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whoa.. We’re gonna do some boiled eggs in
the air.fryer. When I first heard about
this I’m like are you kidding me.
But it can be done supposedly. I’m gonna
use my rack that I got off Amazon. I’m
aware some of you may not have a rack. I
just don’t want the eggs to move around
and break. I got this off Amazon I don’t
remember how much I paid for I know it
was under $10. So I’m just gonna put
these in here. Okay let me move my air
fryer away from the wall you always want
your air fryer with at least five inches
away from the wall you don’t want your
air fryer to overheat.Okay we need
to set the temperature to 250 degrees
and I’m going to do 17 minutes. Here we
I’m really scared these are going to
explode or something on me. oh dear. We
have five minutes left in the cooking
time I can actually smell the eggs
faintly. I have a bowl of water here I’m
going to add some ice because as soon as
this is done we want to put these in ice
water to stop the cooking.
These are done. They did not explode or
anything. Okay I’m going to place the
eggs into the ice water and I’m gonna
let them sit in here good 5 to 10
minutes. I went on YouTube to find an
easy way to peel a hard-boiled egg
this one was by the crazy Russian hacker.
whoa that worked but it kind of broke
here maybe I shouldn’t hit it so hard.
I’m not going to open it yet cuz I’m
gonna try one more that way. Slam it
on the table,(laugh) I’m not gonna slam it so
hard this time. Wow I’m impressed and so
happy. That shell a little brown on the
inside, egg is fine. I’m so impressed on
how easily that peeled Now I’m
gonna try it another way. Okay I’m gonna
hit the bottom peel off about a quarter
Now I’m gonna crack the top and peel
about a dime-size, and I don’t remember
the gal that had this trick I’ll have to
go back and look.
And then you blow. I don’t recommend
doing that way when you’re serving to guests,
it’s kind of gross. Now from the moment
of truth let’s go ahead and cut one of
these open. Oh wow that is perfect.
I’m going go ahead and see if I can get a
little closer shot for you. If you enjoyed this
video and are looking for new things
that you can do in your airfryer
consider subscribing because I upload
videos weekly. I’m still blown away by
this on how easy it was and to peel. I
have no idea if it was easier to peel
because of the air frying or what but I
will definitely do my hard-boiled eggs
in the airfryer from now on.Thank you
for watching and I will see you soon.

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