Performance Nut Butter Review – 3g net carbs, 17g fat per serving

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hey there it’s Courtney and Steve from
SeriousKeto and in this video we are
gonna be reviewing the performance nut
butter but before we do that if you
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new video so I was approached by the
folks at performance nut butter about
two weeks ago asking if I would do a
cooking video for them so apparently
they liked what they saw at my choppa
video or something I said first off I
was I was very flattered but I said I
had to try out their product first
because I wasn’t going to chill for a
product that I didn’t like and that I
didn’t believe in so what sponsored by
them no not yet they just gave me some
they gave me some nut butter to try out
and I said if I liked it then I would do
a cooking video ok so I have not tried
it yet I’ve been sitting on this box for
about a week just waiting for a time
where Kourtney and I could both try it
out together live for the very first
time right here right now on YouTube
well not live by the time you see it
it’s totally not live because I recorded
it alright let’s try it let’s check out
the ingredients and the macros on this
what do we got so we got macadamia nuts
YUM coconut cashews and Himalayan sea
salt doesn’t get a lot simpler than that
and I like all of those ingredients
cashews probably my favorite nut
macadamias also pretty good oh yeah
thing is cashews a little higher than
all the other nuts when it comes to net
carbs so if we look at this we’ve got a
total of 189 calories 17 grams of fat so
this is going to be a good fat bomb
total carbs 6 grams dietary fiber 3
grams so that’s a net 3 grams of
carbohydrates and we have 3 grams of
never seen a nut butter with high
macadamia nuts it’s not common okay so
this uh maybe we should just squish it
around a little on the packet it seems a
little like the oil is separated so
let’s kind of dig down we’ll spoon this
together a bit alright ready to do this
I like it I do too good you want more
don’t you yeah
I’m really getting the macadamia nut
flavor kind of almost reminds me of
eating like those white chocolate chip
macadamia nut cookies but like the dough
it’s got that sweetness from the coconut
I think yeah this brings a ton of
macadamia nut flavor to it and not too
salty either just got enough salt you
know make the flavors it’s not at all
what I was expecting I guess I’ve never
had a macadamia nut butter so I didn’t
really know what to expect but I like it
I like it a lot I’m kind of struggling a
little bit to think what I would make
quickest I don’t know not at all I don’t
want to do another chaffle right now
with this when I think cooking with nut
butter I think a Chinese sauce or a Thai
that’s almost where I was I started
thinking that just myself too I don’t
know if you would it would be different
so that’s one thought maybe we do some
sort of a Thai chicken with that with
the macadamia but if you folks out there
have any ideas something that would
bring that macadamia and coconut flavor
together in either a sweet or a savory
recipe if you’ve got an idea you don’t
even need to know the recipe just throw
the idea out at me down in the comments
below I’ll be in charge of the recipe I
guess that’s it we’re gonna interrupt
this for a second because we have a
special guest hi guys I’m Jayden
it’s Jayden you may remember Jayden from
the nutso video
she was our taste tester so we thought
why not bring her in and let her try out
the performance nut butter and see what
she thinks
here you go I’m gonna be very curious as
to what you think of this actually cut I
really like it it’s not what I was
expecting at all in terms of flavor but
I really really like it I don’t know
what it makes me think of I don’t know
it’s just so good like I just want to
keep eating it that’s okay
as far as cooking with it I don’t know
that’s okay I kind of put you on the
spot right there so we’re gonna go back
now to the Courtney and me part of the
video how do we end thanks for watching
thank you for watching


  1. I cannot see cooking with something like that but I do get the pili nut butters and those little pouches like what you have in your hand make great post workout snacks and are also great for taking out on hikes.

    If I were to cook with that particular product I would probably mix it with a 90% cacao and make a Reese's cup style fat bomb.

  2. there is another company that makes Macadamia Nut Butter Fat Bombs .. plain, pecan, chocolate and coconut … SO GOOD I have never cooked with them though

  3. I make my own pecan butter, it's delicious. Costco pecans for 12 minutes in the oven @350 and a Vitamix and you're in heaven. Going to make macadamia butter tomorrow.

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