Store Bought Restaurant Food Taste Test

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Do restaurants’ dishes
taste the same
as their frozen versions
you make at home?
Let’s talk about that.
( music playing )
Good Mythical morning!
Today we’re shake, shake,
shaking our booties
at the butt disco
and guessing the original
extremely unhappy endings
to popular fairytales.
Mm-hmm, but first,
have you ever wandered
through the grocery store
and noticed
that they have a lot
of your favorite
restaurant appeteasers
– Mmm.
– in the frozen section?
Yeah, but do they have
the same magical taste at home
as they do
in the restaurant?
I don’t know.
Let’s find out.
It’s time for…
I love Jeff. He’s great!
– Mm-hmm.
– All right, this is
how it’s gonna work.
We’re gonna have two identical
meals placed in front of us.
One dish came
from the actual restaurant.
It was prepared there.
The other dish will be
from the grocery store version
that the restaurant sells
in the frozen section
that was prepared here or could
be prepared by you at home.
Wow. You just made it
more complicated
than it actually is.
One’s from the restaurant.
One’s from the grocery store.
– Yeah.
– You could’ve just said that.
We’re going to select
which one is
from the actual restaurant
– Mm-hmm.
– with this nice little
credit card holder.
Of course, the person
who gets the most ones right
wins a special restaurant
themed surprise!
Arby’s curly fries!
I didn’t know you could
get these in a store.
– Did you know
about their frozen ones?
– Yeah, in a big frozen bag.
– I been missing out.
– Let’s eat off
of this one first.
When you cook
out of the bag,
do you refry ’em
or do you just bake ’em?
I think you could
do either, right?
Do you know?
The bag recommends to bake.
– Yeah.
– So we baked them.
– Okay. Hmm.
– So they’re already fried,
and then just heat ’em up
in the oven at home.
Now there’s a distinct
color difference.
Do you notice that?
– These are darker.
– These are more vibrant.
– Ours have good color on it.
– They’re vibrant.
And I’m picking out a tight
curly from each one.
Me, too.
Holy moly!
They’re very different.
I was actually thinking
they weren’t that different.
These are a little
more crunchy.
No, they taste different.
But I don’t know
which one tastes like what.
They taste the exact same
to me, man.
There’s a big difference
in taste,
but I don’t know which one’s
more frozen tasting.
These taste better.
– To me.
– Those taste better.
Which is why I’m voting
for these as from the store.
These have a–
Not from the bag.
These have a mealiness
that it feels like it’s gone
through some sort
of transformation.
Now they’re not horrible,
All right.
We agree.
Are we right, Stevie?
Stevie:The restaurant fries
are on Rhett’s side.

( whispering )
How is that possible?
Arby’s, I dunno what to say.
Okay, now we got
the Panera Bread
broccoli cheddar soup,
which you can get
inside a bread bowl.
You ever done that? Phew!
You have not lived if you have
not done that, my friend.
But this is just glass.
Not bread.
– Every time I go to Panera–
– Oh! Hold on.
They make a different sound.
Maybe that’s a clue.
Do it.
– Um–
– Hmm.
That was amazing.
What are the chances
that we just made
the “Jaws” theme
with two bowls of broccoli
cheddar soup?
I mean,
we’ve just peaked.
– We should quit right now.
– Yep.
All right.
I’m still gonna sit here,
though, because–
Oh, let’s try
this one first.
This one’s
pretty great, me.
Oh, you’re back.
I can talk to you now.
– Are you still making the show?
– Yeah.
I didn’t think
that was a legit peak.
It was just– It was
just a nice little–
Oh, I quit for a little bit.
It felt great.
– Let me tell you right now.
– I–
it’s very celery forward.
– This is the one
you tried first?
– Yeah, try it.
Celery forward, huh?
– Isn’t it?
– I would call it
broccoli forward.
– Oh, is that
what that tastes like?
– Yeah.
Now let’s taste this one.
Well, I didn’t get
any broccoli in
that other bite.
They look identical.
And they taste…
– Again, I don’t agree.
– Really?
I don’t know which one
I like more,
but they taste different.
Well, what do you think is
different about ’em?
This one has like a–
If I were to describe it
as a musical note,
not just because we just
played a musical note.
It’s the same now.
– No.
– No.
– This one tastes–
– Hold on!
– I felt like we were
about to peak that time.
– Hold on.
This one ironically
tastes higher
and this one tastes lower.
You know how some things
have a higher taste?
Like a more acidic taste
and some have a base-ier taste?
That’s actually
what’s happening right now,
but they’re making
the opposite notes
and so my mind is blown.
I think the only difference
that I can discern is
that the broccoli’s
a little firmer in this one.
– Which makes me– Ooh!
– I’m going–
– I’m going restaurant
on this one.
– You know what?
I’m gonna
differentiate myself.
– I’m gonna change my vote.
– Okay.
That’s a strategy.
It might work,
because I’m kinda guessing.
Okay. The restaurant soup is
on Rhett’s side.

