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– What up you guys. Chef Billy Parisi here
from and we’re continuing on with
this cleanse, this detox, going to be making a
homemade paleo granola that you can eat for every breakfast. It’s amazing, you’re gonna love it. Let’s get after it. Trust me when I say this, this whole clean eating thing
is definitely new to me, but I’ve really enjoyed the way that I’ve felt the last few weeks. Dude, I’ve got energy, I’ve literally cut my afternoon coffee. I feel that good. We’ve made that chicken detox soup, we’ve made that shaved
brussel sprout salad, now we’re gonna be making a paleo granola. Dude, I know it, I get it. You’re used to seeing me hooking up those lasagna bolognese days
and desserts, bread puddings. This is different. I’m not saying I’m gonna stick with it. I just wanna do a cleanse for a few weeks. Let’s continue on and hook up this recipe. To start, we need to pulse some raw nuts. In a food processor, go ahead and add in some almonds, followed up with some cashews, next some pecans, and last but not least, some walnuts. We’re gonna put that top
to the food processor on and we are gonna pulse
probably close to 30 times. We want this to be a little bit gritty. You’ll see that the nuts
are gonna break down. That’s totally cool. I would say the biggest piece of nut that you want in there is gonna be about the size of a half of a peanut. Maybe a big piece of rice or something. Maybe around that. Does that make sense? Cool. Once we are at that point, let’s go ahead and take
it off the food processor, transfer it over to a really large bowl. Now it’s really time to
hit it with a ton of seeds and trust me, I’ve got
a lot of seeds to do. Let’s start by adding in
some raw sunflower seeds, next some chia seeds. This is gonna be fibrous. Some flax seeds, and last but not least, some pepitas. This is it for seeds and nuts. This is everything, this is super paleo. Paleo is kind of grain-free,
all natural, tons of nuts. You can see that this
thing is loaded down. It is paleo, and I don’t even cook paleo so this is new to me too. Bear with me. I promise it’s worth it. It’s super good. I swear to gosh. What we’re gonna do now
is flavor this beast up. We are gonna cook these
slow roast in the oven in some coconut oil. Go ahead and add some melted coconut oil all over to the top of this. Next we’re going to sprinkle
on some ground cinnamon, hit it with some vanilla extract, a little bit of maple syrup. This is natural, not refined sugars. See, it’s paleo. I told you. Last but not least, just a bit of sea salt to help season everything. Using a rubber spatula, completely combine this mixture. Make sure that it all comes together. Take a few minutes to do this. Now, transfer it over
to a cookie sheet tray that’s lined with parchment paper. Get all of it, use that
rubber scraper to get every last little seed and
morsel out of that bowl, and now using the back
of that rubber scraper, we’re simply gonna spread it out. We wanna flatten it, we want it to cover all the surface area because I don’t know about you, but I love those big
sort of granola chunks and that’s what we’re gonna do here by making sure it’s sort of
flat and pressed together. Once it is at this point,
we’re going over to an oven. I’m cooking it in between
235 and 240 degrees. I’ve done both, they both
work great for 90 minutes. Go find something to do
for 90 minutes, come back, we’re gonna finish up this recipe. Alright you all, the paleo granola is finished. Looks awesome. Smells super good in this place. Can’t wait to finish it up. Now we need to let it sort
of cool to room temperature for 30 minutes so go ahead
and add it to a rack. Now I’m going to sprinkle on some unsweetened coconut flakes, next some raisins. We’re just gonna sort
of let that integrate and cool down with the
granola and in the meantime, I love paleo granola for cereal. I just like to eat it that way. It’s super simple. You can obviously use it in smoothie bowls or anything else that you wanna do, but I like it for cereal. What I’m gonna do is show you how to do two different bowls but
first, we’re gonna prep up. I’ve got some kiwi, ’cause that is in season
in the winter time. Next I’ve got some
beautiful delicious apples that we are going to medium dice. I’ve also got some pears,
great in season fruit. Last but not least, I’ve got some mandarin oranges. Gonna add a little tang to this recipe. Now let’s go ahead and
make our first bowl. Go over to the granola,
it’s nice and cooled down. Just using a spoon to sort of break it up, split it into smaller
chunk bite sized pieces. If you like those big
chunks, leave them big, but just sort of break
it down a little bit to more edible sized pieces. Now for our first bowl. Go ahead and add some granola to a bowl. I’m gonna be using almond milk. You can also use coconut milk, soy milk, or even regular milk. Totally up to you guys. Now let’s go ahead and add on our apples, pears, mandarin oranges,
some of that sliced kiwi, and last but not least, some bananas ’cause they
are always in season. Looks beautiful, perfect. Now let’s do this if we were
making it in the summertime. A fresh new bowl of granola with again, almond, coconut, soy, or regular milk. Let’s go ahead and add
on some blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, last but least, bananas. Boom, you are set for winter and summer. This paleo granola is awesome. Let’s try it out. Can you believe that I, chef Billy Parisi, straight up made paleo granola on video? I know, what is the world coming to? Let’s try it out. I know it’s good. Super good. It’s grain-free, it’s all nuts and seeds. It’s crazy, it’s so good. The coconut, the raisins,
love that addition. The savor from the cinnamon,
sweetness from the maple, and all those amazing nuts. Whoa! Super good. Can’t wait to get into these bowls. Come back next week. I think we got, what, two recipes left for the cleanse detox. Maybe we’ll keep it going after that, maybe we’ll go back to some
other things, but I don’t know. Come back and see us, alright? We’ll see y’all. (upbeat electronic music)


  1. I have been on the lookout for a paleo granola recipe and boom!! Yours came along! It looks super good, can't wait to make it. Thank you!

  2. You have gone above and beyond for us, chef. You make it look easy and doable. To prove how effective you are I'm going to make this. It is so good for you and I am totally stoked by this recipe. Something I can take with me and eat throughout the day. To top it off it's Paleo and cleansing for the body. Thank you.

  3. Billy! This recipe has inspired me so much. We're finally back and watching your recipes really makes me feel at home! I'm also on a kind of cleansing diet, don't like the term diet, I'd rather call it 'a maintenance break' ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm feeling better and hope to get even more energized… but I could never abandon my croissants, focaccia or oats ๐Ÿ˜Š but these clean eating recipes are wonderful, thanks!! Will try this granola.soon.

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