Onsen Tamago (Soft-Boiled / Hot Spring Egg) With Udon Noodles | Jono Ren (Episode 2)

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Wassup YouTube. Its Jono here.
Today, I wanted to share with
you a little story about my
Growing up, I’ve always called
my grandma “popo”.
This was me with my popo as a
little kid with a big attitude
And Popo had really wanted to go
to Japan for a couple years now.
So when I graduated from college
in June this year I had some
free time.
And so I decided to take her on
her dream trip.
And one thing I learnt from
Japan was that the dears can get
pretty aggressive.
And the other thing I learnt….
was that the Japanese really
really know how to cook their
My favorite dish, was the Onsen
Which directly translates in
Japanese to onsen egg.
Onsen Tamago is an egg that
has been slow cooked in an onsen
hot spring.
And FYI, this is where the
Japanese go bathing…naked
Now, let me show you how to make
this stuff.
First step, get an egg out of
your fridge.
and take it to the bathtub
like Harry Potter in The Goblet
Of Fire.
Keep your egg submerged in the
water in case it screeches.
You don’t want Myrtle coming up
to harass your naked ass in the
Just kidding, you can replicate
this technique in your kitchen.
Boil some water in a kettle and
pour it into a saucepan.
Oh crap! Its fogging up. HELP!
Pour in a dash of cold water to
lower down the temperature.
lower down the temperature.
And delicately put your egg into
the water.
Be careful not to shatter the
egg shell
otherwise your hopes and dreams
might go along with it…
Set a timer for 17 min and let
your egg bathe.
While you wait for your egg to
take its sweet time in the bath,
head to your computer and watch
a quick 10 minutes of Naruto.
Pour yourself a shot of Japanese
Yuzu wine
that has been fermented in the
depths of Mt Fuji itself.
Oh yeh, and don’t forget to
outside into your backyard,
armed with your Japanese Samurai
And ferociously slice off a
spring onion stalk.
Bring another pot of water up to
a boil and dump in your udon
Cook for about 6 min.
Take your egg out of its bath.
Give it the shock of its life by
transferring it into a bowl of
icy cold water.
Hope the pour thing doesn’t get
Turn off the heat by shouting
stop in Japanese
Hmm, didn’t work…
Probably just go with turning
the knob.
Then, take your pot of udon
outside and drain out the water.
Crap, hope that plant didn’t
Time to season your udon
Add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
and 1 tablespoon of sesame oil.
And give everything a good old
mix up.
Finely chop that spring onion
which you so bravely retrieved
from your backyard.
Next, transfer the udon into
this Japanese style bowl
which I also happened to sneak
from my mum’s cupboard.
Create a little dent in your
And carefully crack your onsen
egg in the middle.
Oh yeh! Look at that!!
Thank goodness it turned out
Cos otherwise, this video would
have been a complete and utter
Season your egg with soy sauce,
spring onions and chili flakes
if you’re a little spicy!
Time to set the scene for your
Japanese meal.
Get a table. Cover it up with a
Make it look pretty with a
Samurai sword.
And slip on a Japanese Kimono
robe…or a bathrobe.
And this is my version of the
Onsen Tamago.
Served with some udon noodles.
Thank you for watching guys!
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Alrighty, Jason you can have
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  1. I actually really like your videos, and I prefer these ones with your voice too! You have a very engaging personality and your stories and editing skills make your videos seriously stand out from other cooking tutorials I’ve seen online. Not to mention the Harry Potter jokes are awesome 😂👏

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