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Sticky beef Ribs and Slaw Happy Christmas you lovely FoodTubers, Mr Oliver here. In a beautifully festive fashion. We’re going to do a beautiful dish. Sticky, delicious beef short ribs, with mash potato, winter slaw. And the flavour is maximum, this is a show stopper. So I’ve got two beef short ribs, right here you know it’s from the fore quarter of the beef. That’s the bone marrow, that’s kind of like the most incredible, intense sort of stock cube ever. So get your ribs into a pan, season it with some salt and a really generous seasoning of pepper. A little bit of olive oil just to get it going. This cut of meat is tough so you need to rehydrate the tendons so they just break up and become deliciously sticky. So what I want to do is have a closed environment. So I’m going to get a nice long sheet of tin foil, double wrap And then we’re going to whack this in the oven for about 8 hours until nice and tender At 100 degrees Celsius, see you in 8 hours . Ooo, that 8 hours went quick and I’m still in this jumper. Check this out. The meat has kind of shrunk back off the bones, I feel like this is meal from the Flintstones. Wilma! It’s very cool, you’ve got the most incredible like roast beef juice. It tastes amazing, pour that into a little cup here, can you see it separating? You know we don’t want this fat in our story but we want to save that fat for a rainy day. A little will go a long way flavour wise so this in the fridge, super important tip Then we’ve got the lovely stock and we’re going to go back into our tray So get your pan on full whack, go in with about 180ml of ketchup 150ml of dark stout, 4 teaspoons of mustard 4 teaspoons of malt vinegar, 4 tablespoons of worchestershire sauce And last but not least, golden syrup, 4 teaspoons of that, oh yes. And we’re just going to boil this up til it’s a lovely, sticky, glazy British BBQ sauce So I’m pretty happy with that so we’ll turn that heat off put it over the top and in and around All I need to do now is pop this back in the oven, Keep it at the same temperature 100 degrees, 20 minutes to 40 minutes is fine Next up, let’s do a beautiful winter coleslaw But if you’ll forgive me, next time you see me, I won’t have a jumper because I’m really really hot Woo, okay that’s a little bit cooler, thank the lord for that Okay so hot pan, I’ve got some caraway seeds here, just a nice heaped teaspoon And just toast them up, get them a little bit smoky I want two heaped tablespoons of mayo, going into a bowl About one heaped tablespoon or two of yogurt, a heaped teaspoon of English mustard Season it lightly, and I’m just going to finely chop some herbs I’m using dill because I just love it and then one and half tablespoons of white wine vinegar We want it to be nicely acidic, mix that up These caraway seeds will just add a sort of surprise and toastiness into this dressing So looks let’s have a little taste, oh it’s good A little tip, take some pickled onions and a little bit of the vinegar, Just to tweak that acidity so it’s sharp and fresh, finely chop those pickled onions Over here I’ve got lovely seasonal veg guys, use anything that you’re passionate about So I’ve got some nice yellow beetroot here, finely slice these up Then I’ve white cabbage I’m just going to add it, I’ve got some kales, so, so good for you So let’s get that in there, it looks like a lot of volume but it will sink Then we’ve got some lovely carrots here, beet leaves So I’m going to get all of this into here now, there’s no polite way to do it Just move it around, sort of squeeze it and you can see this makes quite a lot. Let’s serve this beautiful food up. If people come round your house for a dinner party and you’ve got this beautiful short rib dish. I honestly think they’re going to go wild for this dish. It’s literally like cutting through butter, look how tender that is. It’s just melt in your mouth, amazing. I’m serving it with regular mash potato, little bit of nutmeg and butter. Get some of that lovely winter slaw for that gorgeous, tender short rib to go on top. So there you go, look at that, so, so good. Guys if you want more inspiration go to Jamie Where there’s thousands and thousands of beautiful recipes waiting for you And keep those comments coming in the comments box below And if you haven’t subscribed, press that magic button because it’s free, bye.


  1. 2:30 you say keep it at a 100 degrees, however the instructions that follow say 180 degrees, might want to fix that 😉

  2. No, no, no. Jamie, I usually love your recipes, but why didn’t you add flavour like herbs, garlic, red wine, mustard, tomato purée, black pepper to the meat before cooking in the oven for 8 hours? Surely the meat will soak up all those flavours and the outcome will be a more enjoyable piece of meat?

  3. Brilliant recipe – as per usual – thank you Jamie Oliver, you've taught me to cook & my family really as in REALLY look forward to dinner time:)

  4. None of these ribs recipes compares to Gordon ramsays! His is practical, quick and extremely delicious! Never fails me!

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