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Hello Namaskaram Maam. Meeting you after a long time. We have been meeting each other. But in front of you we are coming now. Now we are back after a gap of 2 years. So many people send me messages after that video Even now they send me. Some have had children. All good feedbacks on that video. So thank you so much for that once again. You have made me so famous. So I should be telling you thanks Now many have doubts that how am I so slim or how are you slim? They would like to know the diet for PCOD What all can they eat and what not to eat. It would be useful if they got to know more on it Avoid rice, urud dal, sweets, bakery items, maida If all these are avoided, half of the obesity can be reduced. Rest is the non veg that you have to avoid. You can have fish. I shall tell you 7 types of fishes Mackerel, squid, shark, mussels, crab, prawns and oyster. Avoid these 7 varieties of fishes You can have the rest of fishes as curry or grilled. Do not fry and eat. You can have it without oil. Can grind coconut and have but dont use milk. This helps you in having fish. You can have all sorts of vegetables. Avoid underground vegetables apart from carrots, beetroots and radish. They have lots of carbohydrates in it. Tapioca creates lots of thyroid hormones. So its better to avoid that. Next I say instead of having urud dal items, you can add green gram and grind it with rice to make dosa You can use any pulses you want. Thoovar dals and other dals can be used. Use more of millet rice. Carbohydrates are less in it. An example for that is hens that eat rice and wheat dont fly. But love birds eat millet rice and fly a lot. So my kids all have to become love birds and not hens. We will be having PCOD special recipes in our Veenas Curryworld. I have taken some from her We shall do that slowly. This is an important thing to know You can ask me when you want. I shall tell you all In dosa avoid urud dal. In rice also you can use millet rice. Like Chama, thina, varak, yavam rice Mix all these 4 types of rices, wash them well and dry them on a cloth. After 15mts the water will absorbed. Then powder it in a mixi and roast it like Puttu rice flour. It is very tasty. Its a nice variety of 4 rices. We can make dosa of it? You can make dosa of it. You can mix Chama rice to grind with coconut and make dosa. You can grind it with green gram and make dosa. Add very little rice if wanted Not as much as we add when grinding. Just a spoon or so. After half and hour you get cryispy appams. All these are varieties that you can make if you are ready to work for it. I always say biriyani, fried rice, pulao can be made with this rice I say when making biriyani it should be BPL and not APL biriyani. Then it becomes poor peoples biriyani. Not the rich ones You can add green gram, split gram, red grams and all with millets Mix all these together ie you can use any of these with millet rice and coarsely grind it. You can add little of all and grind it. It ferments when you keep it for long. So grind only little you want Soak all the pulses. Just wash the rice and grind them together. Grind it roughly. It will be helpful to make uthappam like dosas which are thick and doesnt need oil. ‘ You can add lots of vegetables to this. Add which ever you like from which I mentioned. Avoid potaoto types You can make one with vegetable and another one without vegetables Put one over the other and sprinkle some ghee over it. Cut it to 4 and then it becomes poor peoples pizza To avoid cheese I mentioned ghee You can add lots of cauliflowers and cabbages. Even mushrooms are very good. Dont have paneer. Avoid milk items. You can have lots of buttermilk. Especially once the butter is removed from it. Buttermilk is the best for over bleeding women. It has very good medicinal value Ladies after 40 years of age have heavy bleeding. Is it anything to do with ovary system Its not just ovary, cyst or fibroid. There are chances of hormonal imbalance when it gets close to menopause Progesterone decreases and Estrogen increases. That hormonal imbalance time creates heavy bleeding We shouldnt stop it having medicines. Control it and then bring it a situation where it comes back to 7 days But such people who have bleeding like this will have less of hot flesh during menopause Hotflesh is like the body becomes hot all of a sudden. You sweat a lot. I have been having this for the last 10-15 years Its not the sweat that comes always. Its like when I sit like this, from my legs to above I feel the heat That makes us sweat and it goes off. It happens many days a time That is called hot flesh. They become very angry and sad at that time. Its all due to hormone variations At that time you are not supposed to arrest the bleeding. Gradually slow it down and bring it to normal periods Sometimes you may have it only in the gap of 6 months. That time it looses its connection This happens to those who have fibroid too. For them it need not be menopause Today a girl of 14 years old came to me. She has uterine fibroid. What medicines do I give her? I gave her few medicines and told her to come after