Quick and Easy Vegetarian Breakfasts! | 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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– Hey, Munchies, welcome to
the channel if you’re new
or if you’ve been around.
I’m Alyssia, and I am stoked you are here.
I know, we’re busy all the time
and quick breakfasts are
always good to have on hand.
But I find that especially
to be true this time of year
because it gets so busy with the holidays.
Today, I’ve got five super
easy breakfast recipes for you.
They all use very few ingredients,
including the easiest pumpkin bread ever,
which is exactly what I wanna be eating
pretty much every day right now.
I have partnered with Sprouts
and Mountain High Yoghurt
to bring this video to life.
You all know I love Sprouts.
It’s like an indoors farmer’s market
and it has so many unique specialty items
and the prices are seriously great.
Mountain High Yoghurt is fresh yogurt
made using a century’s old method
and is cultured in the cup,
which results in a super delicious
and creamy, thick yogurt.
There is no gelatin.
It’s honest to goodness, nothing to hide
and nothing contrived.
Let’s get right to it
with that pumpkin bread.
This recipe only requires one bowl,
which makes it so easy.
I whisk together eggs, canned pumpkin,
Mountain High original plain yogurt,
which is nutritiously
substituting the butter or oil
you’d usually find in a breakfast bread;
coconut sugar, vanilla extract,
pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon,
baking soda, and salt.
Then, I mix in gluten-free
all-purpose flour.
You could also use oat flour
or regular all-purpose
or whole wheat flour.
Finally, stir in chopped walnuts
or nuts of choice, if you’d like.
You could also use chocolate chips,
but I was trying to keep
this breakfast-friendly.
I add it to my loaf pan
and top it off with some pumpkin seeds.
This is optional, but it
does make it look nice,
and I love the crunch.
Bake until a toothpick comes out clean.
And cool completely before slicing.
Okay, does it get any easier than that?
One bowl, into the loaf,
and you get a healthy pumpkin bread
that totally satisfies.
It’s so moist and just
sweet enough for breakfast,
without overdoing it.
It’s got a great crunch from those nuts,
and it’s substantial enough for breakfast,
without being too heavy or overindulgent.
I love it and I know you will too.
Following the easiest pumpkin bread ever,
I have got the easiest smoothie ever.
A three-ingredient customized
creamsicle smoothie, dragon fruit edition.
Into your blender, add your
frozen fruit of choice.
I used frozen dragon fruit,
which I got from Sprouts.
They have the most unique
frozen fruit selections
that I’ve ever seen.
I also add Mountain High
original plain yogurt
and milk of choice.
That could be dairy or plant-based.
Blend it up and serve.
Look at that beautiful color.
I love smoothies that are
sweet naturally from fruit,
but you could, of course,
sweeten it to your liking
with a little bit of honey.
The yogurt makes it so
creamy and satisfying.
The smoothie is great as is,
but what also gives it some bonus points
is the fact that you can freeze it
for up to a month and then
thaw it out and enjoy,
and it’s a great mix
to freeze as popsicles.
Popsicles for breakfast, anyone?
Next, I’ve got a make-ahead parfait.
And I am sharing a
microwave granola, say what?
But, first, I wanna let you know
that we were able to create
a special code for you, MUNCH,
that you can use in the Sprouts app
to get $0.75 off any 32-ounce
Mountain High Yoghurt
products at their stores.
Either create an account
or sign in if you’re an
existing user, it’s free.
Navigate to the sidebar menu
in the top-left corner of your screen,
select Promo Codes under My Account,
and enter your code.
It’s instantly clipped and added
to your coupons and my
Barcode for easy checkout.
Okay, so back to microwave granola.
For the granola, I mix
together nut butter of choice,
maple syrup, water, and a pinch of salt.
Microwave 10 to 20 seconds
to integrate, if needed.
Then, I can add in rolled oats.
I love getting rolled
oats in bulk at Sprouts
because it keeps them so affordable,
and I can get what I need.
Their entire bulk section
is seriously amazing.
They have coffee, rice, beans,
nuts, dried fruits, granolas,
trail mixes, spices,
sweet treats, and more.
Okay, mix all of that together
and microwave for about 90 seconds,
give it another stir,
and then let it go another minute,
until it’s golden brown.
Let it stand for just a few minutes
before enjoying or storing your parfait.
I assemble with some plain
Mountain High original yogurt,
which I’ve sweetened on my own
with a little bit of honey to taste,
as well as fresh berries
or your favorite fruit.
Layer those on the bottom
and keep the granola on top
so that it doesn’t get soggy.
And it’s even better if you can wait
to add your granola
until the time of eating.
Remember this trick, I
have shared it before.
Add in your mix-ins to an
old applesauce container
and use a wide mouth mason jar
to store your yogurt and fruit.
Mix in the granola when
you’re ready to eat.
You could also totally use
any granola you prefer.
Sprouts has so many of their own
gluten-free and grain-free
granola choices.
I recently tried the Nutty Chai,
and holy moly, it’s amazing
and it’s got less sugar than
most granolas I’ve found.
And all of Sprouts brand products
are free of artificial flavors, colors,
sweeteners, and preservatives,
which is awesome.
You can easily customize this parfait
to include your favorite fruit,
your favorite granola,
or the yogurt flavor that you prefer.
Mountain High sells vanilla,
in addition to plain.
The tart and tangy plain yogurt
paired perfectly with the
sweet honey and fresh fruit,
but that delicious crunchy granola
is what really balances all
of this out with texture.
There’s a reason that
parfaits are hard to do wrong.
Another one of my favorite easy breakfasts
where you can have ultimate
combinations, toasts.
I have got two for you today.
For the first, I used a rye bread.
I toasted it and topped it off
with plain Mountain High original yogurt.
Look how seriously creamy it is.
I add a drizzle of honey,
some sliced fresh figs, so beautiful;
and a sprinkle of thyme and sesame seeds.
This is like fall flavors on toast.
Seriously, the tangy
yogurt and sweet honey
pairs perfectly with the
fresh, sweet, and subtle fig.
The earthy thyme elevates it all
and gives it such a comforting feel.
Okay, for the second
toast, I saute some spinach
and a bit of sesame oil with salt.
Start with a lot of spinach
because it is gonna wilt down to nothing.
I use Sprouts seeded bread for this one.
They have so many great bread options,
but I love these thin sliced ones.
I toast it up and add plain
Mountain High original yogurt,
that sauteed sesame spinach,
followed by a fried
egg, red pepper flakes,
and some black sesame seeds on top.
The sesame oil has a natural sweetness
that helped balance out the savory toast.
The sesame seeds and toasted
bread add a nice crunch,
and, of course, that seeded toast
is going to be even better
when it absorbs all
the yolky egg goodness.
I love a savory toast.
I have linked a few other videos below
with more easy breakfast ideas,
as well as sharing some of my
other favorite Sprouts items.
Don’t forget about that code, MUNCH,
to get $0.75 off a Mountain
High Yoghurt container
at Sprouts using the free app.
I hope you can try it out.
This stuff is really so good.
Every batch is made in California,
with real California milk,
and it’s really great in
recipes like I’ve shown,
but it’s also delicious on its own.
Thank you so much for being here.
Thanks to Sprouts and
Mountain High Yoghurt
for partnering with me on this video.
I will be back next week
with a brand-new episode.
And remember, it’s all a
matter of Mind over Munch.


