Quick Breakfast recipe | Garlic Bread, Stir fry veggies ad scrambled egg | Easy Breakfast recipe

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hi everyone welcome to the channel today
we are going to make a easy and healthy breakfast the garlic bread scrambled egg
and stir fried vegetable first we are going to spread the bread with garlic
butter it’s so easy to prepare a garlic butter first you need a room-temperature
butter and you have to finely chop the garlic and the coriander leaf and you
have to mix it with the butter and the butter will last for around one month if
you are refrigerating it and it tastes so good lets spread the garlic butter in
all the breads I am setting the temperature of the oven to 350 degrees
and I’m going to bake it for around 10 minutes you have to start checking the
bread after seven minutes because the oven to oven it varies if you don’t have an oven you can easily
make this garlic bread using a pan pan is hot
put the garlic bread on the pan and you can toast on both the sides I like
butter so I am putting an extra butter on top it’s very easy to make garlic
bread on the stovetop now I’m going to prep my vessel because it’s glass top
and it takes a lot of time to heat the vessel by the mean time I am prepping
my vegetables I’m cutting all my vegetables I am roughly chopping all my
vegetables I’m adding 1 tbsp of olive oil stir fry my vegetables I’m adding
broccoli and carrot I will add the spinach by the end because spinach will
cook within within a minute so firstly let us cook the carrot and broccoli In another pan I’m adding one
tablespoon of oil to make the scrambled egg I am spreading the oil all over the
pan it is very easy to make this breakfast it takes only 20 to 25 minutes just sprinkle some salt as needed now our scrambled egg is ready right now I’m checking my bread and it
is super crunchy and it is done so I’m placing it on top of the stovetop to let
it cool down for some time I’m staring my vegetables I had only salt and pepper
to taste the carrot and the broccoli is cooked and it is perfectly done now you
can add the spinach spinach will take less than a minute to cook
so once the vegetable is completely cooked you can add the spinach this
broccoli and carrot will be crunchy to eat if you want little bit soggy you can
add 2 to 3 tbsp of water and cook the vegetables by closing the lid so the
steam will cook the vegetables and it will make the vegetables bit soggy
now vegetables are cooked and I am ready to eat this breakfast is very easy
to make it takes monthly 22 or 25 minutes maximum and it is really healthy
thank you for watching see you all soon with a new recipe until then bye

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