Perfect Ramen (Soft Boiled) Egg Recipe

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first you’ll want to have three room temperature eggs just take them out of the fridge two to three hours before cooking now bring a pot of water to boil once it’s boiled place the eggs gently with a spoon make sure the water is not too hot mine was way too hot the first time so some of my eggs cracked as you can see set the timer for exactly six minutes and if it is your first time making these eggs I would stop the cooking process at five minutes and 45 seconds just to be safe when the eggs are cooking you have to prepare an ice water bath and when the timer hits 5 45 or six place eggs immediately into the bath it is really important to do this as fast as you can because you have to stop the cooking process right away if the eggs are even just 30 seconds overdone it will be overcooked now here’s a tip to peel these eggs, make sure to let them completely cool in the water first and then peel them inside the water if the shell is feeling stuck to the egg white this will get you perfectly peeled eggs now for your marinade, add kikkoman soy sauce mirin, it adds a little sweetness to the marinade and a dash of soba sauce this one’s optional now carefully place the eggs into the ziplock bag and make sure they’re fully submerged squeeze all the air out or just as much as you can suqeeze it all out tie it up and put a chip clip bag or even a rubber band will work get it close as you can to the egg so here you can see I didn’t do it correctly so I’m just going to do it again and get it closer to the egg and now this may sound weird but you have to restore this in the fridge for three to five days the longer the better for mine I actually stored them for five days here and they turned out perfectly so I tried using floss to cut the eggs because that’s the traditional method but I kind of failed so don’t copy me just use a knife oh my god that glorious egg thank you as always for tuning in and I hope you enjoyed today’s recipe see you next time!

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