Omad And Low Carb – Fasting Weight Loss (Day 321)

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hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and
today is day 321 one of my
fasting weight loss journey today’s
title is Omad and low carb fasting weight loss
okay so yesterday I did one
meal a day and I’m gonna tell you to to
conor mcgregor quotes i’m gonna tell you
my Fitbit stats on which also includes
my sleep and i’ma tell you I’m gonna
tell you my weight yesterday I asked you
guys for your opinions on what do you
like to see as far as the numbers of my
Weigh in
I didn’t mean do you want to see daily
videos I meant do you care if you see
the weight every day um most people said
daily so I think some people made daily
videos some people made daily weigh-ins
so I’m going to do weigh ins daily or
every other day I will be doing at least
one video every day um I want to do that
because that’s what I like to see I love
channels that upload frequently I know
everyone doesn’t like that I know people
don’t like long videos my videos are
firm I started this channel 321 days ago
for accountability to go from two
seventy three point two to 180 three
point two so really first and foremost
this channel is for my accountability I
also use it to mint I use it for just
life therapy okay cuz I’m releasing and
I’m getting out I’m getting it out I
don’t talk a lot to people but I do on
this channel so if you see a long video
um I started to give the way in you know
things that people are here for at the
beginning for people that care about my
life and want to hear my vent then
that’s for you to listen to the whole
video if we’re supporting each other
you’re not a weight loss person and
we’re supporting each other on YouTube
to be youtubers then I’m just asking you
to sit the phone down listen is um plate
as long as you can but I don’t expect
anyone to watch my whole rant and vent
if you don’t feel
but I’m gonna do what I feel like for
that day I’m not timing things now this
one I’m trying to time because I’m gonna
add pictures I’m gonna add my Fitbit
stats my food and I think that’s it okay
so I gotta talk faster okay so number
one the two quotes from Conor McGregor
I’m just trying to be myself I’m not
trying to be anyone else you guys know
that I’m a big big big advocate on being
healed I love that quote okay you don’t
have to be like anyone else cuz you’re
unique and you’re special
okay now his other quote do I hate my
opponents how can I hate someone who has
the same dreams as me oh my gosh I love
that you guys I search every day for new
weight loss channels because I love it I
love that people want to lose weight
because that’s what I’m trying to do and
I don’t even care what reason they
trying to lose weight because they
trying to lose weight health to look
better just whatever I don’t care
I just like it and I’m not a hater of
anybody I’m not jealous of anybody like
I want to support everyone in their
journey and I believe in them I’m gonna
say the same thing when I feel like it
because I’m passionate about the things
that I repeat and I believe in you with
me okay what I ate yesterday man I had
half a cucumber I sliced it up and I had
a little bit of blue cheese on it
my favorite dressing um I had a halo top
birthday cake flavor ice cream and I had
egg and tuna salad which had eggs tuna
mustard seasonings and sour cream I can
not stand Mayonaise my kids don’t even
they should not even say that word in
this house okay let’s see that’s all I
ate you guys I’m gonna put a picture of
those foods and I’m gonna put the
calorie counts which it was about I was
between 500 and 550 calories you guys a
lot of us talked about calories
yesterday I guess I’m starting to be
kind of a calorie counter but not that’s
just what I was feeling
I’m I was gonna do two meals yesterday
but I wasn’t hungry after I had that so
I just didn’t eat again I am not worried
about calories like that I’m worried
about being in control of what I eat and
not overeating okay so people think this
is low I’m trying not to make it 5,000 calories
instead of 500 I’d rather 500
calories than 5,000 calories okay the
goal is to just have a decent day no
if I get fast food good choices you guys
oh okay yeah let me see Fitbit steps
this is the exercise because I didn’t go
to the gym or anything but I think my
core is working because I did I didn’t
have any issues all the fluids stayed in
there was no smoking you guys I might be
back in commission which means the gym
is coming I love the gym okay um so I
did one point yesterday because today’s
back-to-school with my three youngest
are at school um let’s see yeah I did a
lot of school stuff they did Barbara I
went to work only did one client while I
put my client in the dryer I closed the
gate to my shop I told them I’m going
for a walk I’m cool with my clients like
that it might sound unprofessional but
I’m just cool with them like that and I
just shut the gate is like an urban flea
market and I laughed the mall and which
is not big i lapped them all then I went
outside walked the the length of the
whole building which is long came and
checked on time and just kept walking so
I got quite a few steps yesterday I got
three I got it
15350 steps that was my exercise
which was walking walking is fine for me
it’s not to my standards of good workout
because I’m used to the gym but it’s
still great um let me see I’m going to
show my Fitbit steps
um stats it says I only got three hours
and 45 minutes of sleep that’s good in
bed it’s bad because for weight loss you
need to rest your body it’s good because
I’m trying to be a high-performance
person so I’m okay with sacrificing
sleep Dan Pena says it Eric Thomas says
it in terms of other people say it that
I follow in they
my mentors okay but for weight loss you
need rest
you know for your well-being for
probably my blood pressure for a lot of
different reasons so I want to find a
balance I really want six hours in my
bed all the other time up and most of it
being productive that’s my goal now for
the weight loss yes oh I am day 321
226.0 that’s -1.2 more so I’m
happy with being in control of my eating
yesterday that’s number one priority to
me and I’m not Kido but the lower the
carb the better for me is in my head of
what I want to do thank you for watching
to the end and I will see you tomorrow
there’s pictures coming now I hope


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