Steamed Eggs vs Boiled Eggs …which is better?

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chef buck here today to answer the
age-old question is the egg our friend oh let’s answer the second oldest
question is it better to hard boil an egg with steam or water a steam is water
is it better to steam an egg or boil an egg to achieve a hard-boiled egg we’re
going to test three methods to achieve a hard-boiled egg
we’re going to do the old-fashioned way which is the way that I have always done
it you know which is by just boiling it in water and then we’re also going to
steam our eggs in a pot with a steamer basket and then we’re also going to use
to – go 3,000 which is a tiny head getch and we’re staying in at the Airbnb and I
found this in the closet and I’ve been using it pretty regularly it’s a great
way to steam an egg but I’m not gonna buy one of these I mean it’s cheap it
works well if you want to check it out there’s a link down below an affiliate
link but you know we’re moving around a lot I’m not gonna travel with this so
I’m going to test it in a steamer basket just to see if I can steam an egg just
as easily and then we’re also gonna boil it like I said so the first thing I’m
gonna do is turn on my hot water boom to get this boiling because this is going
to take the longest amount of time because I got to bring this water to a
boil whereas with the steaming it won’t take that long
I have always done it this method right here which is taking a pot of water
placing your eggs in it bringing it to a boil and then taking it off of the water
and then in letting them cook just in the hot water for 12 minutes on their
own what we’re also going to steam them in this pot here so I have enough water
in here so that when I put my steamer basket in I’ll have plenty of water in
there to steam the eggs I’ll place my eggs in here now I don’t want them to
rattle around crack themselves while they’re steaming so I’m going to take a
little bit of paper towel and just put it in here so they won’t jostle around
so much and I’ll cover this up and get this steaming away and now we’re gonna
go to the – go got a little a gizmo that comes with it and you use this to Pierce
the eggs this sort of needle slash nail-like contraption so you just put a
little hole in the top do that to all your eggs SuperDuper easy peasy lemon
squeezy seems like it would just fall apart in your hand they give you this
doohickey here that has a line to measure the water depending on how it
done you want the egg yeah so I’m gonna put it up to the hard-boiled line pour
the water in here then I will cover it up plug it in press the button a little
lights on and so this will take about 12 minutes to hard-boil these eggs let’s
see I don’t have these steaming yet but the the coil is on all righty so we got
our eggs kind of semi started and we’ll check on them and see how it works out
all righty so it has been three minutes already
and my – go steamer is well on its way to steaming our eggs we tested this out
for a number of different egg preparations I’ll have a link for that
down below now our pot steamer in the steamer
basket it has started steaming the eggs not as quickly as this started because
this uses less water have more water in here and our boiled eggs our water has
not started boiling yet so the race is on well in the lead coming out of the
gate and this one here just kind of thinking about it it’s thinking about it
alright five minutes in come on down here camera girl boom boom boom and my
water is just starting to boil so I’m going to go ahead and turn this off
completely and get it off of the heat now I will cover it and I am going to
let this sit for 12 minutes and then they would be perfectly boiled this is
how I have always boiled eggs well you know for the last ten years and it’s a
great way to boil eggs foolproof they’re not gonna be overcooked but it is going
to take a little bit of time because we’re already 6 minutes in and we’re
gonna have to wait 12 minutes for that so that means that our – cooker is
already halfway there and our steaming eggs are also almost halfway there so
we’ll be back in a little bit and check on the developments as they occur dun
dun alright so now we are almost 10 minutes in and it
still eggs cooking so nothing’s really changed yet so it has been 12 minutes
and the – go has gone off so I’m going to go ahead and get the eggs out of here
and I’m going to put them in some cold water and then that way we’ll stop the
cooking process and it will make our eggs easier to peel
because by shocking them with the cold water it will help to pull the membrane
or the inner egg away from the shell our steamed eggs are still steaming away and
I’m gonna let them go for a couple more minutes because it took about 2 more
minutes for this to get going than it did for the gash go and then our boiled
eggs are going to bring up the rear back in a minute in 10 seconds you can do a
dance for just that mom uh actually I can’t you could sleep I am dying
hmm so that has been 12 minutes steaming away so I’m gonna go ahead and get my –
go eggs and separate them so I don’t get them mixed up and then I will take my
steamer basket eggs you look boy no bueno
and my paper towel out of there and I will go ahead and place these and some
cold water to shock them and now we’re just gonna be waiting on our boiled egg that’s it time is up so we have got our
– go eggs that we steamed for 12 minutes we got our steamer basket eggs that we
steamed for 12 minutes and now we have our boiled egg so now I will give these
a cold shock and then we’ll see which is the best eggs and by the best I mean
which peels the easiest because that’s what really this test is all about for
me because we already know what’s the fastest the – go came in fast a steamer
