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– Hey everyone and welcome
back to my channel.
Today I’ve got a new healthy
basics video for you,
and it’s perfect timing,
as Easter is right
around the corner.
So today I’m gonna show
you how to make the
most perfect, soft-boiled
and hard-boiled eggs,
and I think that my method
is pretty fool-proof.
Most online tutorials
will have you placing eggs
in a pot of cold water and
bringing that to a boil
for hard-boiled eggs,
yet for soft-boiled eggs
you place those in a pot of hot water,
and that can get pretty
confusing and make it difficult
if you wanna cook soft-boiled
and hard-boiled eggs
at the same time.
So today I’ll show you my
method which, spoiler alert,
it’s the same for both.
Not only is it super easy,
but it also prevents you
from accidentally over-cooking your eggs,
and ending up with that
green tinge around the yolk.
You’ll end up with perfect
eggs, every single time.
So, let’s dive in.
The main reason I don’t
cook my hard-boiled eggs
starting from cold water
is this right here.
Pots made from aluminum, stainless steel,
and cast-iron can vary quite
a bit in how quickly they
come to a boil and retain their heat.
And I’ve found that
those discrepancies can
greatly affect how your eggs turn out,
especially when it comes
to soft-boiled eggs
or accidentally over-cooking
hard-boiled eggs.
So for the most consistent eggs,
I always prefer to boil my water first,
and today I’m using a stainless steel pot,
but when you boil your water first,
it doesn’t matter what
type of pot you use.
Fill your pot with enough
water that it’ll cover
the eggs by about an inch,
then bring it to a boil.
While I’m waiting for the water to boil,
I’ll remove my eggs from the fridge,
which gives them just a
couple of minutes to warm up.
Now many people say that
you should use at least
week old eggs, as they’re
easier to peel, but
I’m usually not that
good at planning ahead.
I purchased these eggs
yesterday, and as you’ll see
I had no problems peeling them.
Next, you wanna prepare
an icy, cold, water bath
for your eggs, as this is what
will immediately stop them
from cooking and retain the
texture that you’re aiming for.
Alright, so now that our water is boiling,
we can add our eggs.
Turn the heat to low
while you add the eggs,
as this will stop them from
bouncing around and cracking.
But once you’ve placed
them all in, you can turn
the heat back up.
I love my stainless steel
skimmer, as it makes
adding and removing the eggs
from the pot super easy,
and I’ll link this in the
description box below.
As soon as the eggs have
been added to the water
I start a timer.
And today, because I’m
showing you a variety of eggs,
I’ll remove them at six,
eight, 10, 12 and 14 minutes,
which spans a pretty wide
variety of soft-boiled
and hard-boiled eggs.
(uplifting music)
Now, not to get the eggs all mixed up,
I’m writing their cook
time on the shell today
after they’ve had a minute to cool down
in the ice water bath.
(uplifting music)
When it comes to peeling the
egg and removing the shell,
I always find it’s easiest
to start at the thick
end of the egg.
There’s usually a bit of
an air bubble on that end,
and it’s easier to get under the membrane
that separates the shell from the egg.
Running the egg under cold
water while you’re peeling
helps as well.
(uplifting music)
Alright, let’s slice open these eggs,
and see how they turned out.
This first egg is our six
minute egg, and it should be
quite soft with a liquidy
yolk but the whites should
be fairly cooked.
For our eight minute egg,
the yolk will still be soft,
but it’s not liquid or jammy anymore.
Our 10 minute egg is the
softest of what I’d consider
hard-boiled and there’s
just a smidge of softness
left in the yolk.
Our 12 minute egg is a bit
firmer, with a lighter yolk,
and this is the time I
cook most frequently,
when I make hard-boiled eggs.
Lastly, our 14 minute
egg is your traditional,
hard-boiled egg, with the
lightest yolk and a firm white,
but it’s not overcooked
and there’s no green tinge
around the yolk.
Once you get the hang of
cooking eggs this way,
you can experiment with the
time that you like best.
And by starting all of
the eggs at the same time
in boiling water, you can
easily cook an assortment
for the entire family,
including six, eight,
10, 12, and 14 minute eggs.
When it comes to my personal
preference, I’ll make
six minute eggs if I’m
serving up soft-boiled eggs
in an egg cup, and you guys
know from my meal prep video,
that I love six and a half minute eggs,
which are soft but slightly jammy,
to top on toast and salads.
For hard-boiled eggs,
I’ll use 12 minute eggs
in my potato salad recipe
or for deviled eggs.
Alright, that’s it for
today’s egg cooking tutorial.
I hope you guys enjoyed
this video, and if you did,
make sure to give it a
thumbs up and hit that
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  1. Hi guys! love eggs and the perfect soft and hard boiled eggs are beautiful thing. I've got lots more tips including how to store your eggs, how to make them easier to peel and an egg cook timing chart – all on the blog post linked in the video description box. What's your favorite recipe to make with hard and soft boiled eggs? Let me know! xo – Lisa

