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Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com.
Today, I am showing you how very easy it is to make your own sugar-free, sweetened condensed coconut milk, that is dairy-free and
vegan. If you are interested in how to store this, and what to do when it is solid,
please watch the video to the end. The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is 6.4 to 1 with
1.9 grams of total carbs,
0.3 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in 1.6 grams of net carbs per serving.
One thing you will really like is that there are only three ingredients to make this sugar-free condensed coconut milk.
The first thing you do is you shake your can a full fat (coconut) milk or coconut cream
They’re usually the same thing but just labeled differently.
After shaking, pour the liquid into a medium sized frying pan.
I’d also like to mention: please read the label of your coconut cream or milk. What you want is just
coconut cream and water.
That is because so many companies like to add gums or other additives which will affect this recipe, and they’re actually not that good.
I will provide a link to the product that I use.
After pouring everything into your frying pan, add the confectionery sweetener and stir until well combined.
If you’re new, you may be wondering why I’m using a frying pan
That is because a frying pan has a greater surface area,
which will help in faster evaporation and therefore
less cooking time. And that is important because you will be cooking this over low heat,
which is important because you don’t want your liquid to scorch.
I forgot to mention that I add and stir the confectionery sweetener into the liquid before I put it onto my stovetop.
Because you are using low heat, it will take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes for this liquid to condense to the proper consistency.
So stay nearby and stir occasionally. You do not have to stir constantly,
but I recommend that you do stay near the stove.
Stir occasionally until you notice that the liquid is beginning to simmer at the edges of the pan, and then
really slightly increase the heat and bring the liquid up to a gentle, rolling boil. At this point,
it is really important that you keep an eye on how fast the bubbles are breaking the surface,
and, if needed, adjust the heat setting if the liquid begins to boil too vigorously, and
continue cooking until the liquid is reduced to the consistency of liquid honey, or maple syrup.
Your condensed milk will look a little bit runny at this stage,
but that is exactly what you want because the condensed milk will thicken as it cools.
When you determine that it is the right consistency,
turn off your heat element and now add the vanilla.
And then just stir in to ensure that the vanilla is mixed into the condensed milk.
Now that it is done, just let everything rest for five minutes in the frying pan.
As the condensed milk is resting, stir occasionally to keep the liquid nice and smooth and velvety.
Here’s a quick tip: If you are planning to store and then possibly reheat your coconut sweetened condensed milk,
transfer the liquid into a heat and cold resistant container.
This will make things easier later on. On the other hand, if you plan to use your condensed milk the same day,
it really doesn’t matter what container you put it in. I would recommend that you store it in a measuring cup,
which will make it much easier to pour when you are using it.
And, if you are going to use it the same day, just leave the container covered with cling wrap on your counter.
That is because you want the condensed milk to cool to room temperature before using.
I would like to emphasize that it is really important to store your unused condensed coconut milk in an airtight container
that is heat/cold resistant. And that is because, when you are storing the condensed milk in the refrigerator,
it will become a solid. You can store the condensed milk in your
refrigerator for one to two weeks. To get it back to a liquid consistency,
this is the procedure I would recommend. To re-liquify, boil some water in a small deep saucepan, enough water
that will come halfway up your jar. When the water is nice and hot,
remove the saucepan from the heat element and place your container of the condensed milk into the hot water.
Before putting it in the water, don’t forget to remove the lid. Also, to keep things
well-emulsified, stir occasionally as the solid is turning back into a liquid. When the condensed milk has
almost completely turned back into a fluid,
remove the container from the hot water and put it on your counter. And give it a brisk whisk until
everything is nice and liquidy. And you’ll find that integrating
this condensed milk into other recipes works so much better when your condensed coconut milk is at room temperature. One last word:
I would like to suggest you do not heat the condensed milk directly in a pan or in a microwave.
That is because trying to re-liquify the solid in this way will change either the taste or the
consistency, or both. And you probably won’t be pleased with the end result. And that is the end of my instructions.
I hope that you will find this version of my sweetened condensed coconut based milk a very tasty and useful recipe.
And as a suggestion to inspire you, you could use this dairy-free sweetened condensed coconut milk with my dairy-free mint ice cream,
no machine recipe. And, in my next video,
I will be showing you how to make a really amazing, great tasting, no-cook fudge.
And, as you can guess, one of the ingredients will be this condensed milk. So please come back and check out that recipe, too.
To everyone, thank you so much for watching this video.
I hope this recipe will be useful and that you will enjoy it.
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