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Chef Buck here and today we’re gonna cook up
some shrimp and fennel
doesn’t that sound fancy shrimp fennel
it’s like the dynamic duo of potential
fancy but this isn’t fancy we’re just
gonna use some rinky-dink shrimp I got
some $6 a pound peeled and deveined
shrimp just medium-sized you don’t want
to use any super impressive gargantuan
Arnold Schwarzenegger looking shrimp
just use kind of plain Jane looking
shrimp because the flavors in this dish
are really going to overpower the shrimp
so the main benefit of the shrimp is
that it’s fancy and it cooks fast so if
you’re trying to impress somebody for
dinner this is a good dish to do it with
especially if you buy shrimp on sale now
we got some fennel that sounds fancy
right in fact one of the first videos I
put up about 10 years ago was a fennel
dish and it had smoked salmon and I’ll
put a link down below I think I called
it how rich people eat eggs because it
had fennel in it people think of fennel
as having an overpowering licorice
flavor and that sort of turn some people
off and it does have a licorice type
flavor but it’s not like eating a
twizzler or something so give fennel a
try now this is sort of an
intimidating-looking a vegetable but
where we’re gonna cut this we’re gonna
cut this down beside it’s pretty
lickety-split because the only thing
we’re really interested in is the bulb
this feels vaguely inappropriate yeah
it’s not doing must be in prep so we’re
going to take our bulb and we’re just
going to whack off the stalks again sort
of sounds inappropriate we’re going to
cut off our stalks all we want is the
bulb right here on the bottom we got
kind of a little knobby end we’re gonna
slice that off thinly boom boom boom and
this is a good-sized bulb but it’s a
beautiful bulb when you buy a fennel
bulb or a stalk of fennel like this here
I mean if you get it with this here
that’s good sometimes you’ll see it in
the store and it’ll just be the bowl or
I’ll have most of this cut off and
that’s okay because this is mainly what
you want to use although you can use the
little fronds you can use that as a
garnish and it has very much the
consistency of dill but it’s got a lot
of a mild liqueur
you smell but not the kind of licorice
that’s gonna make you go you know I
don’t want my dinner to taste like
licorice I actually use fennel a lot but
I use fennel seeds you know cooking with
seeds it’s just such a great idea you
know it imparts so much flavor it’s so
easy and you can keep seeds for a while
so it’s a great flavor to have around
I’m sure I got some here but these are
fennel seeds we’re in an air B&B we’re
traveling with fennel seeds that’s how
much we like fancy brand trip back
that’s right I am like three pair of
underwear and fennel seeds class a yeah
that’s right got my priorities just
right it’s got a little bit of a core
right here we want to cut out so what
we’re gonna do firstly is we’re gonna
slice it in half and we’re just going to
do a little divot here and get this
chord out of here because we don’t need
that boom boom boom and the larger your
fennel is the bigger the core is so if
you’re using it for a raw preparation
you want to get a smaller piece of
fennel so you don’t have such a big core
in there it doesn’t really matter for
this since we’re gonna be cooking it but
I’m gonna go ahead and slice it thinly
and this is a nice big pieces and I’m
going to use the whole bulb which seems
like a lot but like I said we’re going
to saute and cook it down and there’s
quite a little bit of water in here so
it’ll cook out so we got a bunch of nice
slices of fennel here and we’re gonna
use all of this and we are gonna use a
little bit of the headdress here for a
garnish but mainly this is what we’re
interested in right here so I’m going to
go ahead and turn my skillet on
medium-high heat put me a little bit of
oil in there and this dish cooks up
pretty fast once I got my oil heated up
my skillet I’m gonna throw my onion in
here I got one whole onion cut up into
slices and I’m using a whole onion but
it’s a very small onions
yes per minute I’m gonna go ahead and
throw in my panel let’s all say this up
cook it down just a little bit now
Farrell you can eat for all you know
like I said you can use it in salad you
the slices and use it as it is turn this
around for about a minute with the
onions and I’ma throwing my seasoning
salt and pepper to taste and then just a
crazy amount of smoked paprika just a
crazy amount it’s like a tablespoon
smoked paprika has a very strong flavor
and it’s not the same that’s regular
paprika no no no
folks we’re freakin it’s smoked paprika
and I’m gonna throw in about a
tablespoon of tomato paste get this
stirred in we’re continuing just to cook
it away we’ve had it going for about
three minutes all together with the
cooking time here because this dish
cooked up super fast now I got a little
bottle of wine so I’m going to use some
sobbing y’all wrong you can use some
Chardonnay camera girl likes anything in
a box but you can use the tiny bottle or
you can use a big bottle but we don’t
need a whole lot in fact I’m just gonna
put about half of this bottle in here
maybe a little bit more but you don’t
want to use the whole bottle because if
you hold use the whole bottle it means
you have a drinking problem that’s a
great flavor in this dish I might have a
drinking problem but add as much wine as
you care to you know and if you don’t
want to use wine or you don’t have one
just use some water now I got a little
bit of tomato here these are just cherry
tomatoes I’ve sliced in half and that’s
gonna release a lot of moisture into
this dish too and now we’re gonna add in
our shrimp just a little bit over a
pound of peeled in the vein shrimp so
now all we want to do is stir this for
about two minutes maybe three minutes
just until your shrimp are cooked
through just until they turn opaque and
are done and that’s all there is to this
dish it’s literally just gonna take a
couple of minutes just as long as it
takes for your shrimp to cook you know
once the shrimp are finished cooking
just go ahead and get off the heat
boom boom boom and that’s it now you can
serve this any way you like boom so we
got a little bit of rice and spinach
nice to make it a complete meal all
right so all we’re gonna do is take our
shrimp fennel just top our dish with it
and you can serve this shrimp a little
over anything you like but you know rice
is always a good combination with shrimp
so we actually made quite a bit of this
for just a little bit more than a pound
of shrimp so we’re gonna have almost as
much left over after making these
portions but a little more of the sauce
on there and you know the more Tomatoes
you add the more wine you add the more
sauce you have now we’re gonna go ahead
and add a little bit of a garnish this
is just some of the top of the fennel
and it’s not overly strong flavor you
know it’s kind of like just dill in
consistency that’s a nice little garnish
you know especially if you’re not
serving over spinach that nice little
bit of green adds a nice contrast so
there you have it a little shrimp and
fennel or a lot of strep and fill out of
shrimp in a fennel you know you should
have a lot of shrimp if you can have a
shrimp dish so just those few flavors
are you happy cuz you’re really mr.
spice master this is plenty of flavor
you know enough that fennel isn’t
overpowering even though using it
bowl and when garnished it with a little
bit of the fennel top but don’t be
scared of the fennel you know give it a
try at the fancy-pants ingredient or at
least create that illusion team up your
fennel with some average shrimp then
you’ll have a super duper dish and you
won’t even have to hardly try to do it
you know you want to impress a first
date or your landlord you know you’re a
little bit behind on your rent invite
your landlord over for some shrimp and
fennel then he’s a new probably a jack
up your raid I guess maybe I might say
why did you spend money on that instead
of paying that might not work okay
invite your landlord over and just feed
him a peanut butter sandwich tell him
you can’t afford the jelly I know you
never ever met a shrimp you didn’t like
mmm I thought I would miss the garlic
yeah this is one of those rare dishes
where I didn’t know overload it with
garlic but I put some wine in there so I
know that makes you happy camera girl oh
yeah I know you just wish you had a
bottle of wine to go with it you want to
check this recipe out I haven’t written
down below and go take a peek at it have
it over at to print
it out
I got a link down there thanks for
watching and subscribing checking out
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we’ll see you next week

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