Pregnancy Tips – 1st Trimester Cooking & Nutrition

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Hi, I’m Latham Thomas, prenatal wellness
expert with and the founder
of Tender Shoots Wellness. Today, we are going
to talk about your nutrition for the first
Eating and pregnancy go hand-in-hand. Now
is the perfect time to change your diet and
lifestyle. It’s time to eat wholesome food
and avoid foods high in saturated fats.
During pregnancy, a few hundred extra calories
from healthy foods is all the extra you really
need. Since certain vitamin and mineral needs
(like calcium and iron) go up, so adding foods
rich in these nutrients is best for you and
your growing baby.
Remember to take your fortified prenatal vitamin
daily with folate and check in with your medical
provider to see which prenatal is best for
During the first trimester, you may find it
difficult to eat a balanced diet if you are
experiencing morning sickness. One way to
help prevent morning sickness is to have a
protein-rich meal for breakfast and dinner,
and to eat at regular intervals throughout
the day.
This should consist of fresh fruits, nuts,
seeds, yogurt, dried fruits, cut up veggies,
dips like hummus and, of course, bottled water.
Today, we’re going to make a quick trail
mix that you’ll be able to take with you
on the go. Take almonds (a good source of
healthy fat and protein), dried apple (a good
source of pectin), raisins (which help to
ease constipation), cashews (which are high
in magnesium and a great source of healthy
fat) and dried berries (a good source of antioxidants).
Place it in a big bowl and mix it all together.
Pack your trail mix in small baggies for your
prenatal pantry on the go.
Some other things to include in your prenatal
pantry include granola bars, crackers, almond
butter and bottled water.
If you go out and your forget your trail mix
and you get hungry, just stop at the store.
But, remember to choose the healthiest option.
Try for a piece of fruit, unsalted nuts or
yogurt. Make sure to keep easy and nutrient-rich
foods like these within reach. It will help
to keep you and your baby feeling good.

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