  2. I was told to watch this video, and he was right, this is the best video I have ever seen on how to boil eggs. They turn out perfect! BTW I had to increase my boiling time by one minute because I am at 5000 feet elevation. Thank you for such a great how to video….

  3. Outstanding! I used your method for hard boiled eggs and not only did they come out looking absolutely perfect, they also were very easy to peel! Thank you for this stellar method! 👍👏

  4. Thank you soo much! I was very hungry and my parents where not home, so I decided to make some deviled eggs, he first egg I put was it fully boiled. And the second egg was fully cooked because of this video! Thank you!! 🙏🏻

  5. I put them in cold water and bring it to a boil, then just turn off the burner and let them sit. 15 mins later take them out and put them in the fridge if I want them chilled. Perfect everytime with no way of messing it up.

  6. I don't pre boil because they very often crack , Im picky and like hard boiled eggs hard boiled so I do them 15- 20 minutes, always do these in a light weight sauce pan

  7. This works! Followed your exact directions and went with the 12 minute cook time and… The eggs came out PERFECT! Many thanks, from a man that embarrassingly failed many attempts at making boiled eggs before.

  8. Thank you for showing me these different types. I'm fairly new to this cooking an eating thing people do. I'm definitely gonna subscribe. And if your not busy sometime, I'd luv to take you out. Thankz again.

  9. I have my cold water running then i immediately set the pot in the sink then let the cold water run over the eggs for 15 minutes.

  10. I followed all the directions and tried to make 6 and 1/2 minute eggs but the eggs were extremely hard to peel and the yolk was extremely runny. On one of the eggs, even the white wasn’t completely cooked so I ended up throwing it out. I was using eggs from a farm, even though they were about a week old. Do you think that could have something to do with it? I have also made your poached eggs before multiple times and have had success, although recently they didn’t come out right when I used the farm eggs.

  11. This is no joke. I've just hard boiled four eggs using her method and they came out perfect! Never in my life has it happen. Always when peeling my eggs some would just get messed up. I'm mind blown! Nobody told me about the thicker part of the egg with the air bubble. Food Network you failed lol.

  12. I just wanted to let you know that this is the best most perfect hard-boiled egg I've ever made in my life! You're definitely right about putting them into the boiling water gently, experimenting for the first time I dropped went in normally it did crack and shot across like a rocket in the water leaving a trail of egg behind lol. But then I put in two different batches back-to-back letting him sit five minutes in the ice bath and they came out perfect!

  13. egg timer works great for me, the I cool them with cold sink water a few times, and they peel perfect every time.

  14. Amazingly awesome! I'm 81 years old, widowed, and just learned how to cook eggs! A big……Thank you! 💕👍

  15. This is how I cook them. Excellent!!! As for the video, it was to the point, informative, and fun to watch. Thank you!

