SPICY! Lazi Chicken ~ The Best Chinese Food You’ve Never Had + an Art Market Under a Bridge

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Quick sip of coffee, and then I’ll tell you
my name.
My name is Ryan.
Another day of spicy food in Chengdu!
I feel like I’m in a Beastie Boys music video
or something.
This weird crotch cam.
Right now I’m sitting in Sichuan University
I believe and uh it’s gotta be the biggest
university in Chengdu.
In the summer, these are lilies, they flower
at one point, and it looks really nice, but
I do enjoy the dead look to it.
It kind of represents…
My life, no.
Uh, it represents winter.
And it’s still kind of beautiful.
So the land of spicy food and I’m going for
a dish that’s called spicy chicken.
Lazi Ji.
Sometimes people call it Chongqing Chicken.
Cause it was invented in Chongqing.
Basically, bits of chicken, tons of pepper.
I always say that Sichuan isn’t as spicy as
everyone says it is.
There’s a lot of spicy dishes but it isn’t
mind-blowing spicy.
I wouldn’t even say that it’s the spiciest
food in China.
The numbing peppercorns kind of reverse the
spice a little bit.
It’s just not that bad.
I’ve never, I’ve have maybe a couple dishes
where my mouth is really burning.
Oh it’s hot.
So I’m going to go do that first, and after
I’m going to check out this art market.
It’s under a bridge.
It should be like ancient Chinese art, traditional
And it’s all through these buildings that
are underneath a bridge.
Now I’ll just get some shots of me drinking
And I think we’re good to go now.
Well, I know the restaurant is in this row
of restaurants here somewhere.
I can’t remember what it’s called.
I can’t remember what it looks like.
But, I’m hoping I recognize it.
Actually, this might be it here.
This guy is video taping me, and I’m video
taping him.
Isn’t that… interesting.
Oh, and then we got a poo-load of kids all
staring at me.
Where’s my gal-darn phone.
Looks like a pretty good spot.
This place is chaotic right now.
I’m sweating up a storm.
There’s a lot of kids here.
School kids or something.
If I’m sweating now, imagine what I’m going
to be like after I’ve eaten.
I cannot have spicy food without drinking
a beer.
I haven’t had anything to eat today.
I’ve had 2 coffees.
I’m not going to drink this beer until I get
some food in my stomach.
The name of this restaurant translates to
something like “No Taste Restaurant”.
It’s suppose to be good.
It’s actually suppose to be…
It’s uh…
The 22nd best place to get lazi ji in Chengdu.
Twenty Second doesn’t seem like much, but
there were…
Man, there were a lot of results.
Let me just tell you.
700! 700 options, so 22nd out of 700 is pretty
It’s also cheaper too.
Considering I’m by myself, I don’t need that
big of a portion.
This is a huge plate of chicken.
I may have bitten off more than I can chew
MMM, oh wow.
That is really good.
There’s some boneless bits in here.
There’s definitely some bones as well.
Oh, it’s so good though.
The chicken is battered, it’s like probably
thrown in some corn starch or something.
So it’s got a bit of a breading on it.
Which helps absorb flavor.
It adds a little crispiness to it.
I know there’s some bone shards hiding in
some of these pieces.
Oh, that’s really tasty though.
It kind of reminds me of a Cajun chicken.
The heats not overwhelming at all.
Oh, that burns.
So to make this, they probably marinate the
chicken a little bit.
And then they fry it up with garlic, ginger,
probably some hua jiao (some numbing peppercorns).
What else we got here?
Oh, duh, some red spicy peppers.
Tons of those.
And, uh, also some bean paste, some spicy
bean paste.
Actually, my old godmother here, she makes
a brand of that sauce.
Her spicy bean paste is really good.
All these chilis in here, you don’t eat those.
Those are just for flavour.
Anthony Bourdain actually said that eating
this dish was like playing a game of finding
the chicken bits in a mountain of ass-burning
I love that.
That’s fantastic.
These guys are…
Do you speak English?
Can you speak English?
These kids are…
Interested in watching me eat a little bit.
You can see bits of charred garlic in here.
It all has the same flavor, that spicy bean
paste really does help a lot.
It’s gotta be one of the top ingredients in
Sichuan food.
Hua jiao, spicy pepper, and the fermented
bean paste.
The spice if definitely coming on.
Not too bad.
