Soul Food Meal Prep – Quick Chicken Etouffee Recipe

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  1. You’re video for me you were whispering talking I couldn’t really hear what you were saying after 2:15 minutes 😑🙄

  2. My wife and I made this for dinner…it was BANGGIN! Definitely going to make this again. Oh and couldn’t even tell the difference with the rice 👍🏽

  3. Looksdelicious. …Kev did you hurt your leg or foot? The way you are standing looks like something is wrong.

  4. gotta work on the audio on these videos.. it sounds washed out, got words on right music on left, gotta mix it proper so it sounds right

  5. I agree on that accent kmsl just terrible 😂 I'm from baton rouge la and u tried kmsl love the recipe looks very good love your channel 😍

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