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Hi everyone! Aimee here I’m going to show you how easy it is to make a really healthy ice block for the whole family just in time for summer. So the flavour of this one is going to be creamy mango. Tropical is so summer, so let’s give suck into it. I’ll show you how simple it is and you can go ahead and make it at home and enjoy it on a hot day So starting off we need something to make our ice blocks in to get the right texture So I use a stick blender and jug. You could use a regular blender – whatever suits you. We need some fresh mango. I’m also going to add, to make it creamy, so it’s not an ice block, but it’s more of an ice cream, I guess, is coconut milk, and I love the Ayam brand. It’s my favourite. Really creamy, earthy, beautiful flavour. So the milk or you could use the coconut cream if you’re wanting a richer more coconut flavoured ice block. But the milk I think is thick enough for this one. You could also add some honey, if you would like this recipe to be a bit sweeter. I don’t add honey to this I think the mango is sweet enough on its own. But it really depends on your taste buds and what your family likes. So you could add that in if you like. Another ingredient that is completely optional that I have started adding recently is ground-up dried orange rind. So when I get organic oranges in season I keep the skins, I dehydrate them in my dehydrator till they’re nice and crispy, and I pop them in the blender to break down into this almost powder. but it’s still quite granular. And that is full of vitamin C, more so than in orange flesh, and it’s so fantastic to have in the cupboard to add flavour to different dishes and add more nutrients. So I yeah I’ve been using this lately and I find putting it in ice blocks is really really nice. So I’m going to add some of that today and to make it a super duper extra healthy and really good for the kids joints and their stomach and their muscles and their bones I’m going to add some collagen powder. So I’m using the joint care by Gelatin Health Australia and this is specifically formulated for joint health and this just dissolves. So you will never know it’s in these ice blocks and the kids are going to be getting this fantastic healing protein. One last ingredient to make it super summery is some fresh mint leaves. You don’t have to add this. If you’ve got that growing in the garden pick a few leaves, add it in gives a really nice tropical fresh flavor for summer time. So let’s get stuck into making it. So cut your mango cheeks off each side and slice into it so you can get to the chunks easier. Pop it in your either your blender jug or your stick blender jug Without the skin. Put that all in there. It smells fantastic! And leave a bit on the skin so of course you can eat it afterwards for yourself. The cook always gets to eat the the leftover bits in the bowl and on the spoon! So for only a few ice blocks, this is probably, depending on the size of the mango, this is only really a medium sized mango. I would say this will make four to five ice blocks of this size. This size here, so not a really big ice block. If you’ve got larger ice block molds you will need to get a few more ingredients. So a couple of mangoes and you might end up using a whole tin of coconut milk. I’m only going to be using equal parts mango to coconut milk. So and don’t forget that a little bit that’s under the skin when you slice the cheeks off. There’s always a little bit of mango flesh still there to enjoy, don’t waste that. It’s nice and slippery. Part of the fun. And this is good for the kids to do. It is slippery, it is slimy playing with the mango, cutting it up. So you get your child-friendly knives or teach your children how to use knives safely or cut it up for them already and just get them to pop it all together in the blender and it’s a really fun way to get the kids in the kitchen. Won’t take long to make these. The hardest part will be waiting for them to set in the freezer before you can eat them otherwise they’re just mango smoothies. All the flesh is now in there, easy done. Some of the orange rind. I’m just going to put about a flat teaspoon in there, so it’s not too strong. The collagen powder, as much as you like, this is going out to about five ice blocks so you know you could put up to five teaspoons in here if you really wanted to. I might just put a couple in there. And the mint leaves, just a few so it’s not overpowering and the coconut milk. So about the same amount of mango to coconut milk. Add too much coconut milk you won’t taste the mango. The other way around you’ll have less creaminess and more fruity iciness which is what happens when fruit blends up and freezes; it kind of sometimes goes a little bit icy and crystallizes, not so creamy. So it really depends on what texture you’re after. That’s it! Now we blend it until you can see that the mint has broken down quite small. Get all the liquid off the blender, so you don’t waste any. A slicon spatula is really good to have on hand for getting into these little spots where the food is hiding and you’re not wasting any down the drain. Next grab your ice block mold. So I’m using these little Kmart ones, $2 for six. So just grab your liquid here. You don’t even need to pour it into anything extra because it’s got a pouring lip. Then you have your little sticks that go into your ice block molds. So once they’re done pop them in the freezer. You’ll need to wait a few hours for them to fully freeze through. Don’t be impatient, wait at least three hours for them to completely firm up before you attempt to get them out and end up with your mango smoothie dripping everywhere instead of your beautiful ice blocks! So after a few hours when they’re fully set pop them out of the freezer and run the mold under some water for at 30 seconds just to loosen it up so it can come out without breaking off the stick and there you’ve got a beautiful creamy mango ice cream. It’s quickm it’s easy, it’s delicious. The kids will love these during the summer holidays, so enjoy!

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