Peanut and melon seeds, dried meat, dried fruit, snowflake cake – snacks for Spring Festival|Liziqi

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Chinese chestnut
“grandma speaking“
rock candy
sugar-coated haws on a stick
sesame and peanut candy
roasted chestnuts
sonwflake crisp
spicy beef jerky
“uncle here!(I want to)pop popcorn”
“ok coming”
fried melon seeds
fried peanuts
“grandma I made tomatoes on sticks for you”
dried mango
”enjoy it“
”hahahaha~ you wanna eat?“


  1. She's taking all this time to make these amazing foods while i just use the microwave and get impatient if i have to microwave it for 5 minutes. . .

    brb gotta go rethink my life

  2. Wow, those hawthorn berries are huge! There are several wild species of hawthorn where I live, but none like that, they must be bred for size.

  3. First of all she is naturally beautiful. She has a lot of skills. She is strong too lol she can carry heavy loads of fruits. She has two assistants yes but she directs most of her videos. I just love how she can just cook anything or do anything like make her dye her dress, embroided clothing or pillowcases. And how she handles things with care. People in her town said she is a very hardworking person. Intelligent and has talent. She is just amazing. Makes me wanna plant and make a beautiful garden. She inspires millions of people around the world. She is a real life amazing princess.

  4. Wow 😮I have to say she’s so perfect talented girl. I love how she prepares her food looks so delicious yummy 😋 if I had a wish I would like that kind of simple life and be living in that time of era were no interference from the outside world. Thank you for sharing your life with us Che Che 😊✌️🌞

  5. تعمل بشكل جيد ولكن دون نظافه لا تغسل فواكه وتسحق عليه بقدميه وتلم اكلها من تحت الحيوانات 😖😖

  6. I think that its awesome how she does so much for her grandmother. You can see how much she loves and respects her. I wish more people would treat their elders so kindly.

  7. How versatile she is,
    After seeing her video, I always think how she manage to do all the work herself alone.

    I just love her

  8. 忽然觉得你很了不起,能做出这样的视频。颜色搭配,镜头的调整,不简单的女孩子。四川的娃都厉害

  9. 내가 이런영상을 넋놓고 보고있을줄 몰랐네.. 영상보는데 왜 설레이는지 모르겠다 가슴한구석이 왜이리간질거리는지ㅜㅜ

  10. เป็นผูัหญิงที่เก่งมากครับ ผมชอบมากชอบจริงๆเห็นแล้วตกหลุมรักเลย

  11. I have only watched a couple of this lady's videos, she appears to be non stop until well after dark. Her skills are amazing seeing her plow the field grow the corn, collect and carry the sheaves then treat the kernels also the same with the peaches before cooking some lovely looking dishes was so fantastic to watch and she is such a small petite pretty lady I just don't know where she gets her energy from.

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