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So I’m going to do a beautiful super food curry from my new cookbook Jamie’s Everyday Super Food.
This dish is super exciting because we are going to be steaming cauliflower,
we are going to be boiling rice, we’re going to be roasting the chicken
we’re embracing herbs, we’re embracing spices
this food is going to fill you up with the good stuff.
First job, we’re going to get the rice on.
So one of the easiest trade ups that you lovely people can do to get healthier is go from your white
pastas, white breads, white rices to wholegrain.
It’s got more fiber, it’s actually got more complex flavour.
It does need more cooking so it goes from 10 minutes to cook the rice to more like 20 minutes.
100 grams of rice goes in, a little pinch of salt.
So got the rice on, we’re going to whack the colander on to make use of one pan, a little trick there.
I’m going to use cauliflower, go through the stalk, let’s just leave it in quarters like that.
Whack that in a colander, the leaves can go in there as well, lid on so it keeps in nice and steamy.
Now I’ve got some lovely organic yoghurt.
3 tablespoons
and I’m going to make a very simple dressing.
I’ve got 15 grams, a little handful of mint here.
Take the little center leaf out of here and we’re going to put that to the side.
And then these bigger leaves here throw in to the liquidiser.
Season it with a little salt.
I want to juice just half a lemon, but people often throw the outside away.
This zest here is quite nice, that’s more flavour
let’s go in there, I’m going to squeeze the lemon juice through my hands to catch any pips.
Ok so lets whizz it up.
You’re going to get an amazing colour. Like a beautiful pastel green.
So refreshing to eat.
It smells incredible so that can go in to a little dish.
Cauliflower nearly there, just want to take the rawness out of it, 5 or 10 minutes is cool.
We’re going to go back in to this dirty liquidiser, no point washing it up.
3 tablespoons of gorgeous yoghurt.
And I want to make a marinade, 2 cloves of garlic, a bit of ginger,
about 3cm just whack that in.
Pinch of salt and pepper.
Then we are going to spice it up.
A gorgeous tablespoon of curry powder.
Smells amazing.
Same amount of turmeric , it’s a massive anti-inflammatory.
Tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.
It’s not classic at all but it’s got a real twang to it.
Use the other half of the lemon.
Whack this on again.
But this time we are getting big colour, wonderful orange colour, garlic, ginger.
That is done.
So get yourself a nice roasting tray.
Go in with the amazing yoghurt marinade.
What I want to do is create surface area on the chicken.
See how one end is thin, one end is fat.
We can balance out that thickness.
Let’s do a patchwork quilt, lets just score the chicken.
At that fat end, just go down about 1/2 a cm.
And that is going to allow you create surface area which equals crunch and character.
I want you to get little burnt bits because there is a fine line between burnt bits and perfection.
Tip this chicken in to the marinade.
Perfect time to introduce the cauliflower.
Now whilst it’s lightly cooked and so open to carrying flavours.
So rice is still cooking, fine.
Just give it a little shake, toss up the cauli.
Some of that yoghurt will simply burn on the bottom and some of it cling to the chicken and cauliflower.
But you get that flavour right in there.
Lightly season it from a height, with some salt.
A little bit of pepper.
There’s a few little extra things you can do.
So this is black mustard seeds.
These will soften and give amazing flavours.
This is what they make mustard out of.
Sprinkle them from a height and they will make a difference.
Same with cumin, just a little pinch, sort of a teaspoon.
Whack that in the over, at the top of the oven by the way.
At 220c, gas mark 7
So it’s been cooking for about 13 minutes.
Let’s have a little look.
It’s looking good.
This rice has now had about 25 minutes.
Let’s load it up baby!
Let’s get the chicken out now.
That’s exactly what I want, these little charred bits here, some burnt bits here, lovely, attitude.
Get some nice baby spinach in and around the plate like this.
Chisel around and you’re going to get crispy bits.
You’re going to get these little bits of yogurt cooked on the bottom, delicious.
I’m going to put the chicken on the board here.
Cauliflower goes in.
Look at the colours, white, green, yellow.
With the chicken slice it up nicely.
Have a look at this, really really good.
This gorgeous mint dressing, fill those cups of spinach up.
You’ve got the dressing on, a quarter or half of finely sliced chilli.
Absolutely delicious.
Sprinkle these on top.
You’ve got carbs, you’ve got protein, you’ve got beautiful citrus and herbs in there, you’ve got your veg in there.
This is rattling in at about 550 calories.
Those lovely mint sprigs, this is when we put the ones on top.
Lets get a little bit of everything.
So good.
You don’t want to eat healthy food because someone tells you to, it’s got to be delicious
It’s got to make sense.
This is a recipe from my new book Jamie’s Everyday Super Food
Check it out if you want more.
If you want a lovely drink that compliments this gorgeous lunch or dinner
Then click the link over here.
Go over to our sister channel Drinks Tube which is fantastic, all things wet.
Unit next time, lots of love, super food, curry, mmm, nice

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