Sex With Two Fat Ladies (comedy mash-up)

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CLARISSA: It’s all to do with sex and breeding JENNIFER: Good and rough CLARISSA: The only exercise I take really CLARISSA: Do you have any tips for picking up men? They must be hung. JENNIFER: I’ve got a friend, Willy, he’s an Italian CLARISSA: Oh don’t Jennifer, I feel weak at the knees! CLARISSA: I suppose you’re totally hooked on Italian? JENNIFER: I am yes, I love it, but I also like greek – the virginer, the better. CLARISSA: Hello! LUMBERJACKS: Hello! JENNIFER: Good morning, what a pretty line-up CLARISSA: Well I’ll have the gentlemen shall I? JENNIFER: We can’t have you savaging the men! CLARISSA: I’m going to make a lot of noise dear, so you can carry on if you like JENNIFER: Crazed with lust! CLARISSA: Well that was a lot of fun, CLARISSA: but I’ll tell you what I’d really like to do…MAN: I’m sure that could be possible… JENNIFER: What excitement are you up to? CLARISSA: I’m gonna jerk my pork man! JENNIFER: God be praised… CLARISSA: What are you up to next? JENNIFER: Gentlemen’s savoury delights CLARISSA: oh! JENNIFER: I’ll go and see what that Clarissa’s up to. I want to see this jerk pit! JENNIFER: Heavens! What are you doing? CLARISSA: It’s not.. I’m not… you have a go Jennifer, you might be better than me CLARISSA: What you want to do is rub… JENNIFER: It’s beautiful! CLARISSA: And eventually it will come good on you JENNIFER: Sort of rapid fire motion? CLARISSA: Strengthens the wrist splendidly CLARISSA: So I’m done, can I help you at all? we could probably do it ourselves Jennifer JENNIFER: A bit of convent training comes in useful here CLARISSA: I think one should strip to the bare essentials Jennifer JENNIFER: I feel it’s slightly naughty and immoral, with these charming little breasts… JENNIFER: can I have a lick? CLARISSA: Yes of course! CLARISSA: Wet nurses nipples! JENNIFER: Delicious! JENNIFER: Now I’m going to do my little trick CLARISSA: Terrible things with the kitchen vibrator Jennifer? JENNIFER: I invented it! CLARISSA: And what I’m going to ask you to do is play with it JENNIFER: I’ve never done that before. CLARISSA: well it’s alright, I’ve had lots of practice. CLARISSA: Boing! boing! boing! CLARISSA: And then you just keep going – hours of endless fun! JENNIFER: Use your fingers, for heavens sake! JENNIFER: You know there’s a terrible thing you can do JENNIFER: you can shove a potato up the exhaust… JENNIFER: and shove the pope’s nose in CLARISSA: And like Jennifer’s rabbit you just keep pushing it in patiently JENNIFER: I’m nearly at the end Clarissa CLARISSA: Well anyway the polo team will cheer us up I expect JENNIFER: I’m very fond of them CLARISSA: such beautiful young men I must say, and they have gang bangs JENNIFER: Story of my life! CLARISSA: hahahaha NUN: Well I have a man once a week JENNIFER: Well I don’t know anyone who doesn’t CLARISSA: Better than going to the gym JENNIFER: Anything is better than going to the gym!The ladies have done us proudCLARISSA: It was a triumph! JENNIFER: It was several triumphs! CLARISSA: Jennifer will show you some dazzling tricks JENNIFER: An old bird stuffed with a great big thick old cock! CLARISSA: A lot of good in an old cock isn’t there CLARISSA: I had one of those explode on me once JENNIFER: What a terrible thought! CLARISSA: It was that big…


  1. this is hysterical. loved the show have the vids and never dreamed something link this could be put together. Oh the minds that must be at work out there.

  2. I have the box set of Two Fat Ladies, and between this and hearing Clarissa talk about cock, hung birds, etc, this was phuckin hilarious!!!

  3. This is the only cooking show that I've ever purchased on dvd.   Their really witty and fun to watch…one of the top cooking shows ever done.

  4. What a brilliantly funny post. I too have the box set and love these two. Pity you didnt put in the bit where Jennifer mentions rubbing 2 boy scouts together and is shushed by Clarissa. Priceless.

  5. This cracks me up. Can watch it over and over. If they could both have seen it I'm sure they would have found it so funny.

  6. That was absolutely brilliant. I've no doubt both Clarissa and Jennifer will be up on high having a good chortle

  7. There were so many other things that could have been added to this video. Clarissa cleverly tossed out sexual innuendo, which often went right over Jennifer's head. I have and always will adore these two ladies… and I'm a VEGETARIAN!

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