
you just go back and slice again. The idea
is to get a round top.
Alright now the round top is cut, I am going
to just flip it over and where I made my end
piece I am going to just make an incision
that will make it look like a Santa’s hat,
and just about like that…perfect. Now I
am going to add a piece of folded up Nori
that will make a black line when it’s in there,
and then I am just going to put it back and
flip it around again — there we go. Now you
can place this on top of your piece of crab
meat and this will form the top of the hat.
Alright now I have softly boiled a carrot
so it’s not quite cooked but just a little
bit more tender, and what I am going to do
here is just cut a piece about the same size
as a half sheet of Nori and then I am going
to cut a square and then cut that square into
a circle, and you’re going to want to do this
twice. Once for Santa’s nose and the other
time for Santa’s hat. Just cut it into a rough
square shape and then what you want to do
is just take off the edges of your square,
make it a bit more circular. Never put your
fingers in the way. Once you’ve cut off the
corners what you want to do is just scrape
your knife across here and you’ll be able
to spherify it and it will be better, like
that. It will take very little of the carrot
of but it’s really the smallest of touches
that makes something look great.
Alright, once you’ve finished cutting the
carrot into a circle you just place it inside
a little piece of extra Nori that you’ve got
lying around and just roll it around and then
this piece of carrot will go underneath this
part of your prior assembled tuna piece.
Alright so now just put this assembly piece
in the fridge to cool down while you prepare
the rest of the sushi roll.
Alright so now take half a sheet of Nori and
then cut it into roughly three pieces, and
what you want to do with these three pieces
is just take them add a little bit of cooked
white sushi rice. If you don’t know how to
make this a link has just appeared on the
top left corner to teach you how to make this,
and then you just want to roll them into small
little rolls. Don’t over pack them. Once you’ve
made a few of these rice rolls what you do
next is you glue two half sheets of Nori together
using some cooked sushi rice. Make one very
long piece of Nori. So just put it on one
of the corners and just use it as glue — that’s
great like that.
Now you’ve got one very long piece of Nori.
Now what you want to do is take your little
rolls and cut them length wise and place four
of them on the long Nori sheet you just made,
and now you want to add a very thin layer
of sushi rice on top. Alright now place another
half rice roll on top of that sushi rice to
create a smiley face, and a little bit of
rice on the sides to hold that smile intact.
Then add some more sushi rice on top, alright
now where the smile is you want to put two
semi-circles just on top of it creating a
v-shape on top of the smile. And in that v-shape
you want to put another carrot covered in
Nori and this will become the nose of Santa.
Now you want to just place two more semi-circles
just on the flanks like so and that would
be the beard complete.
Now onto constructing the face. Alright so
you want to take two small pieces of Nori
and dab your fingers in some water and then
just cover the surface and then you want to
just roll it in on itself and these will create
the black eyes that we are going to place
into the sushi roll. So just roll them really
tight and small.
Alright now here I have some pink sushi rice,
you can make this by basically just putting
some raspberry juice through sushi rice or
if you want you can watch a little video about
how to make this by clicking on the top left
corner of your screen right now.
Alright, so just wet your hands slightly,
take a little bit of your pink sushi rice
and lay a thin layer on top of what we just
assembled before, just above the nose. Okay,
now you want to place your eyes, one just
to one side and the other one to the other
side of the nose just like so and place just
a little bit again. A very little bit rice
will count up to make this bigger, so the
less rice the better. Okay, now a little bit
of normal white cooked sushi rice on the sides
just to fill it up, you want to keep it round.
Okay and now you take your assembly you made
before out of the fridge and you place it
on top. Alright now simply you want to roll,
so just place it lightly over and then roll
it over. Okay now to seal you might want to
use a little bit of sushi rice like so and
this will act as glue as before.
It’s getting a little bit messy now. Okay,
now just move it over and leave it for three
or four minutes just so the Nori tightens
around, I don’t want to be pressing this and
playing around with it.
3-4 minutes later
Now to cut the Santa Sushi Roll, first you
want to make sure your blade is slightly wet
and damp so that the rice doesn’t stick to
it as much, and then you want to make one
cut first to make a smooth surface at the
end of the roll. And then the next cut will
reveal the intricate design you created. It’s
very important to have an extremely sharp
knife when cutting a roll like this because
it’s very delicate, so you want to really
cut through it like butter.
And violà the Santa Sushi Roll.
So this is the end of the video, I hope you
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tuna tartare canapés, which I have made once
before. If you want to check out that video
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little side dish to have with this one so
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  1. Tnx, very nice! 
      _ But when you just made it i thought – what the creature is this? But when you cut, then again, i saw really nice picture) 

  2. As always, I remain amazed at where your creativity may take you. Another excellent sushi roll that made me wanting to take a midnight run to my local store. Never stop being incredible, Davey.

  3. I really enjoy your sushi, I've been making your sushi for myself and my father we love every sushi you make on YouTube. Thank you again 🙂

  4. I've been having a makesushi1 marathon for the past 3 days! I can't get enough! You videos are amazing and I don't even eat fish!

  5. its cool, nice technic and all, but its way to big for a sushi and all the rice is in one part and the fish in the other part. Now that wouldent be a problem if you could fit it all in your mouth at once. But its to big.

  6. Could you eat nori by itself? Would it taste like anything?would it taste good? Im New at this and would just like to know! 🙂

  7. Bro, I'm a retired chef and now a professional Santa Claus and California Rolls is about all I can do as far as sushi goes! You're a freaking sushi rockstar! Thank you for making these videos! I will watch every one of them for sure.. But, being that I live in Arizona and am land locked, getting sushi grade fish is near impossible unless I want to spend my whole pension check on it. So, I have to work with smoked salmon and other processed and cooked fish products. I am really jazzed I found your channel. Keep up the good work mate!

  8. If you already have childrens,your childs will be so happy to have a dad that can cook !'
    Just sayin😊😊

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