– ( grunts )
– Yeah, see!
– Yeah, okay.
– But Panera did a good job
– of freezing up this bowl
of stuff.
– Yeah.
I actually preferred
the taste of this one.
Indiscernible to me.
‘Tato skins
from the Friday’s!
Without even tasting these
I just–
Blind guess, these are
the frozen ones and these are
from the restaurant,
just because the process
that leads to bake and
distribution in the factory.
And this is just Dwight,
who works at TGI Friday’s,
just making a decision.
– Maybe having a bad day.
– So it’s Jeff– That’s Jeff
– and this is Dwight?
– Jeff and Dwight.
Now, because this one
has a lot more bacon–
It’s just another way
that I’m interpreting this.
– Dink it.
– Right.
It’s part
of the process.
And it’s the same amount
of bacon on each one
because it’s a machine.
It’s not Jeff.
Jeff is just selling them to us.
– That tastes good.
– Very tasty.
– Really tasty.
– Really really tasty.
Not as much bacon, it seems.
Oh, this is obvious.
– Yeah.
– Even–
This is so much more
potatoey tasting.
It just tastes fresher.
The potato itself.
So they’re compensating
with more bacon and cheese,
– which let me tell ya–
– And they’re doing
a good job of it.
I actually think it’s better,
but I can tell
this is from the store.
– You think this is better?
– You mean the restaurant.
The restaurant.
Because they’re
both stores.
– True.
– Yeah.
Okay, the restaurant skins
are on Link’s side.

– Yes.
– Yep, we got it.
– But I recommend these
from the grocery store.
– They are good.
I’ll eat another one
right now.
Now we got Chili’s
Cajun chicken pasta.
And newsflash!
They use different pasta!
Look at that! They got–
Is that penne?
Is that the correct name
for this one?
Tess: Penne, yes,
that is correct.
Penne pasta. And then
what’s the other one?
– What’s that?
– Shells.
They look like shells.
– It’s a curly Q.
– What do you call that?
– A pigtail.
– What’s the official name?
Tess: I think it’s like
a derivative of fusilli,
– but I can’t really see
that well.
– A derivative of fusilli.
Cavatappi, sorry.
– Cavatappi?
– Cavatappi.
– Cavatappi.
– Just like that, yeah.
– Papatappi?
– Yep, that’s the one.
You’ve already
eaten this, huh?
I never ordered this
in the store.
The restaurant.
This tastes really good.
What is their philosophy
behind changing the pasta?
Is it so you know
that you got the frozen one?
I don’t know the answer to that.
I’m not Mr. Chili.
It tastes completely
different, too.
Nothing like it.
– Ooh, it’s–
– It’s super spicy.
It’s really spicy.
It’s not the same thing
in any way.
And we’re sure this is–
They sell it as the same thing.
They’re calling it
Cajun chicken pasta.
That’s correct.
Yeah, this has gotta
be the restaurant, right?
I just think
because there’s–
The flavor intensity
on this is– Sorry.
– Just so high,
– Whoop!
that it just feels like more
of a process thing.
And this, again,
this feels like Dwight threw it
together last minute.
This like a T–
This is like a TV dinner
type situation.
– Yeah. Right.
– Are we correct?
Okay, the restaurant pasta
is on Link’s side.

