Pork wraps (Bo-ssam: 보쌈)

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– Hi, everybody.
Today we are going to make Bo-ssam.
Bo-ssam is pork wraps.
It’s cooked pork.
And slice this and wrap in
lettuce or pickled cabbage,
and with sauce, and make pouch and eating.
This is a Bo-ssam.
Ssam is a kind of wrapping things.
There are a lot of, a
lot of different ways
to make delicious pork wraps.
But I have one ingredient
makes it very special.
I learned this years ago.
So I’m going to tell you later.
Just let’s start!
You can use any parts of pork.
What I’m using today is pork belly.
This is three-layered pork belly.
So there is some bones inside.
There’s a bone, and here too.
So there is no bone
anymore, and also here.
Some excess fat.
Don’t throw them away, these bones.
When you make kimchi-jjigae, kimchi stew,
just add this, and it will be awesome.
I like to wash it with clean, cold water.
Large onion, I already peeled and washed.
And then put it there.
This is ginger.
You know what this is? Garlic.
Twelve garlic cloves, eight, 10, 12!
This is Korean soybean paste, doenjang.
I will use this brown sugar.
One tablespoon brown sugar.
So far very easy, isn’t it?
But I told you, my secret!
Not many people know about this.
You know what it is?
Ta-da! Hazelnut coffee!
Instant hazelnut coffee!
I just keep this in my freezer.
Over years I’m using this. See?
I’m going to add 10 cups water.
This already measured 8 cups.
Two more cups.
So you need a large pot.
I told you everybody
has their own version.
Some guys using pear, apple,
and all kind of stuff
is in this, cinnamon.
But this way, just simple,
very simple, but really tasty.
And medium-high heat.
Close the lid.
We are going to cook this one
hour over medium-high heat
until this pork is fully cooked
and also gets all delicious flavor.
Korean baechu, it’s napa cabbage.
So cut it in half.
So cut this like this.
And also.
And this cabbage, you can make soup
or make just like a
geotjeori-style kimchi later.
And this, one pound of cabbage,
we already cut it nicely.
And then I’m going to wash this
between the leaves, there’s
sometimes you see some dirt.
Just wash this nicely.
And then we are going
to make pickle brine.
1/4 cup sugar. White vinegar.
Distilled white vinegar.
One tablespoon salt.
Kosher salt I’m using.
This is 1/2 cup. 1/4 cup.
So 3/4 cups water.
So this brine is
sweet and sour, a little salty.
Then let’s add my cabbage.
Just mix together.
So we are going to pickle
this one to two hours.
Every 15 minutes, turn these
guys like this, all right?
And then evenly pickle.
Ok, I will set aside.
The next thing we have to do is to make
delicious oyster and radish salad.
That’s why I got this Korean radish.
But you can use a daikon too.
See? Bubbling and boiling.
Like that. Wow, wow, wow.
Good, good. Good boy!
Let’s cut into matchsticks.
Again, we are going to turn over.
Add two teaspoons salt.
And just mix.
Sooner or later a lot of water come out.
We are going to squeeze
out all excess water.
Let it sit 10 minutes.
So check out this.
So 10 minutes after, see?
A lot of water.
So we are going to squeeze it out.
This radish is a little salty
and crispy and withered.
Perfect. I’m going to make
seasoning paste for oyster.
Oyster radish salad.
We are going to make really spicy, red.
Let’s start with hot
pepper flakes, 1/4 cup.
Plus two tablespoons.
And fish sauce, two tablespoons.
One, two.
We need sugar, two teaspoons.
One, two.
Three garlic cloves.
And green onion, one.
Add here.
And then mix again this.
So let’s mix this.
And then add this radish.
And then let’s mix using your hand.
See, really red, isn’t it?
And looks really appetizing.
And then let’s add.
And from this moment,
just slightly, gently mix.
I don’t want to squish all my oyster.
Around one tablespoon
amount toasted sesame seeds.
Oh, my! Oh, my!
Smells good! My mouth’s watering!
So oyster radish salad.
This is like, with rice,
really, really delicious.
We just made this for this Bo-ssam.
Wash my hand.
I’m going to just wrap
this with plastic wrap.
Keep it in the refrigerator
until Bo-ssam is all done,
and then I’m going to take it
out and then just arrange it.
This bo-ssam platter.
Again, one more time.
I told you every 15 minutes.
Every five minutes is okay.
Soon my pork is going to be cooked
for one hour over medium-high heat.
Really boiling, boiling.
We cooked this one hour now.
Let’s see.
This is my chopstick,
it goes through.
But I’m going to cook longer.
I’m going to cook over low
heat another 15 minutes.
Next we are going to
make unskippable sauce.
This is saeujeot.
Saeujeot is salty, fermented shrimp.
Look at this tiny shrimp.
That’s around one tablespoon.
One teaspoon sugar.
One teaspoon hot pepper flakes.
I’m going to add garlic and green onion.
And garlic.
Just you can mince.
And then this is too salty.
So two tablespoons water.
And then mix.
This is my soju glass.
I’m going to put this here.
And sesame seeds.
That’s it!
15 minutes, done!
So I’m going to take out my pork.
I need these two, two guys.
And then I like to turn off.
Oh my God, oh my God, too quiet.
Wow, all this infused,
this delicious stuff.
And also some extra fat is coming out.
So only chewy, delicious
stuff is left over.
And here.
This is so handsome, isn’t it?
Mmm, smells good.
We need to wait until this
is completely cooled down.
And a lot of juice here,
so I’m going to dry this.
You can serve when it’s warm,
or you can keep in the
refrigerator for up to two days.
So this is kind of a good thing
about this dish is you
can serve hot or cold.
If you have a party in two days,
you just prepare it all, everything.
Keep in the refrigerator.
When you need it, take it out and cut.
But the radish and oyster,
you gotta make this right before serving.
Just a little squeeze.
So I’m going to cut them
very nicely like that.
Just 1/8 inch. Slice really thinly.
We still have a lot of left over.
So I’ll bring my oyster salad.
These are perilla leaves.
I went to Korean market.
I found a really nice one.
Mix a little right before serving, here.
Sesame seeds!
Hello, everybody!
You can make Bo-ssam at home, like this!
Mmm, mmm!
Pickled cabbage is
sweet and sour, crunchy.
Who invented Bo-ssam?
He or she must be really
genius, because it has
all kinds of texture,
flavor, taste, everything!
Seafood, and meat, and vegetables.
It’s one pouch, you have all
kinds of a diet, balanced diet.
Invite your friends and family.
And make this and have
fun, and let me know
how yours turns out.
Today we made Bo-ssam, pork wraps.
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time. Bye!
(upbeat music)

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