  16. I find it isnt the bouncing around that cracks the eggs but the sudden change in temperature. I can slow the water to still add my eggs and still get a cracked egg or 2.

  17. I have searching and have tried all conceivable method to boil eggs. Eureka! Tried your method for 6 1/2 minute and 12 min. eggs. Success! Thank-you

  18. The most pertinent question in my experience is: Did you use hard water or soft water in which to boil the eggs? With soft water it's much easier to peel them. Hard water makes them much harder to peel, but if you add baking soda to the water it helps…a little.

  19. Thank you for a great method. Was making Deviled Eggs and decided to try a soft boiled egg. Tried the 8 minute and the 12 . EXCELLENT!

  20. I know this is an older video but thank you so much! I was looking for a simple 'how to make soft boiled eggs' but this is way better because it shows you how to make a variety of boiled eggs! I realize I don't like the 6 minute one and I prefer the 8 minute and will start boiling my eggs for 8 minutes! (I also realized I should have a bowl of ice water so they don't keep cooking after being taken out the pot LOL)

    Great insightful video! <3

  21. I've tried ALL, (that I know, have learned & have gleened here, on the interwebs) methods for at least REALLY GOOD boiled eggs without the shells breaking. I've salted, vineagered, began from cold water, began in gentle boiling to rapid boiling water. I've tried different brands, sizes, caged, free range eggs…
    I would maybe just give up BUT I've recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes so a LOT of tuna salad fits well into my new diet. (I also really enjoy my recipe for delicious tuna salad with all types of tuna; that flaked, dark tuna, the too dryish albacore, I even splurged a few times & used raw, fresh, non-"sushi" grade… *cooked for my salad*, of course.
    However: I CANNOT seem to be able to boil eggs without 40-50% of them breaking apart and leaving those trails of cooked whites throughout the water. I have even tried different sized pots to boil them! I use mostly tap water, sometimes use my countertop filter too. Argh!
    What am I doing wrong?
    Eggs aren't so expensive* but I do NOT like wasting food at all… loosing some white is wasting IMO! There are too many hungry people for me to be flippant regarding food waste, my morals/ consience won't allow it!
    Thanks for any help! I love my tuna/ egg salad recipe, lots of roasted shallot in place of yellow OR white onions and lots of roasted garlic, Olive oil mayo, dill pickle relish, roasted bell (red, yellow OR green), tuna ,
    … of course, good tunafish.

  22. I loved this territorial on how to cook eggs! I’m 66 yrs old and finally mastered each stage of the “forever fleeting perfect egg” I did exactly as you instructed and they pealed beautifully that was an added plus no doubt…but the consistency of each stage of these eggs were wonderful. My husband was my taster..he’s very picky about eggs and he loved the 8 & 10 minute egg the best..but I didn’t have him try the 6 minute eggs yet…Thank you SO much for this was great, well done and not obnoxious like so many on this channel…

  23. this is a great video. A quick question. How does the amount of eggs effect the cooking time? So, how does adding 3 eggs differ from adding 6 to a boiling bath due to the temp of the eggs themselves? I imagine 6 refrigerator cold eggs affects the total cooking mins vs 3 refrigerator cold eggs.


  24. Thank you
    I added 3 tablespoons of salt to the water
    I brought the water to a boil
    Dropped in the eggs
    9 minutes
    Put eggs in ice water for 20 min
    They came out perfect

  25. A simple electric egg steamer…pierce eggs, place in tray, measure/add water (less water = softer), cover and start. Easy to peal, consistent, near mindless and done about when the coffee in drinkable and toast is still warm. Soft boiled eggs on toast ftw also, no pots to clean. Best ~$20 i ever spent on a kitchen gadget.

  26. You are the queen of eggs, I can't believe at age 30 in 2019 Sep 11 I'm searching for how to boil mae(eggs in Tswana language). Thank you.

  27. Great video, once again! After practicing with this method, I prefer my hard boiled eggs done for 10 minutes. Thank you for these tips.

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