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welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen if you’ve been following along
you will have seen us cutting up the pig
and you’ll know that we made our own
guanciale and so I’ve got a bunch of
recipes that I want to use this
guanciale in and today’s recipe wasn’t
one of them
but I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in
the kitchen today I’m really busy and I
needed something that was super quick to
make really easy so I decided to make
pasta alla gricia I’m pretty sure that
I’m saying that wrong and I know that a
million people are gonna try to
correct me but that’s what you’re
getting anyway so it’s a really simple
pasta alla gricia dish with only what four
ingredients pasta pecorino romano cheese
a little bit of pepper and the guanciale
so we’re gonna start with the guanciale
and you’re just gonna cut it up into
cubes now depending on where you got
your guanciale from trim off the skin
and trim off any fat that has a yellow
tinge you really want your fat to be
just this beautiful clear white color
yellow has a little bit of an extra
flavor that you don’t want in this dish
so I’ve got pan it’s on medium low heat
we don’t want to fry this so much as we
want to cook it slowly at first just to
release all of the fat and then we’re
gonna turn up the heat and brown it a
little bit okay so the guanciale is just
over halfway there
pasta goes into the hot salted water
start that cooking okay so the guanciale
is pretty much where I want it to be I’m
going to add just a scoop of the pasta
so that pasta waters gonna do two things
it’s gonna stop the guanciale from
cooking too far it’s gonna stop it from
over browning or even burning but
because it’s starchy from the pasta it’s
already gonna start to create the sauce
the pasta water and the fat from the
blunt Jiali
are gonna start that sauce going so I’m
just gonna leave that cooking it’s still
bubbling away we’ll talk about the other
ingredients which are fresh ground black
pepper and pecorino romano and the
amount that you add of each of these
depends on the guanciale
if the guanciale is really pepper
forward really pepper heavy you’re not
going to need as much pepper and
depending on the pecorino that you have
an industrial pecorino is really salty
more small-batch pecorino you can call
it is less salty so depending on your
pecorino you might not want to add as
much because your guanciale might also
be really super salty and the two
together will make the dish far too
salty so you need to really compensate
you need to be in touch with your
ingredients and know what’s going on so
check the pasta I’m not quite there yet
lunch Ally’s looking good the sauce is
coming together
my guanciale was quite peppery I am
going to add just a little bit at this
point and started cooking in with
guanciale maybe just touch more pepper
okay okay I’m gonna say that pasta is
cooked so turn that off and drain it out
okay pasta in now you shake it and you
toss it and you get it all coated with
the oil and the guanciale I find this
high-sided rounded pan it’s almost a wok
works really well for me okay so this is
where it gets its first hit of pecorino
and you just grate it right into the pan
I’ll just toss that around to melt the
cheese into the water and the sauce the
fat from the guanciale now if it gets a
little too thick and sticky
grab your ladle put in a little bit more
pasta water and that’s why I really like
this basket the basket allows me to
drain the pasta without dumping the
water out into the sink so I’ve always
got a little bit of water just to make
the sauce better and put a little bit
more pecorino in there and that’s it
it’s pretty much done at this point
really simple flavors all depending on
the quality of your ingredients okay so
put that on a plate do that nice twist
that everyone seems to love a couple
pieces of guanciale on top and just a
little bit more grated cheese on that as
well and that’s it super simple recipe
pure clean it’s not weighed down with
onions and garlic and basil and all of
those other things this just is a true
simplified pasta that you can have on
the table in no time amazing it really
is one of those dishes where there’s
nowhere to hide you have to have good
guanciale you have to have good cheese
you have to have good pasta but when it
all comes together it’s really simple
it’s really easy it’s really tasty and I
understand a lot of people are gonna be
able to have gone she’ll like want
reality isn’t something that is
available everywhere in North America I
know there are lots of places where
you’re never going to get it so you know
if you have to substitute pancetta I
know that’s sacrilege and that there’d
be people yelling and screaming that
it’s no longer this dish if you put in
pancetta and if you can’t get pancetta
bacon just go ahead and use bacon again
it’ll change the dish but it’s still
gonna be amazing thanks for stopping by
see you again soon

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