Raw food parsnip “rice” recipe

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Hi, it’s Russell James.
You’re watching The Raw Chef TV.
In this episode,
I’m going to show
how you how to
make parsnip rice.
Because in a previous
episode, if you remember,
ever since I rolled that sushi
and showed you how to do it,
everyone’s been like how
do make that parsnip rice.
So I thought we’d dedicate a
whole episode to doing that.
With a few simple ingredients
and a very quick technique,
I’m going to show you
exactly how you can do it.
So the first thing we’re
going to need is parsnip,
And as you can see here, I’ve
already prepared this parsnip,
peeled it and chopped
it into pretty
much similar-sized pieces.
And if you haven’t
got parsnip or you
don’t want to use
parsnip, you can also
use cauliflower, which
tends to pulse up
in the food processor
a little bit easier.
Or you use jicama.
And if you use
jicama– after, I’m
going to show you the food
processor step, in a minute,
and this will make more sense.
But if you use
jicama, then you’re
going to want to put the
jicama in a nut-milk bag
first, and just strain
off any excess liquid.
But if you’re using
parsnip, you can do exactly
like I’m going to do it here.
So with that peeled, I usually
just cut off that bottom piece,
cut that into
similar-sized pieces.
And with the larger
piece at the top,
cut it into two first,
or maybe even four
if it’s a larger parsnip.
And then that’s ready to
go into the food processor.
OK, so into the food
processor, we’re
going to put a couple of
handfuls of your chosen
So that might be,
as I said, parsnip.
It might be jicama.
You could use
carrot, sweet potato,
any of those root vegetables.
I’m just going to give
that a little pulse.

Then when it’s broken down
and is fairly rice like,
then we’re going to add the
rest of the ingredients.
But this is where I was
talking about with the jicama.
If you’re using a
watery vegetable,
like jicama, you would take this
out, put it in a nut-milk bag,
and just squeeze it
through the nut-milk back.
Get all the liquid out,
and then put it back in.
And then we’ll just add a
few of these pistachios.
I like pistachios, but
you could use pine nuts.
Actually, I normally
use pine nuts,
but I wanted to use
pistachios for this one,
because that’s what we
used in the rolling video.
Just a few black sesame seeds.
A little bit of your vinegar
of choice, or lemon juice.
I’m using rice wine vinegar
to keep this authentic.

Just a touch of miso
gives it an extra flavor,
and doesn’t change the
coloring of the rice too much.

And then a few good pinches,
probably about half a teaspoon,
of salt.

So the only thing to watch out
for at this stage, especially
if you’re using jicama,
is that you don’t over
process it and just
turn it into mush.
So again, if you’re using one
of those softer vegetable,
like jicama, you might
want to just grind down
the nuts separately
and then add them in,
just so you can do a
light pulsing all in one.
And that’s pretty much it.
Let’s get into a bowl.

So we end up with this
beautiful parsnip rice
that’s nice and sticky and will
work in just the way you saw it
in the sushi rolling episode.
If you haven’t seen that
episode, then do check it out.
And if you want
full instructions,
do check out the
blog post, where
I’ve got everything in
written form for you.
I’ll see you next time.

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