People’s Republic of Fermentation // Episode 01: Mrs. Ding’s Pickles

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  1. I'm so glad to see you post this. And what an interesting video! I loved it. Please post more often. You are an amazing man, Sandor. I purchased your first book years ago when it first came out, and I have been fermenting everything I can find like crazy ever since! 🙂 Thank you so much for your contributions to better health through the consumption of great tasting fermented foods and drinks!

  2. Thank you so much for posting! You're a huge inspiration, Sandor. Stay awesome. Can't wait for more videos like this one!

  3. Make sure to check out the written recipes in the notes above!  They've all been tested at home and feature ingredients that can be easily sourced at Asian Food Stores. 🙂

  4. Brilliant! Thank you for this work. I'm soooo looking forward to more. (and the recipes are a huge plus!) I corresponded with Sandor a while ago when I was going through a rough, questioning time and read some history about him that made me feel more "connected". He was so wonderful to write me back and really help me settle my mind.

  5. fantastic. ..have just made my first kimchi now to try one of these. My only feedback is as you know so many combinations ..which ones would you use for various problems. I noticed Mrs ding used a medicinal herb for instance – what was that for? Say if you wanted a clearer mind. Or less flatulence?

  6. absolutely love your books! glad to see your making some more high quality content! keep up the lacto lore good sir!

  7. Welcome Back, Sandor! I missed you. I hope this is all research for your next book. Please say yes!

  8. People from all around the world are grateful for your inspiring journey, thank you so much Sandor Katz! Love from Australia

  9. I found you through Saveur I already have all of your books! My problem is I never get started. Now I'm re-inspired.

  10. I feel like I stumbled onto a treasure in finding this channel, as you stumbled onto your treasure by meeting Mr. and Mrs. Ding at the beginning of your remarkable journey!

  11. Thank you for the video and the notes in the description. I am very interested in fermentation, especially lacto-fermentation, and I'm also interested in learning more about how to make many of the foods I see in the market and like to eat. I especially appreciate your advice about using hard alcohol to deal with yeast growth. Yeast has been a thorn in my side in my efforts to lacto-ferment vegetables. I would, however, like to point out that I think you may have meant Bai Jiu (白酒) instead of Huang Jiu. Huang Jiu (黄酒) is a rice wine, while Bai Jiu is China's famous hard alcohol made from sorghum. Again, thanks for your hard work in making these videos.

  12. …the whole balance between fast and slow line is a gibberish surely given the health of the Chinese population. Thankyou however for posting as the info is wonderful.Really super.

  13. Wow…loving this ride. So much wish I could share in the flavors. I really want to try some of these recipes, but it could be a challenge coming up with all the spices state-side.

  14. For the mature brines – do you feed them more sugar over time as the microbes consume it or just leave as is? is the sugar in the new veg you put into it enough?

  15. searching for African Diaspora genetic food equivalents of fermentation as well; if anyone has suggestions. Food evolutionary companions -gene code (woo woo DNA lineage reconciliation focus )


  17. HolySchnikies!!! This is in my top 5 greatest pieces of film on YouTube!!! The PEOPLE are FANTASTIC… my mouth is watering…. i van smell the complexities of the ferments!!! WoW!!!

  18. Gracias estimado Sandor Katz..! Desde Argentina..Felicidades..!
    Thank you dear Sandor Katz ..! From Argentina .. Congratulations ..!

  19. Excelente reportaje. La fotografía y la música excelentes. Sandor, me gusta muchisimo su voz y como vocaliza. Por fin entiendo a un gringo!

  20. 4:37, for some weird reason I am obsessed to know what this long green thing is. I know it’s just something minor, but my curiosity and need to know is killing me

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible journey with us. I’m just learning about fermentation and this is lovely.

  22. h. pylori and nitrosamine ALERT! but damn its all so delicious. 😛  
    btw, i think 7:31 is garlic sprout/shoots蒜苗 and not spring onions.

  23. Is there any book or place where one could learn different recipes? Or how the ingredients go together?

  24. This is incredible and every way. Hospitality is alive and well in every way, even if the powers that be tell us that is false.

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