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There are some pros and cons to juicing. Some of the pros are that juicing floods your
body with great nutrition in a really easy way. You are drinking your nutrients. Your body doesn’t have to work hard to get
the nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables. So you can actually consume the benefits of
more vegetables throughout the day, without having to sit, and eat, and chew, and digest. So people use juicing as a way to fast. They’ll just consume vegetable and fruit juices
for several days, up to a couple of weeks, as a way to clean their body, and as a way
to get tons of nutrients into their body at the same time. So one of the benefits of juicing is also
one of the cons of juicing. One of the benefits of juicing is that you’re
taking in a lot of nutrients at once, without your digestive system having to do a lot work. But at the same time, you’re missing out on
all the fiber that’s contained in all those fruits and vegetables. So if you want the benefits from the fiber
in the vegetables, as well as the nutrients in the vegetables, try adding some green smoothies
to your diet, in addition to the fresh juices. So use a nice green smoothie in the morning
that has fruits, as well as some green, leafy vegetables like kale, or collards, or bok
choy. Some of the cons of juicing are that it can
be very expensive to do this on your own, or to go to a juice bar on a regular basis. And it’s really important to remember when
you’re juicing fruits and vegetables that you are using organic produce. You want to avoid the highly concentrated
pesticides that might be present on the produce if you’re not using organics.

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