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  2. and this is why ive stopped smoking weed 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 fuck these goddamn chemicals and these fucking companies and the government for making it illegal to grow my own in wisconsin

  3. Fantastic research and breakdown as always. Now anti legalisation in the uk as a result of this. Assuming drug lords will be more ethical than big pharmaceutical.

  4. No surprise here. Drug dealers have no qualms about killing their customers . Both long and short term killing. Buy an opioid on the street and play Russian roulette. I wonder if legal Canadian cannabis is safer ? It is highly regulated.

  5. End the bogus Federal classification so we can stop this sudo grey regulation that let's the pesticides through. Cannabis is medicine and should be treated with high standards. Fear mongering and ignorance is what causes harm.

  6. I fear the day the moniker "Big" is attached to cannabis, just as it was to tobacco. It seems nothing is outside the reach of corruption.

  7. The greed and corruption in the WESTERN world is troubling! Anything they touch becomes toxic. Now they have ruined a magical herb!

  8. Grow your own. If you live in a legal state, there are no arguments to buy from a dispensary. Assuming you have just one square meter available somewhere in your house. It's just a plant, learn the skills to grow, harvest, dry and cure. You will save a lot of money in the long run and are in total control. Greets from The Netherlands! Time for another fat bong hit of Amnesia Haze 🙂

  9. Yea,and here in Michigan as soon as it was legalised for recreational use,they came into the shops,took thier seeds and informed them they can only use the governments seeds and govt clones.That means the product is being messed with.Big pharma wants thier money,so they think to give us more sicknesses so we come crawling back.Im starting my own,I use natural deterrents for pests and I suggest any who can do the same.

  10. As much as I love your channel/the information provided you are SO hard to listen to.. Montone and boring zzzzZZZZZ…

  11. Did anyone else notice that bit in the study @ 1:18 "This revelation certainly confounds previous metastudies seeking to determine the possible negative consequences associated with long-term cannabis use". In other words how many of the previously reported negative health effects were from heavy pesticide content and not from the weed?! Practically every study I've ever seen conducted came from self-reported black market weed (hydroponically grown in dingy basements) which was sure to be drenched in nasty pesticides by get rich quick dealers!

  12. I knew it… As a teenager, I grew that stuff in the backyard, but I've also seen some of the approaches used by the big boys, I never figured that stuff could be healthy.

  13. Add pesticides to the high tar level to this toxic combo! On top of it all, those of us non smokers get the second hand fumes! Potheads are stupid no doubt for the health and money! Thank you good doctor!

  14. Store bought Marijuana was making me a little sick at one point, I knew it because I'd feel off after smoking through a filtered bong or vaping, acquired running mucus, had migraines, nausea.. I started to grow my own weed last year and what a huge difference! From the feel of it, to the smell, to the taste and most importantly the way I felt! No pesticides, organic soil and nutes.. It's a free for all out there, you can only trust yourself and rely on yourself.

  15. Thank you, good video. I think that is the point … to poison cannabis users. I heard some statistic that said only about half of fruits and veggies that are labelled organic are actually organic.

  16. The other thing that concerns me is the genetic engineering of marijuana to express toxic chemicals internally to it, like the bacteria that were used by the Japanese company Showdenko that were supposed to be producing the amino acid L-Tryptophan … but actually ended up damaging and killing people.

  17. What do they expect, most of these "growers" are nothing more than criminals anyway. Grow your own, but even then you do not know what is in the DNA of the seeds you get.

  18. There’s a dispensary near me that sends the strains they acquire to the lab at the local university to test for chemicals. They publish the results and you can read them at the shop. The lack of regulation of this stuff is honestly alarming! I can say from experience that the effect of the organic weed is comparably better and cleaner, no nausea or crowning ever.

  19. It's so easy and inexpensive to grow organic, compost tea being an amazingly cheap and effective fertilizer AND pest repellent. California growers have sullied their own names in recent years for the sake of profits.

  20. You MUST make a video about sibo because there has been too many plant-based youtubers changing their diet because of sibo and other gut problems!!!

  21. RAW ALIGNMENT IS FREE!! She just uploaded a video saying she ain't vegan no more!! LOL YAAAAY!! That's Number One Vegan Rawvana and number Two Vegan Raw Alignment gone in less than a week! Only freelee is gonna be left soon! She gonna be in the jungle by herself! LOL Last one out, turn out the lights!

  22. Does this really surprise anyone? You can't cover up the sin in man's heart. When people can make a buck they are gonna push for thr biggest buck they can get. What is sad is for those looking for medical cannabis for pain, sleep, anxiety, etc … they are the ones really missing out.

