Southwestern Breakfast Burritos

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If you like southwest flavors, this is the one to watch.
Southwest is goin’ full on brunch with these breakfast burritos.
To amp these up, I am cooking my own dried black beans.
Why? Because it’s better.
Slowly cooked with just a few aromatics, they come out the perfect texture.
Wrap them up with some scrambled eggs,
and some cheese,
and then sear it off and you have a perfect breakfast burrito fit for a brunch.
And it’s all coming up on today’s Wyse Guide!
I don’t know what it is about breakfast but there’s something about putting it
all together in a burrito that just makes it delicious.
It could be that I really love those southwestern flavors too
You know, the ones that are really muddled together and get little bit of that chili,
little bit of that chorizo sausage, some eggs, it’s just really filling.
It gets all those cravings that you really have and it’s all just wrapped up in one bundle
so it just seems perfect.
The one thing that takes a little bit more time with this is making your own black beans.
But let me tell you something:
when you make your own and buy good quality dried black beans, or any dried bean for that matter,
you get such a much better bean.
In the can, they’re often almost mushy
because they have been overcooked, they really have no flavor.
But when you cook your own, you can add all the aromatics, all the flavors that you want,
cook them perfectly to have a tender, yet a bean that stays together
and just has that perfect creaminess on the inside…
Guys, like, sometimes I just make beans and I just eat them because,
when you make your own, they’re just good.
And they’re like the perfect leftover for the rest of the week
because they keep so well and you can do anything with them.
Have I convinced you on beans yet?
If not, stick with me because guess what?
We’re gonna be makin’ some dried beans and you’re gonna love ’em.
There is always an argument whether you wanna soak beans or whether you don’t.
You can go either way on this, but when you soak them, they’re just gonna cook a little bit easier.
And I also like to add some salt when I soak them because this is almost like brining them.
You add just a little bit more flavor.
So to soak them, put your beans in a large kettle,
add some water,
and some salt.
Stir it together,
cover it,
and then chill it ’til it is done.
This can take anywhere from six to eight hours.
I usually just like to do it overnight so I don’t have to think about it.
Once they’re soaked, you can just drain them.
Just make sure to rinse ’em well to get all that soaking liquid off.
Then put ’em back into that kettle.
Add some fresh water,
a little bit more salt.
Beans need a lot of salt because they’re kind of like potato.
They really soak up any salt you put in and need it for flavor.
Just to up the flavor factor a little bit, add in some ground cumin,
and some ground chili powder.
I don’t always use boughten chili powder but sometimes it just adds that right bit of flavor.
Throw in a couple bay leaves.
I really like the subtle hint bay leaves give. I know you probably hardly ever use ’em,
you’re thinkin’: “seriously?”
But it does give just enough flavor that you kinda love it.
Add some smashed garlic cloves.
I just like to smash them because it releases the flavor,
but then you don’t get little pieces of garlic all over.
Just push ’em down hard, thrown ’em in.
Add some onion.
Just give it a, like, a rough dice. It’s really gonna cook down in these and you won’t notice it.
Once that’s all in there, you can just cover it and bring it to a boil.
When it’s at a boil, turn it to a simmer and let it go.
I know some people think it takes forever.
This really only takes, like, one to one and a half hours.
It is not that much of your time and you can be doing other things.
It’s just simmering on the stove, filling your house with just, like, that good smell,
you’re gettin’ some good beans…
Guys, seriously.
When they’re about done cooking, you can get ready everything else.
First, I like to sauté my chorizo.
You know I’m a big fan of chorizo. It is just a sausage but with those southwestern spices and flavors.
Put it right into a skillet, let it heat up, break it up with a wooden spoon or spatula,
and keep moving it around ’til it’s browned all over.
I like to buy the ground chorizo. Then you don’t have to take it out of a casing or anything.
Sometimes it’s in a casing like a sausage, but if it’s already out of the casing and just a ground,
it’s easier to go.
When it’s done, remove it from the skillet,
And then, just to add more flavor, we’re going to mince up the jalapeño
and throw it right into the skillet and get it sautéed up.
If you’re a little adverse to too much spice, make sure to take out that pith and the seeds.
The real spice is actually in that white pith, but just take out the whole thing,
cut it up in small planks, and then just mince it up finely.
You don’t want any big chunks of jalapeño in your eggs.
Crack all your eggs into a large bowl,
break ’em up with a whisk until they’re smooth,
Add in some salt
and some pepper. You know eggs need to be seasoned.
And then add in some sour cream.
This just helps the creaminess factor of them. Helps them have a little bit more umptiousness.
Totally optional. You know what? No, it’s not optional. Add sour cream!
Mix the eggs together and then set them aside.
I like to use up that residual oil that was left from the chorizo
and sauté the jalapeño right in there.
It only takes about a minute and it’s lightly softened.
And while it’s not really traditional,
I like to always add a little bit of butter when I’m gonna cook some eggs.
So add in some butter, melt it around, swirl it around. It really flavors eggs well.
Add in the prepared eggs,
slowly cook those, stirring them around, bringing the edges in
until they are just cooked.
If they seem a little soft or just a little bit of liquid yet, that’s okay.
Pull ’em off the heat because if you cook ’em too hard,
those proteins in the eggs are gonna tighten up way too much,
push out all the water and liquid and you’re gonna get watery eggs.
Yeah, that’s overcooked eggs. No good.
When the eggs are done, just remove from the heat and let ’em cool off slightly.
When your beans are done, just remove the bay leaves.
You don’t wanna eat those. They kinda feel gross.
And then you can assemble the burritos.
You wanna make sure to buy extra large tortilla shells
because if you’ve ever boughten just normal ones to try to make a burrito,
you notice that you run out of tortilla really fast.
It takes a bigger one than you think to make a good-sized burrito.
Start with some black beans on the bottom. Just drain off any of the excess liquid
because then it would be a little bit too much liquid in there.
Add some eggs on top,
some chorizo,
some freshly chopped onion,
some freshly grated cheese.
I like to use Monterey Jack. It’s just a good melting cheese.
And a little bit of cilantro because, hello! I love it!
Bring in the two sides of the burrito,
roll over one to the other, and then tightly fold it until it’s together.
To finish these off and make sure the cheese melts, I like to sear them off.
In a large skillet, just heat up a little big of neutral oil.
Once it is just starting to shimmer, add your burrito
and it’s best if you can weight it down with something:
another skillet, like a cast iron one, or if you have a press, you can put a press on top.
Once it’s browned on one side, flip it over, brown the other side
that way you know all the cheese is melted and everything is warmed through,
remove it from the skillet,
slice it in half if you want to, which I just like the look ’cause you look all fancy then,
and serve it.
This seriously is so delicious. You have everything you want in a meal right in there.
You go the beans that give you creamy texture. You got the protein with eggs.
You got the meat which is just, hello, good.
And a little bit of cheese that’s just melting and bringing everything together.
This is exactly what you want in a burrito. It’s great for brunch,
but seriously, I think we can agree: you could have this for any meal.
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