Philippines traditional healthy food, Bulalo [Battle Trip / 2017.01.29]

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It’s time to eat.
– What will they eat? / – You can’t forget…
– About food. / – Now it begins.
(It’s their first Christmas in summer)
It’s finally time to eat dinner.
I’m hungry. Look at the Christmas decorations.
Is this what we’re eating?
Everything looks good.
This is traditional Filipino cuisine.
This is painful to watch.
– I’m hungry. / – Let’s order.
We ate sinigang last time.
(It’s purple?)
(The sinigang’s purple color surprised her)
It feels similar to fast-fermented bean paste soup.
– It’s so sour. / – Right.
Are we eating something different this time?
This time we’ll have bulalo, which all Koreans can eat.
What’s that?
– Bulalo? / – Yes. It’s a famous dish.
– What’s that? / – It’s a health food.
It’s similar to beef bone soup
because it’s made from bone marrow.
It’s like rib soup.
Let’s eat well so we can enjoy our day tomorrow.
It’s like rib soup?
(She orders in Tagalog)
Can we have garlic rice?
What are you saying?
– I want to order everything. / – Right.
I can even eat rocks right now.
– I want to order everything. / – Come out quick.
(I will eat you up!)
Last time, we ordered an entire table of food
but it was really cheap.
– Right. / – Will it be that cheap again?
How much is the bulalo?
It’s $9.40.
(It costs $9.40 for 2 servings of bulalo)
– Even though there’s so much meat? / – Yes.
Here it is.
This is beef and this is pork.
It’s kind of like…
This is beef tapa. It’s the two trademark dishes here.
This and that.
Like black bean noodles and spicy seafood noodles.
This is what you eat for breakfast in the Philippines.
– Breakfast? / – Yes.
– So basically, it’s beef and pork? / – Yes.
Like black bean noodles and spicy seafood noodles.
I get it now.
Here’s the bulalo.
Here is the main dish.
Thank you.
Is there a strong scent?
– Not at all. / – No.
– Koreans can easily eat it. / – No scent.
I’ll taste the bulalo soup.
It tastes…
Just like rib soup.
All Koreans can eat this.
They even make bulalo instant noodles.
– Oh, really? / – Yes.
Koreans really like it and buy it in bulk.
This is like pork spine soup
because you can dip the meat in a sauce.
The soup is incredible.
– Let’s make the sauce. / – Yes.
(The sauce master is ready)
The sauce gets so flavorful since
you’ll be making it yourself.
– Cut this yourself. / – Half of a calamansi.
It has to be spicy.
– Cut the pepper. / – That looks good.
– For the meat? / – Yes.
It looks delicious.
The meat is on the bone.
(She’s excited)
Dip it in sauce.
How is it?
(You have to try it to understand)
The sauce looks good.
It’s really soft and…
Instead of eating rib meat,
the texture is more like pork hocks.
But it tastes just like rib soup.
It’s slightly sour from the soy sauce.
It feels really nutritious.
It’s pork hocks.
The texture is like pork hocks.
There are…
Many people who can’t adjust to foreign food.
– Anyone could eat this. / – Right.
What was this called?
– What do you dip it in? / – Ketchup.
– Ketchup? / – That…
– It’s the best. / – That…
You break the egg yolk…
– Right. / – It’s so good.
It’s so interesting.
It doesn’t seem like it’d go with ketchup.
It’s like jerky.
(How is it?)
– You’re so smart. / – Why?
I thought it’d be spicy since it’s red.
– But it’s not spicy at all. / – It’s sweet.
It’s like thick and soft jerky.
It has a familiar taste, right?
It tastes like jerky.
I ate this when I was a student.
It’s so delicious.
Dipping it in ketchup makes it tasty and unique.
It’s good.
That’s my favorite food in the Philippines.
– That was the best? / – It’s a classic.
It’s a common food in the Philippines though.
That’s why I didn’t order it before.
I had no idea that she’d love it.
What was this called?
– Beef tapa. / – Beef tapa?
You dip it in vinegar.
(She dips it in vinegar)
– It’s beef. / – It probably tastes familiar.
It tastes like mom overcooked it slightly.
It’s chewy and it tastes like expensive beef.
You know that delicious taste?
Honestly, this tastes like
something you could find in Korea.
This tastes like something mom would make at home.
This is really delicious.
– This? / – This.
This is it.
Order this!
It’s really amazing.
The Korean staff members
ordered this for breakfast every day.
– The soup is amazing. / – It’s amazing.
What are we doing tomorrow?
We’ll go island hopping.
We’ll go snorkeling.
We’ll play in the water.
We’ll go to a restaurant on an uninhabited island.
– A restaurant on an island? / – Yes.
That’s too tough to beat.
There’s the sea and a lake.
We have to take pictures.
For dinner tomorrow,
we’ll go to a hot spring.
– Will we spend all day in water? / – All day.
We ate well, so let’s play hard tomorrow.
– Please look forward to it. / – It’s kind of unfamiliar.
(Second day, 8 a.m.)
The weather is so nice.
It’s the second day in Palawan!
I don’t have to do a sun dance.
It rained so much yesterday
but the weather today’s great.
She did a dance in case it rained.
We went up that mountain.
We climbed really high yesterday.
