ORGANIC Baby FIRST FOOD Recipes & Reactions (Step by Step Feeding Guide for Baby)

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hi everyone my name is Raquel if you are
new here on my channel I like to share videos about parenting my style home
decor fashion beauty and many other topics in between but in the video that
I am about to share with you today I am going to show you what I fed my
six-month-old child while transitioning him from breast milk to his very first
foods I will be showing you how I prepared the meals the foods that I
prepared for him and how he reacted to them
stage 1 our first foods they are thin runny foods or purees that are the
lowest on the allergy scale they are not one of the Dirty Dozen foods and they
are listed as the 15 clean foods less contaminated with pesticides stage 1
baby foods are typically foods that are also more easily digested by a baby
stomach and full of vitamins minerals fats and other nutrients that grow in
baby’s needs these stage 1 foods include banana avocado carrots sweet potato
apple green beans and water all of these foods I just listed you will be seeing
in this video here so basically this is going to be all the ingredients you need
I am using some purified water and a regular banana and I’m going to use a
fork to smash it all up and serve it to him I’ll only be feeding him about 1 to
3 tablespoons and this is what I am using I bought this at Target and it’s
just purified water and it has minerals for taste it is so easy to prepare just
peel and cut a ripe banana into small dices mash with a fork there should be
no need to use a machine as bananas just like avocados which you will see here in
a moment have a very soft consistency and texture depending on the baby’s age
and stage you may not need to add any liquid to mash it
you may puree the banana in a food processor or blend it if desired so I’m
about to give my son first to solid food he is a little bit
unhappy right now I think that he might be teething but I’m not sure but he is
six months and two weeks so this is this first serving of solid food and it’s
just banana mashed up with some filtered water so yeah let’s see if you’ll eat it so for this stage one process I used
single ingredients only and at a space of holidays apart with introducing each
new food I gave him two servings of food a day
one tablespoon each serving eventually working his way up to two tablespoons he’s really taking to the food he’s
eating it and chewing it in such a cutie pie and then this is me posting my baby’s
first successful attempt at eating his first foods to Instagram so this is day two of eating bananas and
I wanted to share this with you because here you can already see the progression
that he’s made in his kneading habit in terms of swallowing he is not spitting
anything out he’s keeping everything in his mouth and he’s just as happy as can
be like someone who’s been eating four mugs and then after we’re done eating I
like to just clean him up with either a wet towel or a bib or anything that is
soft on his skin and it doesn’t rub because I find that napkins tend to
irritate the skin and they begin to develop a little rash in that area at
least that was the case for my son avocado this was the second food that I
fed my child in selecting an avocado you want a dark green color with a bumpy
texture the fruit should be firm yet yielding when you gently push into it
when an avocado is sliced in half the flesh color should be a green that
gently transforms into a buttery yellow around the pit now there is no need to
use a machine for pureeing your avocado like bananas avocados have a very soft
consistency in texture and all you need is a fork and water breast milk or
formula also with the exception of the first two
foods I introduced to him which were fruits I followed it with the veggie
then I continued in this way fruit in the morning and veggie in the late
afternoon the third food I introduced to Stellan was carrots now when I buy
carrots I try to look for those with the least sprouting at the top and four
little hairs growing along the length of the carrot because this is an indicator
that the carrot has been growing and has probably been sitting around for a while
also I like to avoid baby carrots at all costs but the best way to prepare
carrots is by steaming however I pressure-cooked mind so make sure to
peel carrots because the skins are not easily digestible by baby tummies unless
you’re purchasing organic carrots then it’s safe to leave the skins on but I
never reserved any water that’s leftover from cooking carrots or any food really
but carrots in particular are known to release nitrates into the cooking water
so make sure not to use the water if you’re worried about nitrates and then
you can puree add water as necessary to achieve the smooth and thin consistency
that you’re looking for so this is day 1 of eating carrots but
altogether it is day 9 of him eating his very first foods and as you can see he
is doing really really well he relaxed expression when he eats I find that it’s
hard to tell whether he likes it or enjoys it food until after about the
second or third bite where he’ll smile or you grunt as with the other foods
I made sure that maybe allergic reactions didn’t occur there are many
food allergy symptoms to watch out for in your baby some of them that I’m aware
of our flesh skin or rash face tongue or lips swelling vomiting even diarrhea
some kids even caught or wheeze but make sure that you watch for these reactions
every day even if it’s been day three or four of feeding your baby the same foods so if you do find that your baby has an
allergic reaction stop giving that food and seek medical attention immediately sweet potato this was the fourth food I
fed my baby I pressure cooked it but you can bake steam and even boil them I like
to wash and poke holes in mine and stick it in the pressure cooker for about five
to eight minutes just depending on its size then I remove skins because it’s
easier after it’s been cooked then you can use the liquid from your preferred
source I used water but again you can use breast milk or formula to achieve a
smooth and thin consistency then it’s ready to be served stoan so this is day 13 of scallion
eating solids and now you can see that he is mastering eating from a utensil
and he is happy he is chewing he’s keeping everything in his mouth and he’s
a total pro at this point what do you say food number 5 I introduced apples
now apples is a little controversial because it is not on the super clean
food list but it’s cooked and prepared properly you shouldn’t have any worries
also purchasing organic is always a smarter choice but I again like to
pressure-cook my fruits and vegetables then I peel core and cut the apples into
slices and chunks then I stick the chunks into a blender and then I add
water as necessary again to achieve the smooth and thin puree that is needed I’m not sure if I mentioned this but I
always like to give Stellan a spoon so that he has something in his hand and it
teaches him how to handle a utensil of course using it properly is a long
process but you can see that he is trying to put it in his mouth and hold
it or act like he’s scooping something up but I just think this is a nice thing
and it also keeps his hands busy and away from trying to take the bowl and
spoon out of my hands although it doesn’t always work so this is day 2 of
stealth and eating apples and by this point it’s already been 18 days or two
and a half weeks since he first started eating foods and as you can see he is
just happy as can be he’s not bothered by it he is not struggling he is happily
and willingly opening his mouth and eating and now this is where all of my
worries start to slip away at least with these stage 1 foods and I can begin to
relax and and add in the fact that he hasn’t had any allergic reactions no
food number 6 green beans now green beans are a bit difficult to make into a
fine and smooth puree because they leave behind hairlike strands that may bother
some babies but you can put them in a strainer and work out the skins or use
fresh beans or frozen and this will help smooth out the consistency with minimal
effort but when purchasing fresh green beans and look for firm beans without
any blemishes or squishy parts do not wash trim or cut fresh green beans prior
to using them for cooking because fresh beans will not keep
well while cooking but for me I pressure-cooked my green beans but they
can be steamed or boiled with the tiniest amount of water and then you can
use a sieve to get rid of all the holes add water or breast milk or formula to
achieve the smooth and consistency that your baby prefers so if you enjoyed this
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