basket came in a close second and the boiled eggs way behind but now we’re
gonna see what is easier to peel so I’ve had my boiled eggs sitting in cold water
for a while and now we’re gonna go ahead and peel them we’re gonna start with our
– go eggs first get our shell busted up boom boom boom and
I like to peel them in the water because they’re always easier to peel in the
water and these shells are coming off very easily so they’re not sticking to
the egg at all and so I got a little bit of a divot right there but the shell
came off quite easily let me do these others here see how it just peels off of
there it’s not sticking at all so that’s really nice
but sometimes you really have to work to get the shell off especially if it’s a
new egg and like I said these are all new eggs you know if anybody has any
tips or tricks for peeling eggs you can write them down below I find shocking
them in cold water makes them easier to peel but these were all very easy to
peel so I’m very happy with that let me get a knife here and take a look
inside boom boom boom they look very good and there’s no green edge around it
cuz that’ll add a soft first taste if they’re overdone and these here aren’t
shocky at all they’re still very meaty so now we will try our steamer basket
egg just kind of going around peeling this off it’s coming off pretty easily
got a couple little divots in there not too shabby number two no problem us and steaming
these in the steamer basket I didn’t follow the – go instruction so I didn’t
put a little pin prick on the bottom but it doesn’t seem to make a difference so
I don’t know why the dash goes suggest doing that because it seemed fine
without it let me cut into this and see what it looks like boom boom boom
these are also very well done hard-boiled eggs this would work great
for any hard-boiled egg preparation now let me do the boiled egg
so let’s just see how this compares to the steamed egg and it’s looking pretty
good actually and you didn’t put vinegar anything I
didn’t put any vinegar I didn’t put any salt in the water you say that’s a fresh
egg yeah this is a new egg and it really came off pretty easily I don’t think
there was any real difference there so so far I take the tie with the peeling
alright now this one’s adhering a little more I’m definitely getting more divots
in here so maybe that first one was just a lucky stroke
or you’re treating it differently it’s like a scientific thing here you know
they say that just by observing something you change it no but maybe
you’re using more pressure just because you already have a theory in your mind
so maybe subconsciously I’m angry that what you’re saying so let’s peel our
final one here it definitely sticks to the shell a little bit more I think with
the steamed egg it’s easier to peel but I mean it’s just boiling an egg and
peeling it so you know it’s not rocket science but if you’re trying to make
deviled eggs you want prettier outsides yeah so I got a couple little divots in
here but overall looks peeling off pretty easily now let me take a look
here and this is my 12-minute boiled egg boom boom boom
lost a little bit of one side there but looks perfect oh the most consistent
color yeah so this here actually seems a little bit more done but I kind of like
them a little meteor inside but this looks very nice and this is the way I
always cook eggs I have always just boiled them see like the yolk wants to
kind of come out of these when I cut them so these are a little bit more done
after sitting in the hot water for 12 minutes but they don’t look overdone
they still look kind of meaty so these are all really good eggs and these are
all really good eggs too although this one here looks a little less done if you
want to do softer boiled eggs instead of a steaming them for 12 minutes you know
steamed them for 10 minutes you know kind of alter the time a little bit and
then you will have a softer yolk in there if you want to use it for like a
ramen noodle preparation I think the steamed eggs were a little bit easier to
peel but what am I gonna do with all these eggs boom I’m going to me and egg
salad real quick why not it’s super easy to do and this is just gonna be a very
basic egg salad recipe get a little bit of salt I’ve got a little bit of black
pepper let’s squeeze some mustard in here then I’m gonna add some mayonnaise
quite a little bit of mayonnaise this is a southern egg salad after all and
that’s really all you need for a nice egg salad but I like a little bit of
zing so I’m going to add some jalapeno juice and I’m going to go ahead and chop
up a couple of help no slices no sweet relish you can
definitely add a little sweet relish if you like you like as per camera girl’s
request we’ll throw in a little sweet relish now we’ll just mash it all up and
you could do it with a cork if you didn’t have a masher you can mash it up
with your hands if you want to be a savage you can mash this up as smooth or
chunky as you like and that’s all there is to a classic basic egg salad what
have we learned steaming eggs is faster than boiling
eggs but whether you steam or boiling water the eggs will be hard-boiled
either way I think we knew that beforehand but steaming is faster we’ve
learned that you can take steamed eggs and boiled eggs and mix them together to
make a very easy egg salad we have also learned that you know for peeling the
shell you know it’s not insurmountable no matter which way you do it if you’ve
got two hands and half a brain you know you’ll be able to peel your egg that’s
fine thanks for watching our videos go over to all
our recipes are over there and you can print them out and we’ll see in the
future you

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