We got quite a workout as soon as we arrived.
What are we doing today?
We’ll rent a boat in Palawan
and go on an island tour.
– Isn’t renting a boat expensive? / – Here and there.
It’s around $60 to $70.
– $70? / – Yes.
– Is it $70 a day? / – For the entire boat?
– For an entire boat. / – Wow.
It’d cost more than $70 an hour in Korea.
We’ll start with Kayangan Lake.
It’s the lake that’s always on postcards or in books.
We are going to Palawan.
(The symbol of Palawan)
(The water is clean and green)
– It’s beautiful. / – Look at the color of the water.
(Kayangan Lake)
(To the wide ocean after enjoying the lake)
(Even beginners can experience ocean adventures)
(You can also enjoy snorkeling)
(It’s a perfect place to visit at the end of your day)
That’s how life should be lived.
– Right? / – Seriously.
– It looks so relaxing. / – There are a lot of foreigners.
(Maquinit Hot Spring)
(Kayangan Lake, snorkeling, Maquinit Hot Spring)
We’ll do all of that in a day.
(Let’s go)
I’m one with nature.
– Do the “Titanic” pose. / – Okay.
It’s completely…
(Something’s off)
I can’t pole dance.
You can’t.
That’s cute.
We got a good shot.
This is great. The view is so pretty.
When people visit Coron, they don’t follow a schedule.
– Why? / – It’s like the Dara Tour.
Dara Tour or Hyoni Tour.
You can go wherever you want.
– You plan your own course. / – The way you feel.
We’re going where you feel like going today.
(Thousand faces of the volcanic island, Coron)
It’s so beautiful.
(Dreamy atmosphere created by limestone and waves)
All photos look good.
It can’t be captured in photographs.
It’s like being in a movie, on an adventure.
The shapes created by nature are so beautiful.
Look at the colors.
It looks like paint was poured into the water.
The beauty is breathtaking.
– It has an Eastern feel. / – It does.
But it also feels Western.
There are many animals and fish.
– It’s so natural. / – It really is.
It’s so beautiful.
I think we have to pay.
Entrance fee?
Does it have an entrance fee?
– The lake has an entrance fee? / – Yes.
We bought 2 tickets for around $7.
The cost depends on the exchange rate.
The entrance fee for Kayangan Lake…
We’re going in.
Kayangan Lake was chosen
as one of the top 10 view points in the world.
It’s like entering a jungle.
We have to sweat since we’re here to see nature.
It’s like Baengnokdam Lake.
(Their breathing grows more ragged)
The color of the water is awesome.
(It’s the place they saw in the photo!)
(They have to take the exact same shot)
It’s amazing. When you see it in pictures…
– It’s disappointing in real life. / – It’s disappointing.
– Look at this. / – Seriously.
– You can’t capture it all. / – Compare with our pictures.
We have to take it there too.
(It’s the universal pose)
– The background… / – You have to take it there.
But I can’t see your face because of the lighting.
You look like a stick figure.
1, 2, 3.
I’m going to become a photographer.
The water color is amazing.
It’s the color you see in TV commercials.
I’ve lived in the Philippines since 1995.
It’s been over 20 years now.
– I still haven’t gone everywhere. / – So many islands.
There are still many places I haven’t visited yet.
The lake is pretty.
I could jump in.
– It’s really pretty. / – It’s amazing.
– It’s amazing. / – Amazing.
– Put on rashguards. / – Put them on.
– It doesn’t look that deep. / – Look at the color!
The lake is just below.
– It’s freshwater. / – Yes.
– The water isn’t salty. / – It’s not the ocean.
You can go diving there.
– Look at that. / – That’s awesome.
– What’s that long fish? Hello. / – Goodness.
– Awesome. / – Look at how clear it is.
You don’t need to go snorkeling.
– You can see everything from above. / – That’s right.
The mystery of nature.
I wasn’t good at that subject in school.
I liked history better.
Hey, Sandara.
They recognized her even from afar.
How did they recognize her?
I must have prominent features.
Palawan has a lot of tourists right now.
It’s usually like you have the whole place to yourself.
(Like this)
It’s so cool.
– You can jump in like that. / – The tube stands out.
(Sandara attempts to go in despite her fear of water)
It’s nice being in the water.
That tube really stands out.
The temperature is just right.
I can’t handle cold water.
(Prepare your own swimming gear)
People who can swim in deep water
like that are amazing.
It’s much deeper than it looks.
Did you taste the water?
– It’s not salty. / – I drank some just now.
It’s like lukewarm drinking water.
– Where do you want to go? / – Away from the people.
Let’s go.
– Look at the color. / – Seriously.
It’s really that color.
(There’s a sad legend at this lake)
(A baby bird practiced swimming to become a swan)
(However, the long-legged swan walked in the water)
(No, I’ll go as far as the swan)
Can’t you swim?
– I can’t. / – I don’t swim well.
But I know how to swim.
The water is really deep.
– It’s the butterfly stroke. / – It seems so deep.
– Butterfly? / – Yes.
Sandara isn’t a good swimmer.
But she’s trying really hard.
It’s so pretty.
(I can rest if I get tired)
(They enjoy nature’s peace)
(Kayangan Lake is a hidden paradise)

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