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hey guys welcome to my channel and
welcome today 21 of my 30 days keto diet
summer transformation challenge it’s
almost 2 o’clock I’m ready to break my
fast and make myself some quick lunch as
I am really busy today what Casey
doesn’t really care that I am busy if he
just wants to play I’m heating up these
two unclear turkey Franks one of them is
110 calories in less than one car I’m
steaming hundred grams of broccoli to go
with it I’m gonna fry up one egg and
when the broccoli is done I’m just gonna
top it with some of Kerrygold butter to
add up the fats a little bit more
and that’s what’s for lunch today
um can’t wait it again hey guys this is
Rob I just checked out from lunch and I
wanted to show you what I brought for
tonight so today just very simple I just
made some lettuce wrap kind of boats
here we got some grape tomatoes inside
ham Munster cheese and there’s a little
Thousand Island dressing I have two of
those and I have an egg with some salami
for a snack and I have half a chocolate
cookie dough quest bar and I did promise
IVA that we would be sharing the quest
bar so this is gonna be the hardest part
of the week and sharing quest bars with
each other neither of us had to keen on
that but yesterday we had the the
s’mores one which I absolutely loved
it’s so delicious the s’mores one I
can’t wait to try the cookie dough I’ll
let you know how it is and we had the
chocolate peanut butter one I wasn’t too
crazy about that one that one just kind
of tasted like goo yeah the the s’mores
one was much better so that’s what my
lunch was really good and really simple
I really like keeping my meals simple I
think that this way is the whole new
lifestyle more sustainable I do still
like to come up with some new recipes
and creations to make more videos for
you and I do love to experiment but on
my daily basics and weekdays I really
like to keep it simple and just go with
what I have in the fridge and just
really not overthink it and that way I
actually am able to stay on track I’m
gonna try this more of wesbar with my
afternoon coffee or Anna does only have
hundred and ninety calories and four
grams of net carbs so I’m gonna munch on
that I’m excited to try it out okay guys
can we talk about this quest bar well I
saved the cover
well this s’mores quest bar was
absolutely delicious I was actually able
to eat just a half as it’s super super
sweet so I just put some in out the
other half in a ziploc and I’m gonna
have it it’s like a time when I feel
like something sweet no like seriously
guys you gotta give this a try if you
haven’t so yet because they are so so
good and if you’re into sweets this one
really gonna do it for you I get a
little bit hungry so I’ve decided I’m
just gonna chop a half of an avocado and
put some a little pink salt on it and
just eat it on its own oh I know a lot
of you guys do not like avocados or are
still like asking questions what’s the
best way to eat it sometimes I make a
chocolate mousse or it’s also good to
just bake it in the oven and crack an
egg in it but I do love it the most
eating it on its own let me know in the
comments down below what’s your favorite
way to eat avocados and give me some
more tips how I should try the next it’s
almost 8 o’clock so it’s time to start
the dinner I wasn’t really feeling
hungry or feeling like cooking today so
the dinner will be really easy and
simple I got 4 slices of pork sirloin
and I beat them up a little bit to make
them little thinner and then I got my
asparagus which I will wrap in bacon for
the pork I’m using some salt we’re gonna
flip them over and do the same thing
from the other side I got mass progress
and I’m gonna wrap a couple of those in
to a bacon I’m stretching the bacon a
little bit as I roll and what I do is I
use a little toothpick just to pin it on
the end of the bacon so as it grows or
baked it’s not gonna unwrap because the
bacon will start shrinking as it cooks
if you don’t pin it it kind of gonna
unwrap so I like to pin it so it’s those
states pretty and now we are ready to
set up the barbecue as I said guys very
easy quick it’s gonna be done all
together in about 15 minutes and almost
no cleaning and here it is my baked
asparagus with bacon I added some little
spinach just for more greens as I didn’t
have any today and I have this two small
pieces if pork so Owen we’re gonna enjoy
it and you know I always love me some
Thousand Island dressing so I’m gonna
use about 1 tablespoon to dip my meat in
there was amazing I told you it was done
under 15 minutes brilliant take any
fourth and most importantly it didn’t
take any dishes ginger here why do you
put all the hay on me uh forgive you
well as did the most important thing so
we can wrap up this video day 21 of our
30 days keto diet transformation
challenge is done is that right yes
thank you guys so much for watching
today’s vlog if you didn’t do so please
consider to subscribing and give it a
thumbs up if you did like it and I’m
gonna see you again tomorrow


  1. The mint chocolate chunk quest bar is the best!!! Heat it in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds and turn it into a cookie! Yum!

  2. Try having your avocados with Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning or their Chili Lime seasoning – perfect!

  3. Love quest bars, very satisfying! I make my own salsa (not pico de gallo) and add to avocado mix it up. Eat with pork rinds as a dip for a snack or a side dish for your meal. Very filling and yummy. 🙂

  4. Uh oh I smell a domestic Quest bar battle brewing. LOL! Someone on youtube cut their avocado in chunks and fried them in oil with seasoning and it looked delicious but I haven't tried it yet. And I have a new cavity from that bunny. 🙂

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