Both: Yes.
Yeah, don’t go for that.
you need to revamp.
You need
to reexamine yourself.
Well, it’s not bad.
I’m still gonna eat it.
Beef and broccoli
from P.F. Chang’s!
What a store!
It’s a great store.
Now this one
is juicier looking.
– Yeah.
– This ones a little dry
Right off the bat
I would say that this is
from the freezer section
because of the lack of juice.
But, you know,
when they sell a Chinese food
item at the store,
they give you a packet
of sauce
that you warm up
and pour over the food.
A lot of times.
So that makes me
think that
that might be why
it’s more juicy.
Or it might have
more preservatives.
Let’s see
if it tastes better.
It tastes better
’cause of all the sauce.
But the sauce is
kinda like gravy
in not a good way.
It’s gravy-ish.
I’m kinda going out
on a limb here,
and I’m going restaurant
on this side,
because of my juice
packet theory.
It’s not the first
or the last time
I’m using my juice
packet theory.
Solved a lot of my own personal
problems with that.
You’re right.
The consistency of
this is better,
but I’m 100% sure
that this is the restaurant.
Oh, 100%!
– Yeah.
Okay, fine.
The beef and broccoli
from the restaurant’s
on Rhett’s side.

– Yes!
– This isn’t bad, though.
I’m not gonna
not recommend it.
I’m just not gonna
not gonna not recommend it.
Right. Mm-hmm.
All right, we got California
Pizza Kitchen gluten-free,
barbecue chicken pizza.
– Oh, this gluten-free, huh?
– Yeah.
And that’s just
a game changer.
Which means
they’re both gonna be bad.
Now, there’s a distinct
I mean, this is like little
chopped up ingredients.
You know, look at the size
of the chicken.
Look at the size
of the onions.
We got whole onions here.
We got larger pieces
of chicken.
Different kinds
of pieces of chicken.
Just right off the bat,
eye test,
that’s gotta be
from the restaurant,
or the store
as Link calls it.
So let’s eat
this one first.
– It’s tasty.
– It is good.
But it can’t be as good
as this one.
– Right?
– This one is stacked.
It’s three times
as heavy.
If you served this
at a restaurant,
you’d have a riot
on your hands.
– You know what I’m saying?
– You can serve this at that–
What’s that place? Cicis.
Remember when we used to go
to Cicis and spend
three hours there?
You can serve anything
at Cicis.
It’s an all-you-can-eat
pizza buffet.
You just go in there
and you just rack up.
You can just flatten out
somebody’s flaked off skin
and people get up there
and just take it down.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
And you can’t complain,
’cause it costs like a $1.99.
I mean, it’s skin,
but it’s pizza skin!
Yeah! And I get as much
of it as I want!
Okay, so I can’t win
at this point.
– It’s all about pride.
– Mm-hmm.
But I’m not gonna guess
different just to be different
’cause that would be wrong.
Yeah, you’re right.
It’s totally on Link’s side.

That’s obviously
the restaurant version.

Yep, but if–
You know–
and never would you venture
to eat these at the same time.
You could trick yourself
into thinking this is good
if you’re home alone,
watching reruns of “Frasier.”
You know?
Just living
your best life.
That does sound
like a good time.
You might
be kinda happy.
Let’s do that tonight.
Let’s take these two slices.
So I win!
What do I win?
Where’s my prize?
It’s right here.
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday
to… Dink? ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪
– Okay. Bye!
– Happy birthday, Dink!
Don’t forget
to tip your waitress!
Tip your waitress!
Eat your ice cream.
Make a wish, man!
You’re the winner!
How you feel?
Like maybe
I shouldn’t have won.
Okay. All right.
Let’s see what happens
when Link and I take our butts
to a butt disco.
Eat up with your friends
and shirt up with us

with this “Dink it
and sink it” T-shirt,

available at Mythical.Store.


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