Quick and healthy food ideas for schools – Celebrate veggies

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Hi, I’m Paul. And I’m Blair. We’re two high school teachers
who love to cook and create healthy and nutritious foods.
Smart Choices initiative, which looks at getting healthy food and drink into schools, have
asked us to come along today and share some of our recipes.
Now, we’re going to share some tips on how to get vegetables into some baked products.
Now, the dish we’re doing today, a little
bit close to my heart and probably closer
to my stomach, it’s my mum’s zucchini
slice recipe.
Yum. We’re going to be putting it in some muffin
trays today, and it’s a really good way of
incorporating vegetables into your diet and
probably would align itself nicely when we
look at our National Nutrition Week in October
this year. You could also maybe, with your school, get
a Fruit and Veggie Week going on. This would be a great, great muffin to show.
Possibly run a couple of competitions, see who can come up with the best design. And
don’t forget, at the end of this, if you want
to download the recipe, just go to the Smart
Choices website. Let’s start cooking. What are you going to do?
What are you going to do? [laughs] It’s
almost like we’re in sync. You go first.
All right. Well, I’m just going to dice
up the onion, and I’ve got some great short-cut
bacon here. I’m going to fry it off for you to go into your mix.
Well, I’m just going to whip up a couple of eggs, and I’ve got a couple of simple
ingredients. The beauty of this is it really
is a very, very simple dish. So it’s funnily
enough, Blair, got some zucchini in it, some flour, some cheese and as we know, some onion
and some bacon. What other sort of veggies could you put in
there if you wanted to mix it up a bit, do
you think? What about some carrot, grated
carrot? Absolutely, some grated carrot. And I think
some cauliflower, some broccoli. It really
doesn’t matter. You’re putting in about
the same volume, so it’s about 400 grams for this particular mix. But really, it’s up to
you what you put in. It’s nice and easy. Just going to whip that up.
Now, with any bacon, even though this is a short-cut you’ll always get a little bit
of fat on the sides, mate, so today even though it’s only a tiny bit, I’m really going to
make sure I just get as much as I can off
because as you know, we’re trying to be
as healthy as we can. So I’m just going
to quickly trim around the outside edges here
and then dice it up. All right. I’m just going to add some salt
and pepper to this. Now, I’ve got to tell you, this one excites me. Mind you, most food
excites me, yeah, so this is no secret. But
I love the simplicity of this, and it goes
with just about anything. So we might actually look at putting a nice little salad with this
or something. Yeah. So how often would your mum have made
this for you, mate, as a kid? Well, three growing boys, pretty much once
a week at least. We devoured anything in sight. So this was definitely a regular around our
table, and I still love it now when I go home. I don’t cook it, having said that, my mum
cooks it. Nice. And you didn’t mind the veggies in it
as a young man? Well, I didn’t know. It just tasted like something
that was nice to eat. All right, so I’ve got in some beaten eggs there. I’m just
going to add my flour in. There we go.
The beautiful sound of the sizzle.
I’m just going to add some olive oil while we’re waiting.
It’s got some simple grated cheese, some tasty cheese. You can really mix it up
with pretty much any cheese you want. You could put feta in there, for instance. It
really doesn’t matter. Depending on what flavour you want to go.
Ricotta? You could put some ricotta in there. All right,
and there’s my zucchini, beautifully grated. Load that up.
What I love about muffins is you can eat some straight away, put some in the freezer and
keep them for next couple of days, can’t you?
Well, absolutely. This would be a great little add to any kid’s lunchbox. So I’m just
putting in some grated onion now as well,
and that’s going in raw. But Blair’s cooked
off the diced stuff. Away you go, mate. There we go.
Lovely. All right. I’ll set the oven for you.
If you’re sitting there thinking, “Well, this is actually pretty easy,” that’s
because it’s pretty easy. And all we’re going to do is actually put this in some pre-greased
muffin trays, and away we go. All right. There we go.
Look at that. Now, I can picture a stack of kids just devouring
these. Coming at us. Now, are we going to put anything
on the top, or–? We are indeed. I’ve got some parmesan cheese,
and that should actually, if we do it right,
have a nice little crunch and a crispy little
casing on the outside. That’ll be beautiful.
And it has self-raising flour, so what, about
three-quarter full? Yeah. You want it popping out of the top,
like any good muffin. It’ll raise up nicely.
There we go.
Cheese, bacon, onion, vegetables. What’s not to like about these?
Looking forward to trying these. There we go. Nice loading, too, mate.
Are you happy with those? Absolutely.
All right. I’ll let you come in over the top.
Okay. So what I’m going to do, I’m just going to add some parmesan just on top of
that like that. So how long in the oven usually, about 20
minutes? Between 20, 30 and again, depending on the
size. These are the big Texas muffin trays, so you could probably afford yourself to go
a little bit longer. And again, depending on what oven you’ve got. So if you’ve
got one of those big industrial ovens, you
could probably do it quicker. I’d say they’ll
take about 30 minutes today. Righty-o.
Let’s put those in the oven. In they go. Preheated at 180.
Beautiful. I’m hungry, but we’re going to have to wait.
All right, well it’s about 20, 25 minutes. I’m hoping that these are ready. Should we have a look?
I’m hungry. Let’s go. Let’s go. They look done to me.
Beautiful. Now, I’ll tell you what. Mum, you’re going to be very proud of your
son here. That’s a really nice idea for a
fundraiser. Very simple lunch, very healthy.
School’s can clean up. There’s only one thing left, mate.
All right. We’re going to have to try it, aren’t we?
I’ve already got the knife. Take a cut of that.
Ah. Look at that. Cheers.
Cheers. If you want the recipe, go to the
Smart Choices website and download away.

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