Ragda Patties | Mumbai Street Food Chaat | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Easy Homemade

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Namaste! Welcome to
Ruchkar Mejwani with Archana. Ragda Patties (popular street food). Ragda patties reminds us of delicious, yummy,.. ..mouthwatering, flavorful and
colorful preparation! But when we think of preparing this recipe.. ..what strikes us foremost is the mess! Too much of wrangling but it’s easy! I will show you.. ..today, ‘Ragda Patties’ Let’s begin with patties. I have here, 3 boiled, peeled and
mashed potatoes. Let’s add a few coriander leaves
to it.. ..salt to taste.. ..and a bit of turmeric powder. Mix it well. Meanwhile let’s heat the oil for making ragda.. Let’s take 2 to 3 tbsp of oil. Now, let’s make flat balls (of the dough.) In this way, I have made the patties. Oil is hot enough.. ..but let’s also switch on this stove
as we have to make the patties. Firstly, let’s add 1 tbsp crushed
ginger and garlic. Next, let’s add 1 finely chopped
large onion. Salt to taste.. ..half a tsp of turmeric powder.. ..and a few coriander leaves. Let’s drizzle some oil onto this pan. Onions are softened. (Let’s add) 1 tbsp of cumin seed powder.. ..1 tbsp coriander seeds powder.. ..1 tbsp red chilli powder. Mix it well. I soaked this white chana (white peas) overnight.. ..and cooked in a pressure cooker. This is approximately 250 grams. Let’s add some water.. ..and let it cook. Meanwhile, let the patties nicely cook to
golden brown color on both the sides! Drizzle a bit of oil again. Patties are ready.. ..as well as the ragda! Let’s serve them. Now, let’s top it up with
some green chutney.. ..and then, some sweet chutney. Also, some sev. Few leaves of coriander too. Ragda Patties is ready! A while back, few adjectives that I
mentioned.. ..like, delicious, yummy, mouthwatering, flavorful.. ..can be experienced when you try this recipe. So, do try it.. ..and subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani!

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