Popcorn Rice

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Here we are.
Say hi to my uncle.
Be a good boy.
Hey, I’m back.
I got some rice.
Let’s go home.
Hey guys
This time I decided to make popcorn
but with rice.
Pop rice.
Actually I believe in English it’s called puffed rice.
It’s pretty easy and fun to make.
It tastes like rice crackers and it goes well with chocolate.
First heat up canola oil to about 200°C (392°F).
Then, deep fry the rice until it pops.
It’s so much easier if you prepare another pot and strain the rice.
That way, you don’t have to make a mess.
But you can scoop rice like this if you want.
If you ever wanted to make your own crispy chocolate,
this is how you can do it.
Just melt some chocolate,
sprinkle in some puffed rice, and freeze them!


  1. This time it's an easy recipe but it's so fun to make that I thought everyone should know how to do it! I actually forgot about pop rice (or puffed rice) until recently when we had dinner at a hotel where they actually served it to us. I personally think pop rice on the stalk is the most fun of all, but of course if you don't have access to a rice paddy then you can make this with any raw rice at all from your grocery store.

  2. Я думала сейчас всю эту красоту принесет на подносе спящей тян, но нет – слопал сам)))

  3. To have a chocolate moment, you should be using real chocolate. Engage your brain and get information. Hershey crap is NOT chocolate. Wake up from your delusion!

  4. I saw a method once that involves heating sand in a big metql bowl (the finest the better), then throwing in the rice and shake it until the rice pops. After that you just sift the sand and take the rice. It seemed quicker and a lot less messier. Any chance you can try this method?

  5. Nice video, love your cats they are so cute and well behaved, love the fact that I didn’t know you can deep fry rice!

  6. I shall try this. I believe I will try to make it the way popcorn is made, usually not deep fried. The difference between popcorn and other varieties is that the skin on the popcorn kernel is not porous. The rapid build of steam from the moisture inside the kernel builds up enough pressure under the non porous skin, it explodes.
    So, I must also try this with brown rice to see the effect of the outer cover of the rice grain, to see if it pops more or less consistently than white rice.
    I have several varieties of rice in the cupboard. This will be fun.
    Puffed barley is pretty interesting as well.

  7. That’s SOOO MEAN. You invite the kitties to dinner, let them smell it, and take it away. So well behaved, poor things …they deserve a treat! How about some smelts, sardines, bacon?

  8. You can make puffed rice by just putting rice with husk in a heated terracotta pot.. It will pop just like popcorn.. No need for oil or butter.. That's the way we make in my home. Really healthy too.

  9. Hello JunKitchen, Thanks for the beautiful video of the pop rice, always with the adorable cats!. Can we make it with integral rice also?.

    Best regards. ClaudioSerraBrun (Argentine-Spanish). Yecla Murcia Spain.

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