  23. Yeah man that’s why everyone should grow organically..ban fungicides and pesticides and insecticides that are harmful, there are other ways to counter bugs and fungi and bacterial problems in the garden allot of it;s to do with the PH of the environment and the light and heat and moisture levels, I grow organically and use mycorrhizal fungi as an essential amendment to my soil mixes unless I’m planting brassicas like broccoli and cabbage…because the don’t associate with mycorhizle fungi to form a mycorrhizae network. Worm shit, eggs hells, manure, bat guano, feathers, hemp bedding, clay, silt, sand, humus, leaves, bacteria, nematodes, fungi, artheopods, protozoa, sea week/kelp, bone meal, alfalfa meal non GMO, blood, humic acids, molasses, endomycorhizle, rhizophagus introradices, bio char, rock dust, green sand, rabbit manure trust me the NPK is better, horse shit better than cow shit also, compost aerobic decomposition, Indigenous micro organism inoculations, chitin from insects, NH4 from urine dilute heavily and apply, trees can handle quite allot more their used to being pissed on I guess. Also there are so many other things like corn zea mays contains zeatin a plant growth hormone for cell division etc, also Aloe Vera gel contains Auxins and gibberellins which are beneficial to plants…as they are naturally occurring plant hormones also it contains silica which is nice for plant growth/stem structure and hardiness. Plants and humans and fungi are all tide together quite nicely, and fungi are more closely related to us than to plants….so next time think about that fact when your spraying your fungicides In the air….your fucking up the planet for the future generations of humanity what the fuck do you think you’re doing!?

  24. Local dispensary tests all for mold/mildew/pesticides. Refuses to carry mj that doesn't meet their standards (higher than state standards). Also, grow your own.

  25. You’re worried about pesticides in pot and not that American people have been eating fruits and vegs. all these years and nothing has been done about the fact that theirs pesticides in them and rice and potatoes and…………🥺😳 get a life!

  26. Keep voting y’all so the gov can destroy every last natural healing thing left on this planet. They already poisoned the air, water, food. 🤕🤑 when will humans learn

  27. If you care about your health you shouldn't smoke anything, medical studies have shown smoking causes cancer. Besides THC makes you stupid, several medical studies have shown that smoking marijuana lowers your IQ.

  28. Thanks for the information, I really love your content. I'm now trying to find veganic growers and where to buy from them. Love the information!

  29. Remember he has never factored in butane in any of his vids from bong usage. So we pretend this is science about just weed. He might be right about regulating though

  30. My dispensary sells organic ganj and tests their products as well. This is why legalization needs to happen so it can be regulated

  31. As with almost everything else, gotta go organic! https://www.leafly.com/search?q=organic%20cannabis&cat=product

  32. I thought there was a lot of organic stuff grown in Cali. Is that better? What about the addition of tobacco to make burning slower? Is that happening?

  33. So long as you keep a clean greenhouse or grow room with good ventilation you will not need pesticides. Growers who fumigate during budding should be criminalized as should dispensaries who sell their product. A smart grower always has two gardens in case one becomes unsaveable. An honest one would rather tear down and start over rather than sell poison medicine to sick people.

  34. When I use to grow it we had a problem with pests eating them when they were young as the plants got older the pests wouldn't eat them.
    We didn't want to spray chem on our plants.
    But plants around our plants that were untouched by pests we could make a strong tea out of and spray our plants with. Organics?

  35. Thats why I buy organic weed or pesticide free weed only. Or buy from those I know who grow it indoors with no pesticides.

  36. Well to be fair, pesticides are all over those other vegetables too. I'm also not sure what the motive would be for "unscrupulous" growers to put even more toxic substances in their product. This is only speculation, even if it is the speculation of labs in CA. Since tobacco and cannabis are the two things people like to smoke, it's reasonable to assume that cannabis will suffer some of the same health drawbacks as tobacco. How many people who like to smoke tobacco smoke organic tobacco? If cannabis was legal to GROW, people everywhere could easily control for the set of problems presented in the video. It's easy to blame the substance, but boil the issue down and it's just politics to blame.

  37. We need to fight for homegrow. It hurts the current cannabis pockets, so both the legal, and traditional markets are not fighting for it.

  38. Once again and without any surprise American capitalism will ruin things, pollute the planet, and poison its prey. Zero progress. Sickening really. Once again all we wanted was to grow what was necessary and beneficial, but business people have to profit at all costs. #RestrainCapitalism

  39. Diatomaceous earth is a 100% ORGANIC pesticide. If an insect with an exoskeleton gets diatomaceous earth on them, they die.

    Mix some into the top few inches of the soil to keep bugs away.

  40. Thank god when weed was legalized here in Canada they went all out and legalized it nationwide and heavily regulated it with no loopholes. Seems like a dangerous mess down south.

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