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– Alright, so check it out. It’s Trevor James. I am in Chengdu, China. Spice heaven, here. And, I wanna introduce to you one of my favorite noodles, here, to try. This place, right here, is
my favorite noodle joint. One of the best you can try in Sichuan and we’re gonna order up my favorite bowl and taste the flavors. They say the north od
China is noodle heaven and the south is for rice. But, I found extremely good noodles, here, in the south. With this enormous selection
of noodle in Sichuan, you will fall in love. And this little noodle joint in Chengdu, is my go to place for lunch and dinner. It’s always good and it’s always packed. – That’s great. So look, this place is packed. It’s always packed with locals. Everyone loves it. – Everyone is mixing up there bowls of fat noodles, here. And, I just ordered what I love. We’re gonna taste those
flavors and try it out. It’s so busy here. – So, I’ve got the famous
Za Jiang noodles, here. You can get the lamb kabobs
from the Lan Zhao La Mien joint. And then, you can get these
famous Za Jiang Jiangdu Mien. Mixed sauce with all these cow peas. So delicious! It’s covered in these
cow peas, ground pork, and the bottom is just
completely chili oil. Oh, look at that mixing. Completely chili oil,
fragrant, salty, fatty. This is the best. One night I was just biking around, looking for some noodles to eat and I came across this little spot. The sign on the banner, there, says, (speaks another language) Which means, “If you don’t trust me “then don’t come eat here.” And I thought that was,
kind of, interesting. So, I rolled up and I
ordered the Za Jiang noodles, which is a classic thing you’ve gotta try, here in Sichuan. And this place, basically, had the best
I’ve ever had, here. There’s something about them. You mix them up, you gotta
take that sauce all throughout. It takes me a good
minute or two to do that. To get this pork, chilies, Jiangdu oil all mixed throughout. And then, by the time
you take your first bite your mouth is watering and … – There’s a guy taking a
shot of me, right here. That’s okay. Your mouth starts to
water because that smell just invades your nostrils. And look at all the Jiangdu that adds a crunch to it. Look at those noodles. So oily and silky. Mmmm. That flavor. This standard, here, of noodles is just one above the next. You get that mouth feeling. Every bite you take is so
smooth, silky, and spicy. And, the best thing about this is that the pork is so juicy, it’s almost creamy. It’s, like, fatty and creamy. It’s a real mouthfeel,
eating these noodles. The cow peas, in there,
are the perfect contrast because there’s crunch. So good. Legend. There’s only a few places that give me that
feeling, here, in Sichuan. This is one of’em. And then, there’s these
nerotran, like, beef kebobs. Made by the local Muslim Chinese. They operate the next stall over. They have hand-pulled noodles. You can come here for those or you can come here for the kebobs. I get the kebobs and then the noodles from the place next door. Abundant amount of cow peas, here, that you can mix in. I guess, I didn’t mix them in perfectly. But that’s good because now
the last half of the bowl has extra cow peas, extra crunch. Pure satisfaction. – Add some chili. – Hey, add a little chili in there. Now I’m same level as the locals. – Oh, that’s gonna add the spice. – The best noodle here. One of my favorite spots in Chengdu. That flavor just leaves you happy. Please leave me a comment down below. Click that like button, as well. And subscribe, if you haven’t already. Okay? Thanks again. (upbeat music)

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