My tongue is burning a little bit.
Like a mouth fire.
You don’t usually get that with Sichuan food.
What’s your name?
My name is Ryan.
What is your name?
What is your name?
How are you?
I am good.
How are you?
I am fine thank you.
How old are you?
I’m 8.
I’m nine.
How old are you?
8 9 8.
9 8 8
It’s getting a little chaotic.
But it will all be over soon.
Oh, beautiful.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Bye bye.
Now I’m really sweating.
I’m going to slowly pick through this.
But I don’t really have anything else to say
to you guys.
Buh bye
buh bye
So I will..
Cut it and I’ll see you guys at the art mall,
art mall?
I think that’s more the translation.
Art market that’s under a bridge.
I’m going to see if I can find that and have
a look around there.
Maybe get an erotic painting done of myself.
Well, I made it.
Gotta tell you I’m suffering.
I got an OFO bike and rode part way.
Those OFO bikes are poop man.
Renan, I think that means People… uh.
People south!
People south art mall!
You can see there’s a road that runs up here.
Another one comes over here.
The art mall is actually in, underneath this.
Check this out.
This is pretty cool, right?
Now this is just one of them.
There’s another one across the way over here.
We’re basically down here in the traffic.
And the mall, the mall is across the way there.
They sell a lot of traditional stuff in here.
For example, this brocade.
This is traditional Chinese brocade.
They’re sewing the art.
Let’s see, it’s like little threads in here.
This lady is literally doing it right now.
SO they have that.
There’s people making frames over here.
Custom built frames.
And there’s also some paintings I’ve seen.
Some painting going on in here.
And they’re painting the characters and there
also painting pictures.
This is just one of the spots.
I’m going to have a look around and go to
as many of them as I can.
They’re kind of hard to find though cause
to get to that one I have to go back out and
across the road and then cut back over.
So it’s a bit of a hassle, but…
Just so you know, something like this is 85
That’s 85 RMB is $12.23 American right now.
So pretty good deal really.
If you’re coming to Chengdu and you want to
pick up some souvenirs for somebody, this
would be a fun activity to go out and do and
it would also be a nice souvenir cause it
is a Sichuan thing, specifically Sichuan.
The Jin Jiang, the Jin River is the river
that runs through Sichuan and they call it
that because it’s named after the technique.
The brocade technique.
And they used to go and they used to wash
the brocade down in the river, so they called
it the jin river.
Let’s have a look inside this building.
Oh, he’s painting up some characters.
Look at that there’s some detail in it.
You can see like little gold detail in the
You can see it here really well.
What’s this?
Oh this is a camera.
Oh camera?
Yeah video.
You speak English?
So you make this?
What does this, what does this say?
How long did it take them to make this?
Oh wow!
So fast.
Oh this is you?
Ok, thank you.
I like that, that’s cool stuff.
Check out the butts!
Well, that’s it.
I’ve had enough.
I saw some pretty cool stuff in there, some
good gifts.
But I’m gonna head home and digest the rest
of this chicken.
Thanks for watching and make sure you subscribe
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Well, that’s the end of that chapter.
Oh god!
That dish was way too big.


  1. That’s our favorite Sichuan dish! Well, it’s my husband’s favorite. It’s a bit too much work with too small of reward for me.

  2. The waiter said the dialect, and Ryan didn't understand what she said.haha… (Does she say it is green?) .( ̄▽ ̄)

  3. Your mandarin has come on leaps and bounds, I was so impressed when you ordered. And the jumper is just super!👍

  4. Please do your research. The chinese food supply is tainted with carcinogens and heavy metals. Eating it will shorten your life. Rich expats and government officials only eat specially grown food and imported food.

  5. Ryan, I enjoyed this clip and really enjoyed your interaction with the kids. You were patient and understood that you were a guest in their country and acted like a true gentleman and a human. It is like that in Thailand as well.
    I look forward to seeing your other videos.

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