1. Pork knuckles are low cost taste fan when cooked properly. Like st meats low and slow suits the cut!

  2. It is my humble opinion that y'all should have smoked those knuckles just a skosh. Thank for the great video! Prost, boys!

  3. Forks, fingers and machetes as serving utensils and no napkins….You can tell ain't no women around! 😒🤨🤷🏾‍♀️ I LOVE THESE BOYS!! 😁❤

  4. Great way to make pork knuckles bbq looks a lot complicated. For real? 5hrs of for a pork knuckle bbq? Come on!…

  5. You fellers sure know what’s good.. cooked up a batch of hocks and kraut for me and my dad last month.. had to order the hocks special.. all they had were smoked.. those have their place too but every once in a while I like the fresh ones.. going to try your recipe next.. looked great but when y’all got that kraut out my mouth started to water.!!! Damn!

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