Summer Weight Loss Diet Plan 10 kgs – Full Day Meal Plan/Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

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hey guys i am nisa homey and welcome back
to my channel and today i’m sharing and
easy and healthy full day summer diet
plan for weight loss the meals I am
sharing will help to keep your body heat
down and also makes you feel fuller
this is a completely gluten and refined sugar
free diet plan without any refined oil
but if you have the habit of having tea
or coffee for breakfast you can have but
avoid sugar this healthy and nutritious
meal plan will keep you fuller and also
help you to lose weight
in this meal plan I am sharing three small meals and
three large meals so there is no
question of you being hungry also you
can mix and match from my other meal
plans following this colorful meal plan
will also give you a glowing and
beautiful skin this is more of a detox
diet plan as there are no refined oil
sugar or processed food
start your day with lemon and chia seed drink and this
is a power-packed antioxidant rich
drink chia seeds are among the most
nutritious foods on the planet and
starting your day with them would be an
ideal choice for a healthy start
chia seeds are loaded with fiber protein
omega-3 fatty acids along with many other
micronutrients they also make you feel fuller
after this go for a 30 to 40 minute walk
now for breakfast I am
serving a bowl of seasonal fruits like
mango pomegranate seeds and oranges
right now mangoes are here in season
along with pineapple and watermelon
feel free to use any fruit of your choice
like sliced bananas apples etc since
many of you wanted a banana free
diet plan I kept bananas away in this
plan always try to use seasonal fruits
of the place you live in make sure there
are some color in your fruit bowl
addition of kiwis would be an ideal
choice for a double vitamin C boost
for a mid-morning drink I am serving a fruit
infused water with basil seeds
basil seeds keeps your body cool and it is a
great idea to add soaked
seeds over your summer drinks
you can make this fruit infused drink ahead and
refrigerate overnight so that you can
take it to work the next day so to make
this drink into a glass add in 1 tbsp
pomegranate seeds 2 to 3 mango pieces
and instead of mangoes you can add
watermelon slices kiwi slices or apple
slices add in 2 to 3 peeled orange
pieces 4-5 pineapple chunks 2 sprigs
of mint leaves half of a lemon which I
have sliced thinly a sprig of fresh
curry leaves now fill the mug with
about one and a half to two cups of
water and then squeeze in half a lemon
add in 2 teaspoons soaked basil seeds
and give this a mix basil seeds or
sabja seeds reduce body heat and is one of the
best ingredient to use in summers
it is also rich in fibre and helps in weight loss
and weight management now this
fruit infused colorful drink can be
carried on the go just make sure that
you close the lid tightly moving on to
lunch I am serving a bowl of cooling and
filling curd rice I had already shared
the recipe and the links will be down
below for you to check it out
as a post meal cooler I’m serving a glass of
green chutney buttermilk and the recipe link
will be down below in the description
box so please do check it out
dinner should be had by at least 7 pm and I
always recommend having a light dinner
dinner is a bowl of chickpea or channa salad
with moringa leaves
its a power-packed nutrient-dense salad and
will meet all the necessary nutritional
requirements of the day in this salad
I used chickpea but you can use boiled
rajma or any dals or legumes of your
choice this salad is not only filling
but also has essential natural fats much
needed for a healthy thyroid and for
weight loss apart from these meals keep
yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of
water do try this meal plan and share
your results with me if you like to see
more such videos make sure you hit the
subscribe button so that you can keep
updated when I post new videos thank you
for watching and until next
time take care bye bye


  1. I would start this diet from tomorow.. my Weigh is 60kg..i practise yoga asans evryday and evn do zumba.. so i want to loose 5kgs in this month.

  2. hello mam, ur diets are so good, but i am not getting moringa leaves. is there any replacement of it.

  3. madam I had undergone c section and it's been six month now. my weight increased from 55 to 77.can I start this diet plan??

  4. I am doing your 10days 10kg weight loss plan..
    So its that oke to have your curd rice?? or else I should use only brown bread or roti

  5. This helped me a lot and may be you can check these pages out too!:

     And if it is about fitness check this!:

  6. Can we also eat other fruits such as orange banana pear or apple between lunch to dinner time if I feel bit hungry??
    As long as they are not fat contained.

  7. Hello Nisha, I started following ur diet plan. May I know is there any replacement for fruit infused mid morning? or shell we prepare for that at breakfast time and have it around 11 am. Is it good to have 4 white eggs in a day?

  8. @nisa homey ..Hi's so good to see such inspiring motivating and informative videos.. I have already subscribed ur channel and started following you. Can you please let me know if we can mix ur veg and non veg diet plan for 10 days according to the veg and non veg day ???

  9. Can I use Moringa leaves powder instead of fresh leaves in the chana salad? If yes, how much should be the quantity?

  10. Ma'am i have taken your 10 days 10kgs weightloss diet plan. I have loss 2.5 kgs. Ma'am can i follow this summer diet plan for lose more weight? I have to lose almost 17kgs. Now i am taking normal foods. Ma'am plz help me.

  11. Mam i m a working women.after delivery i gained weight also i lose my skin colour.pls suggest me good diet to overcome ths problems.

  12. Mam plss tell m allergic to honey,Can i take chia seeds nly with lemon plss reply, n ma husband has white spots he cannot take lemon, so plss reply how he can take chia seeds to loose weight

  13. Check out the internet… you'll come to know they are not the same… earlier I too thought they were the same

  14. Hi ma’am i hv ma class from 6 to 9:30 so it is not possible for me to have my dinner at 7…and after coming from class it gets to late. My question to you is will it be okay if i just drink a glass of milk at night ??? Plz kindly reply

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