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Greetings my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy!
Welcome back to another “You Made What?!”
Today I have another prison ramen recipe
that comes from this book, “Prison Ramen.”
So if you missed my other prison food recipes
I shall put the link down below.
So today’s recipe is “Avary’s Jailhouse Hole Burrito”
and like all these recipes it’s very inventive
and uses foods that you can get from the commissary
or from the cafeteria.
Oh, and if you like these kind of fun experimental recipes
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We’re going to begin with a chili flavored ramen noodle
and were going to crush up the noodles before we open it.
Another thing that’s really common in prison is that you don’t have things like bowls
so bags are often used to cook your food.
So, I’m going to use this bag to cook the ramen.
We’re going to take the seasoning packet out,
pull that off, and were going to save this little slip.
And we’re also going to save the seasoning powder as well.
We’re gonna use some hot water to moisten our ramen noodles.
So in jail, the water would probably be just be hot tap water.
Next, we’re going to use our little piece of seasoning pack,
and use it as a twist tie,
to hold our bag together.
Twist that up!
And use that to cinch that up.
You just twist it,
yeah, I’m impressed!
So while our noodles are cooking, we’re going to make the rest of this burrito.
Next we’re going to need an eight ounce bag of jalapeño flavored popcorn.
The recipe says to put ¾ of it out.
Let’s give this a taste…
Mmm, that’s pretty good! Really ranchy…
more than jalapeño, but tasty!
So basically now what we’re doing is we’re making the stuffing for our burrito.
So inside this bag, we’re going to add the ramen seasoning:
this is chili flavor.
We’re going to add a handful of cheese flavored crackers — I happen to have goldfish.
I think I’m gonna crush those up a little bit.
Add a handful of Takis, or some kind of rolled, spicy chip.
I’m gonna crush that up a little bit, too.
We’re going to use ¼ cup of squeezable cheese.
We’re going to save half for the inside so….
use about that.
And then we’re going to add some hot sauce — it says half a cup, but I’m just going to do it to taste,
so I’m going to add a combination of sriracha, and tabasco.
Okay…. It says crush up a one ounce bag of Cheetos — like that.
Use the bag as your mixing vessel.
See if our ramen noodles are cooked.
And they’re pretty…. they’re good!
So I’m going to do this prison style to drain out the water:
I’m just going to poke some holes in this,
and get some of that excess water out.
There we go…
Now we’re going to combine that to the rest of this concoction.
All right! Now we’re going to give this a thorough mixing.
I’m going to pour this out in a bowl so you can see what it looks like.
It’s kind of amazing.
And that’s going to be the center of our burrito.
Next we’re going to grab a tortilla: spread the remaining cheese on the bottom.
And then our filling.
A good amount for one burrito, I think.
So then we’re going to roll this bad boy up.
And give it a taste.
All right! That looks like a burrito.
So just cut it in half — and I have to say, that looks a lot like a burrito!
I mean, the ramen almost looks like rice: you’ve got the oozy cheese;
it’s got the right color…
Let’s give that a taste. Here we go! Itadakimasu.
And of all the recipes I’ve made in this book, this one, to me, is the tastiest.
Because most of these recipes contain highly processed foods,
they taste really processed, but this actually tastes pretty delicious!
What I really enjoy is the different amounts of heat:
you’ve got the spicy Takis; you’ve got the spicy Tabasco; and Sriracha,
and the spicy seasoning packet from the ramen.
The cheese and the wet ramen hold everything together,
so it seems like you’re eating something kind of like rice, or refried beans or something.
But the cheese also gives it a nice kind of richness,
so it makes it feel like you’re not just eating reconstituted chips,
which essentially you’re doing right? But this is totally tasty!
And the popcorn works really well in there too:
it re-hydrates a little bit, so it gives a little bit of a chew,
and you get an occasional crunch from the Takis,
and the Cheetos
It’s really actually quite scrumptious.
All right, I hope you guys enjoyed yet another prison recipe. Let me know in the comments below if you want to see more,
or of there’s any specific prison recipes that you’ve heard of that you would like me to try — let me know.
All right, I hope you guys enjoyed that one; I hope you guys learned something;
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I shall see you in my next video. Toodle-oo! Take care! Bye!


  1. Tried it. Wasn't all that bad. I actually thought it was pretty decent. Used hot cheetos, shrimp ramen, cheese, cholula sauce and some sour cream. Mmmm

  2. my dad said when he was doing mandatory military service in korea he and his friends would cook ramen in the bag !

  3. When I was in county jail we would make this exact recipe except we would also add chopped up beef jerky to it. It would be to celebrate holidays or to celebrate a respected dudes upcoming release date. We would all go in commissary an purchase the stuff deciding who was getting what. We would plan it all day. But we would cook it in a black trash bag with hot water put in it. Tie it tight then lock it in a tote an it would feed like 30 guys.

    We also made these Alot in Job Corps but in JC we also did the same thing where we were feeding a whole dorm room.

    Making a burrito was always a really big deal everybody would be super happy an excited. I still make them from time to time just enough for a small spread for me.

  4. Aint no one from the hood or prison or watch kali muscle to survive college lmao on a low student wage for colleg. So fuck yall who tryna talk smack who not been in prison yall 1% or not from the hood or not watch kali muscle to actually survive college or at least try it to see how its good ik from both ends which is big lovely sister from 10 years and kali muscle for entertainement and god bless my big brother in the psych ward from the com. penn to com. Psych ward god bless him hope he comes out soon. Fuck yall .2%-1%

  5. Pop corn na
    You can buy cheese sausage and peppers salsa in packets amd queso cheese and hot sauce beige me pop corn it's not in recipe afterprison show joe would tell you his show is on YouTube

  6. Emmy, here's one for ya. Crush the noodles into small pieces. Make ramen, drain off all the water. Then add a can of tuna, a slice of yellow american cheese, mayonaise (two to three tablespoons), seasoning packet, and some pickled pepper juice out of a jar (about half a shot glass worth) (do NOT use pickle juice). Mix everything and try it with some wheat crackers or even just eat with a spoon. It's yummy.

  7. I watch How To Cook That and because I watch that channel, Emmymadeinjapan's channel got recommended to me. I'm not a fan of cooking, or like to cook. But Emmy's channel is really interesting.

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