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– So in today’s video we are
cooking up scalloped potatoes. Which a lot of people know as one of those comfort food classics, thin sliced potatoes with
a creamy cheese sauce. But it can be a little labor
intensive and complicated. But, in this recipe I’m gonna show you how it is made super easy
with the Instant Pot. So if you stick around I’ll
show you exactly how to make it. So this recipe you can
guarantee is a winner, because it has been the
most trafficked recipe on my entire website. Like just in terms of numbers,
it blows all the rest away. And two, I have gotten
some really great feedback because of it. Lots of people have made this recipe and told me that they absolutely love it. I’ve made little tweaks to it over time and I really think that I have got it to the perfect scalloped
potato consistency. That those potatoes are nice and soft, but they still hold up and the creamy cheese
sauce is easy to make. And it’s just a little
sinful, but you know, it’s not like we’re making
scalloped potatoes every day. Although maybe we should. So we gotta start this recipe,
of course, with potatoes. And what I do is I get out my peeler, peel off all those skins. Make sure they’re nice and clean. And then we thin slice them. If you’re a master of a Mandoline, feel free to use your Mandoline. I am not a Mandoline ninja
so I just use my knife. And you wanna slice them to
about 1/4 inch thickness. That is very important in this recipe, because if you slice them too thick they’ll still be too crunchy and if you slice them too
thin they’re gonna fall apart. So 1/4 inch I have found is just right. Now in case you’re not
familiar with the Instant Pot, it is an electric pressure cooker, but it is an appliance
that has sort of overtaken the internet and kitchens across America. People are cooking with
these every single day and they’re looking for
really great recipes for that. So that is why I created this recipe. Because I love scalloped
potatoes, I love my Instant Pot, we brought the two together. And then I add the potatoes
with a cup of vegetable broth into the Instant Pot and then catch this, I set them on manual for one minute. Now, when it comes to
working with the Instant Pot it does need time to heat up, so that’s about five, six,
seven minutes depending. But then once it’s sealed, it literally takes a minute to cook ’em. THen after a minute you
go ahead and throw off the quick release pressure, so that it relieves all
the pressure out of there. And as soon as that’s dissipated, you go ahead and open it up and you’re gonna have
your cooked potatoes. Now from there I’m gonna transfer them into a casserole dish. You can do a square dish,
you can do a round dish, it doesn’t really matter
as long as it’s oven safe. And then from there I go
ahead and preheat my oven to the broiler setting. Because honestly we’re
on the downhill stretch of this recipe. All we gotta do is make the cheese sauce and then it’s all ready for the broiler. So to make the cheese sauce, you’ll see after you’ve
removed the potatoes there’s still gonna be a little
bit of liquid in the bottom. It’s not a lot of liquid
but it’s just enough and it’s really nice and starchy so that we get a nice,
thick, creamy cheese sauce. So into that then I had the heavy cream and then I get some really
great white sharp cheddar cheese and I shred that myself. I do like to shred my own cheese because pre-shredded is
treated with potato starch which can kind of mess with the texture of your cheese sauce. We’ve already got enough
potato starch in the sauce that we’ve got goin’ on in the pot, so let’s leave out the excess and go ahead and shred our own cheese. And then I add that in with the cream along with salt and pepper
and a little bit of thyme and garlic powder. And then I put the
Instant Pot on saute mode. And what this is gonna do
is this is gonna heat up that sort of inside liner of the pot, so that it gets nice and warm, so that we can melt the cheese. And then as you start
stirring you’ll see this, in literally a minute’s time, will turn into a creamy cheese sauce. Which then from there
we take and we pour over all of those potatoes that
we had sitting to the side in the casserole dish. And I kind of move the potatoes around just so that the cheese gets
in all the nooks and crannies, fully covered throughout. And then without two
ounces of reserved cheese I just sprinkle that right over the top. Because I really like that crispy effect when you’ve got scalloped potatoes and some of it crisps up on
the top and you dig into it. And ugh, so good. And then you throw that in the oven under that pre-heated broiler for about four to five minutes. You do want to keep an eye on it. So what you’re gonna look
for is you’re gonna get that nice and bubbly, like the
whole thing is just gonna be moving around and doing its thing, and that top is gonna
start to get really nice and brown and crispy. And then you take it out of the oven, you give it about a minute
or two just to settle and set and cool off. ‘Cause you don’t want to burn yourself with the molten cheese sauce. And then it is ready to serve. Now like I said, this recipe
has gotten rave reviews, and that’s not just from my family. Because obviously they’re a
little bit biased around here, but, the random people of
the internet seem to like it. And I’ve gotten some
really great feedback. There were a ton of people
who made it at Easter time. They said it really made
their Easter extra special. So if you want this recipe, I’ve got it over at joaniesimon.com. You can Pin it, you can
save it, you can print it, you can do all those things with it. But if you like this video, I would love it if you
could give it a thumbs up. And feel free, if you haven’t already, to subscribe because you
know that I will be back here next week with another great recipe and something else fun
to share with you guys. So thank you so much as
always for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful
week and I’ll see you real soon. All right? Bye.