your marriage. I said I shall treat PCOD for you now What if the fibroid grows bigger? It will happen only towards the end. A girl who came for treatment is a lab technician. She used to take the test and show me the slide of cyst and fibroid. My kids have taught me a lot on it. We too learn from it. My friend has fibroid and PCOD. She had a fall and had a surgery There is a disk problem so has a gap too. So cannot do the surgery now Now when she met a gynecologist they gave her medicines. An injection to be taken in 3 months They say the fibroid will shrink then. We say that the fibroid grows when blood flows inside it. Actually fibroid grows pulling the hemoglobin from our body. Not just the endometrium developed blood. Any fibroid patients HB will be less than 9 Then we understand that fibroid grows pulling HB. Menstruation means lots of waste being let out of our body. So those who try to arrest it and not let it go will have issues later We give medicines for it to shrink and go. I treat by placing a grinded medicine on the stomach There is an oil for it and a method of washing. That way lots of waste goes with it. Then when panchakarma treatment is also done, it gives best result. Its good for backbone treatment too What else are the news from your side? Oh I forgot to mention. I am at her house now Shall I introduce your family to them? Some may not like it. Thats why I asked. Thats her elder sister sitting there Her husband and her grandson Say your name My name is Vyshakh My name is Lakshmi. Theirs is a love marriage. They met and got married in 1967 I have 2 children One is in Kozhikode. Her daughter completed medicine and son is in 12th All at Kozhikode itself? This is my daughters son His parents passed away when he was 10 months old. So you have 2 grandmothers and a grandfather. Have you pampered him a lot? He is a smart fellow. Usually people say grandparents pamper and spoil the child He is very smart. He sings well, plays keyboard. does painting. All these he is the one who did. There are 2 threre too near the dining table. Both he only did. He is good at all these He went to a lady who teaches art using buttons. They gave him sketch to draw. But he drew directly Some people are pure vegetarians. They dont use onions too. So some ask me to do recipes without them We have limitations to all that. I think your diet is good for that. We used to not use onions, garlic or small onions in the olden days. We dont use them even now We splutter mustards. We heat oil and add green chillies to it. Once that is done we add mustard seeds. Then we add the cut vegetables to it. After that it is in that steam we cook the vegetables. We dont use water Its very tasty. Now since we have frying pans, we dont need much oil too. Sometimes no need of oil too. Even to make thoran we use only cumin seeds, green chillies or red chillies Grind it coarsely with coconut and add it to the vegetables You can avoid it in all our traditional dishes That yes. But for curries for chapathi? The gravy lies on onions. So how to manage that Sometimes we grind coconut and add. For making Kurma, you can substitute milk with coconut To get a glass of milk, you need 1 whole coconut But to make a thick gravy you need just quarter coconut By the time you grind it the fibre helps in digestion and helps from cholestrol too. Thats a good option of using less coconut but makes it tasty too. In Saravana Bhavan they do it like that How about telling everybody your tomato chutney recipe Take 2-3 tomatoes and wash it well and then scrape it. Remove the skin when you do this. It will automatically come off Heat a kadayi and splutter mustard seeds and asafoetida. Add the scraped tomatoes Add salt and chilli powder as required and make it a semi gravy which is thick. Shouldnt be dry. Its like a little loose chamanthi. You can have that with any meal. Even rice matches for it. You can cut the tomatoes to small pieces, add green chillies and dry it in the sun for 2 hours Keep a piece of tamarind also to dry with it. Grind this well in the mixi. This shouldnt be seasoned It gets spoilt then. So just thicken it in a kadayi like a jam. It will last for months. You dont have onions or garlic in all these. It can be stored too He looks like a boy who sings well Everybody asks him are you Vaishnav? That boy sang in Indian voice He has a Vaishnav in his school too When we went to a temple one aunty came running and said Vaishnav, your songs are awesome. She then asked where is your house. When he said Chungath, she said thats where she hails from Didnt say anything to hurt her. We just kept quite Its 10.45pm now. Shall we leave. I will never say to go We are sitting and chatting and shooting at night. After 2 days we have to go back to Dubai. Why dont you come there? All of you come together? How about all of us going? Let us think about it after his exams You can come with your family to Dubai. So may you be able to be a reason or a person to bring more children into the world Thank you so much. So until we meet with our next video, bye and take care. Thank you.

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