Southern Breakfast Omelet Challenge w/ Sausage Gravy!!

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Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I’ve got 604 food challenge
wins all around the world! Today I’m
going for overall win number 605 I’m in
Western Michigan I’m in Holland, Michigan
at The Wooden Shoe Restaurant I’m
taking on their Southern Slam Omelette
Challenge! Now this thing looks frickin
phenomenal because it is covered with
sausage gravy, but there is a 12-egg
omelette under here and it is filled with
hashbrowns, sausage and then it’s got a
bunch of onions, and then on top! Like I
said there’s a whole bunch of sausage
gravy along with some shredded cheddar
cheese. I also had to go with a
side. I didn’t want to go with more
hashbrowns because it was already some
in the omelet, so I went with some
pancakes. I’ve got 45 minutes to finish
this thing, if I fail it’s gonna be $20
but if I win I’ll get the meal free, I
think I will get a sweet t-shirt maybe, I
will also be one of the few elite
people added on their Wall of Fame. let’s
get this challenge started!
All right many thanks to all of our
subscribers supporting our channel and
thanks especially to everybody in the
state of Michigan! Love being up here but
it is time to shut up and eat. The record
for this thing is around 23 minutes and
if I do win I do get a sweet t-shirt so
from what I can tell I’m going to
dominate this thing, and I’m feeling
pretty good based off of last night’s
challenge, so let’s see. 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! All right got my utensil let’s crush!
This gravy is helping everything go down. Don’t have to chew very much.
Lets beat six minutes, maybe not .e
Appreciate everybody coming to watch!
That challenge was phenomenal! I didn’t really
get to enjoy it too much!
I got overall win number 605 thank you
guys for watching!

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