  1. Joanie, we don't have any new gadgets like the Instant Pot but that won't stop me from making this great potato recipe. I love it because it's gluten free. All the recipe's I have need flour to make the cheese sauce. GF flour works but I like the idea of heavy cream instead. Chicken stock for me since vegetable broth has celery and carrots in it. This is great! Thanks! I LOVE potatoes!

  2. I don't have an oven, so I cannot do this recipe. I don't consider this a good Instant Pot recipe because you are using more than just the IP.

  3. could you just add the potatoes back into the cheese sauce in the pot and heat – would not get the crust but all the oven is doing is browning the top?

  4. I was excited to try this but I'm getting a headache from watching your hands and arms wave around while trying to pick the recipe out of all the talking.

  5. Potatoes look too soft and dry in finished product. I prefer to just put the cheese sauce over thinly sliced raw Yukon gold potatoes and bake them that way. It takes a bit longer, but not as long as russets would take in a traditional recipe. End result is a potato that holds together and is rich and buttery, browned and delicious.

  6. You are adorable! Thanks so much for showing this recipe. I really enjoyed it! I'm new to Instant Pot, and trying to learn the best ways to use it so I'm sure to watch more from you! Thanks again for your entertaining & fun video!

  7. Ignore the "haters". I think you are so cute and I can't wait to try this recipe. I am going to make it for dinner tonight! BTW, I LOVE your haircut! Fits you perfectly!!

  8. Gonna make this to go with my pork tenderloin (also cooked in my pressure cooker) tonight. I don't know what I did before I got this pressure cooker, I love, love, love it!

  9. Thanks for the great recipe. I will definitely be trying this soon. It will go well with my Instant Pot meatloaf, which also goes under the broiler for a few minutes. IMHO your videos are very well done and your instructions are easy to follow.

  10. Looks awesome! Will be trying this tonight as a side dish for my Sous Vide Steaks! Enjoyed the video!

  11. So I have made these a few times and its been a totally huge hit, and had no problems with the preshredded cheese, but I'm wondering if I can do all the steps except the oven browning and just freeze in foil containers for lunches? I would be using the toaster oven and my hubby would be using his 12v lunchbox. Its 32C here so oven is a definite no no lol! And ignore the haters, I think you are very helpful with your explanations!

  12. Joanie, thanks so much for sharing your recipe and please excuse all of the rude people that don't have enough manners to say "thank you" to someone that is sharing!!!! I just got my Instant Pot two months ago and loved it so much that I ordered a second one! I am going to fix these tonight to go with my meatloaf! Live, love & enjoy your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What a great recipe! I had to improvise a bit and used an Alfredo sauce with grated Parmesan on top and included some cubed ham that was left over and it was a huge success! Will make this again. Your video was very well put together and under 6 mins is awesome.

  14. Love this pressure cooker!>>>ur2.pl/1035 I made Thai curry with chicken in 30 min and steamed rice in 6! I was a bit apprehensive as this is my first time using anything like this but getting started was pretty simple. It is important to follow instructions and "season" the seal. This would be a great gift for busy moms or really anyone who needs great food, super fast. I got this during prime day but will look for another deal around the holidays.

  15. Thank You, Girl. There really is a difference in shredded by WALMART cheese and shredded by me cheese. My mom used to buy the block and dice and the Mac and Cheese was way better! Thanks for tip

  16. I made this tonight for the first time. I substituted the Sharp Cheese for Extra Sharp Cheddar Yellow Cheese because that was all I had. I also used chicken broth in place of the vegetable broth, again because that was all I had. My (almost 14 years old) granddaughter, who is a very picky eater, (especially when it comes to potatoes) absolutely loved them and went back for seconds. Thanks, Joanie for a great recipe!

  17. This looks delicious, I'm going to give it a try. Thank you for the recipe and tutorial. And just because someone commented that this recipe is for potatoes au gratin, doesn't mean they are a "hater". They're right, scalloped potatoes have no cheese in it, potatoes au gratin do.

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