  1. Hi, Alyssia. Your bread looks beautiful, just like you with red hair. You'd look a lot cuter with curly pink hair. What's your favorite thing about yogurt? I love you so much, cutie pie. <3

  2. Hi!!! Can you give me the proportions for the mixture of white and brown rice flour, sorghum flour, tapioca flour and xanthan gum?

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  4. You roped me in with the bread in the beginning haha!
    Quick question…. does the granola have to have a nut butter in it?
    Thanks again for the video! 😊

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  6. "You can add chocolate chips but I wanted to keep it breakfast friendly" Bold of you to assume I wouldn't just eat a handful of chocolate chips first thing in the morning.

    (seriously love the recipes tho <3)

  7. Pumpkin bread, when not overly sweet pairs so nicely with honey butter:

    combine 1/2 cup soft butter with 1/4 cup honey, use electric mixer to beat.

    My kids go nuts for that on any quick bread.

  8. Love this! I'd like to see an overnight oats video but not in a Mason jar. Simply Nailogical does an overnight oats loaf? cake? Something. But I'd like to see different recipes of oats prepared like that!
    Ideas: chocolate chip & orange, apple and brown sugar, peanut butter banana, something with pistachios or almonds

  9. this may sound weird but vegan avocado oil based butter with garlic & onion powder on pumpkin bread slaps. idk why it's so specific in the case if the butter but it doesn't taste the same otherwise. the combination of slightly sweet mixed with salty garlic buttery goodness just makes my mouth happy (it's also good on banana bread)

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