Single Woman Chooses A Man To Date Based On Their Breakfast Dishes • Tasty

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  1. I love the the love connections buzzfeed is doing amongst buzzfeed employees
    It's like Aria and Merle's experience has leaked out on others

  2. Omg. She is so beautiful…she just radiates beauty and she picked the hottest dude there. Not too shabby Destiny. Do we get to see a follow up? 😊😀

  3. "Aaron…go with your 'Destiny'.."
    "Haha…That's my name Destiny…and you're using it…in 2 ways.." – Get Him To The Greek

  4. is it me or does that first breakfast just not look appetizing. like ik the avocado had stuff done to it but i don't want to see no brown avocado

  5. I wonder if the single person is asked what food they like beforehand. Cause it’s hard to fairly judge savory vs sweet food when you have a preference for one over the other.

  6. This makes me feel like there's something wrong with me bc I don't like runny yolks. I also don't like tomatoes. I would still eat them, but I would need my egg cooked through and I wouldn't add tomato to my breakfast sandwich. Dat french toast though? Damn.

  7. I am glad she picked him because he is the only one who said her name multiple times while cooking it. He cooked it For Her.

  8. I mean I'm not trying to be mean however fat or so called big girls just eat… WTF of course she's eating the sweet shit!

  9. Where is the meat I mean come on. Breakfast should have meat too. Plus those peppers and onions should have been diced up a lil bit smaller.

  10. That avocado is all brown he didn’t use enough lime. Next time make the egg first and do the avocado right before you put it on the toast or use a lot more lime.

  11. They won’t. Love is overrated…..or maybe it’s just that I’m dead inside and have been dead for a while…I dunno. I feel nothing…maybe it’s me who knows

  12. My pick would definitely be no. 2, but I kind of know she would pick no. 3 as she looks like someone who has sweet tooth, especially in a Sunday morning heheh

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