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Greetings (Namaskaram)! I am Yogi Nitya, Many people asked, for an instant solution for uric acid problems, that they do not have to take Allopathic medicines. Because Allopathic medicines have to be taken, alongside Ayurvedic remedies, and they are unable to get proper results, because the uric acid level is very high, then what is to be done? Do not get worried. Whether you have uric acid problems, or have cholesterol, or you have a fatty liver problem. If you have any of these three problems, I will teach you to make an Ayurvedic tea, It is very easy to make this tea. It does not require many ingredients, but whatever ingredients are required, you will be able to get all of these from one shop. In every shop and every region, there is some grocer (Pansari) for sure. You have to get 8 dry herbs from that shop. Bring these herbs. It is very important to bring these ingredients. The result of this preparation is excellent. Even if you wish to detox your body, if your blood is impure… Sometimes, we may have eaten the wrong kind of foods, a lot of outside food. Our body accumulates a lot of toxins, causing itching, abscess and boils on the skin, due to impure blood. This will help clear away all of the impurities. This is a small experiment. What are the 8 ingredients? The first ingredient is… All the ingredients will be taken in equal quantities. It is up to your affordability. You can buy 10 grams each or 100 grams each. Buy fresh herbs. Try to buy it from a reputable shop, from where you get pure ingredients and not adulterated ones. Do not buy pre-powdered ingredients. Buy the ingredients 100 grams each and get them powdered under your supervision. Pre-powdered ingredients are not guaranteed, for purity. What are those 8 ingredients? Firstly, you have to take White Sandalwood. Whatever quantity you take of White Sandalwood, then take all other ingredients in the same quantity. White Sandalwood is the first ingredient, The second is Lotus Flowers. The third ingredient is Giloy. Its stem, also known as Giloy Kwath is also available in dry form. The fourth ingredient needed is Dry Ginger. The fifth ingredient is Arjuna Bark. You may have heard about Arjuna Bark, which is mostly used for the heart. Other than that, the sixth ingredient is Kutki. Then, the seventh ingredient is Licorice (Mulethi). You may have used Mulethi at home. This is also very effective. The eighth ingredient is Gokhru. Gokhru promotes the increased production of urine. It clears the kidneys. You have to take all these 8 ingredients. This experiment is very effective. All these 8 ingredients are called, ‘Ashtanidhi’, the tea is ‘Ashtanidhi Peya’. This is one of our formula, which we have used on a lot of people, and it is very effective, for uric acid, cholesterol, and especially for fatty liver. At the same time, it will purify and detox the blood. Suppose if someone does not have cholesterol, and is otherwise healthy, they can drink it once or twice a week. A healthy person also can have it to detox his body, and to purify his blood. He should not have it every day, only once or twice a week. For those who have uric acid or have cholesterol, they should drink it regularly. Those having uric acid problems, should have it for a minimum of 40 days. and maximum of 60 days. Then if they feel like having it, then you can take a break of 10-15 days, and drink it for a few more days. But, if you have the problem of fatty liver, then you should take it regularly for 3 months. Don’t worry, you can have this at any time during the day, whether it is morning, afternoon or evening. Remember, however, not to have it immediately after meals. wait for an hour after meals. If you want to take it on an empty stomach, then take it one hour before meals. It will give excellent results. You may however add some sweetener, but if you do not add, that is preferable. It may taste bitter, but do not run away from every bitter thing. Sometimes, bitter things are beneficial for you. This is the truth of life. You start drinking this. In the beginning, if you don’t feel like drinking, and find it very bitter, then you can add some sweetener, like honey, or sugar candy, or can add anything you like as per your convenience. It is very easy to prepare. You have to mix all the herbs and have them crushed. You should not get it crushed very fine, crush it coarsely. Take 1 teaspoon and soak it in a big glass of water. Soaking will make all the herbs softer, for an hour or two, the water will get infused with the herbs. After that, when you boil, then you will not need to boil it for longer, and will be more effective. If for any reason, you forget to soak it someday, then without soaking it, you can boil it for longer and prepare this. You have to add 1 teaspoon in a glass of water, and after boiling, when the water comes down to half its quantity, cover it and when it turns a little lukewarm, strain and drink it. You can sip and have it. Every age group person may drink this, whether he is a 20 years old youth, or is an elderly of 80 years, there is no harm. Neither is this hot nor cold. Half the herbs are hot, and half are cold. This is a balanced tea – a Peya. If you add this regularly to your life, then you will not need any medicine for uric acid, this is for sure. You should try it and let me also know, and have your feedback about how you felt. No need to worry. Try this, and if there is still any problem, then do tell me. Every now and then, I will keep guiding you. That is all for today. Goodbye (Namaskaram)! Do not ask, if non-vegetarianism is good or bad, Understand that the pain of being killed is the same for all!


  1. गुरु जी प्रणाम मेरा गॉलब्लेडर और यूट्रस निकला हुआ है 1 साल हो गया क्या मैं इस चाय को पी सकती हूं मुझे सोरायसिस भी है

  2. सर जी नमस्कार, मुझे उपाय बताईये 
    पेट मे कब्ज और गॅस रयति है
    खाना खाने के बाद पेट फुलता है
    कब्ज बीपी थायरॉईड की दवा लेता हू 
    तीन साल से सायकल चालताहू 6 महिने से 20 से 30 Km तक
    Total Cholesterol 228
    HDL 34
    LDL 102
    Triglycerides 464
    Hight BP hai
    hypothyroid hai
    My Age 48 year
    Hight 5.9"
    Wait  66.5 Kg
    Calcium 10.4
    Uricacid 6.94

  3. स्वामी जी नमस्कारम आपके आश्रम मे काँल नही लगता है आयुर्वेदिक दवाई डीपरमेन्ढ का

  4. स्वामी जी मैंने कुटकी का चूर्ण (पाउडर ) मंगवाया है परन्तु यह शहद मिलाने के बाद भी
    अत्यधिक कडवा है उल्टी आने को होती है, क्या इसमे कोई मिलावट के कारण कडवा पन
    है? यदि नहीं तो इसे सेवन करने का कोई आसान तरीका बताएं। आप की अति कृपा होगी वर्ना मुझे इसको फेंकना पडेगा।

  5. I took it religiously for three months on empty stomach , but there was no difference in my parameters. Do not follow this method. Its of no use.

  6. Isko lene ke baad bukhar hota he kya muje hua he isliye , 4 din liya tha sirf reply dena sir ji plz…

  7. My name is Ghanshyam Patel. I am 63 years old retired person. I am suffering from uric acid since 9 years. I have checked my uric acid in June and it was 6.8. What is cost of ashthnedhi pey. How to make payments and what is mode of supply? Kindly advise.

  8. सर जी ये चाय की जडी बुटी आपके यहा ऑनलाइन मिलेगी तो उसका लिंक भेज दो 😊

  9. Please advice how can I get these ingredients? Is it possible to have from your ashram? It is urgent. Regards.

  10. Namskar guru ji, kya aapke ashram se ye saman mil sakta he, kripya 40 din ki dawa ka price bhi batayen dhanywad

  11. अंग्रेजी दवा खा रहे है क्या इसे भी ले सकते
    है क्या ??

  12. Namaskar, safed chandan avam Kamal ke fool ka powder nahin mila. Mai Chandigarh me rehti hun. Kya aap Bata sakte Han Chandigarh me ye do powder Kahan milenge?

  13. Swamy punrnava cepusul debitsh present lesakatahe please bataye mera kideny problem he ganesh jena odisha

  14. Swami ji ko sewak ka pranam.swami ji meri maa b.p. aur sugar ki patient hain ab unka uric acid bdh gya h 7.8 ho gya h.unk sir evm pairon me dard rhta h. Kya woh ye chai le skti hain.apk sujhav ki prateeksha rhengi.

  15. सर अष्टनिधी पेय के साथ जटामानसी डाल के ले सकता हू ?

  16. Hiccup ki problem rahti hai aaj aap ki batai 8 jadibooti ka paryog kiya kiya is se hiccup b thik hoga please reply thanks

  17. Aaj se ashtnidhi ka paryog kiya sir ji muje hycuup ki problem rehti hai kiya is medicine se yeh bhi thik hoga kirpa is ka jawab harpur de muj per bahut kirpa hogi

  18. Nityanand ji आपको मेरा हाथ जोड़ कर नमस्कार 🙏
    एक बात बताए की जो wheatgrass ka पानी के साथ साथ Asthanidhi Peya(चाय) का सेवन एक ही दिन में ले सकते है क्या ?
    अर्थात् सुबह खाली पेट wheatgrass के रश को 2 चमच ले ले और श्याम को 6 या फिर 6:30pm तक Asthanidhi Peya(Tea) ko पि ले खाना खाने से 1 घंटा पहले ?
    क्योंकि, मैं रात्रि का भोजन 7:30pm तक कर लेता हूं ।

  19. सर अस्थमा का खीर बनाने का तरीका बताइए शरद पूर्णिमा के दिन का

  20. पेट में छाती में जलन होती हैं उपाय बताएं दो साल हो गए है भूख नहीं लगता

  21. अष्ट निधि पे मैं पेट साफ करने के लिए क्या मिला सकते हैं जिससे पेट भी ठीक रहे धन्यवाद

  22. मै use करुङ्गा रिजल्ट आने पर आपको बताउङ्गा।

  23. कमल के फूल कई प्रकार के आते कौन सा कमल का फूल डालें

  24. यूरिक एसिड में क्या खाएं क्या नहीं
    👉 https://youtu.be/LFwPc7Z1KJw

  25. स्वामी जी यदि हम सुबह ज्योतिष मति का तेल डालकर दूध पीते है तो क्या रात को सोने से पहले खसखस वाला दूध पी सकते है। क्या खसखस पीनी मे भिगोकर प्रयोग करनी चाहिए?

  26. Swamiji white chandan agar equal milayenge to koi nuksan to nahi hoga kyuki wo bahut tez hota hai.And swamiji kamal ke phool kaunse lene hain.

  27. Namaskaar guruji
    M yah peya fatty liver ke liye saven kar rhi hoon uske sath hi mujhe migrane gas acidity arthritis motapa bhi h to iskeliye or ky karu sujhaw dijiye

  28. Namskaram swamiji 10 se jada salise muze hipo thyroid ki problem hai aur uric acid ki bhi problem hai ashtnidhi Chy pi rahi hu bhut aacha medicine bataya aapne dhany vad mai thyroid ki allopathy davai nahi khana chahti pls mujhe marg bataye koi asi dava bataye ki muze roj subha goli nhi leni pade agar apse milna ho to kaise mile bhot dhanyvad aapka

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