Octopus slices with sesame dipping sauce (Muneo-sukhoe: 문어숙회)

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(upbeat music) – Hello everybody. I brought this. You know what it is? Octopus. In French, poulpe. I am in Nice, France. Beautiful, it’s on the Mediterranean sea. Today, this morning,
I found really, really, fresh, fresh octopus, so exciting! I’m going to show you,
ooh, show me your face. Here you go. This guy’s four pounds, more
than four pounds, two kilos. Amazingly fresh. I can make a soup, stew,
braised this one, and side dishes, porridge, and tons & tons of ideas. All traditional Korean recipes. But today, I like to
share really delicious way of eating this. Easy, simple way, just
cook and cut, slice thinly and eat with a sauce. It is called Muneo-sukhoe. Here in Nice, it was freshly caught. I asked the fishmonger
“aujourd’hui?”. Even though my pronunciation
was not perfect, he said, “oui, oui”. It doesn’t have to be confirmed by him, because I know which one is very fresh. Smells very fresh, not fishy, and this guy’s very, very slippery. First, I’m going to clean this guy. All intestine is inside in the head. So you’ll find something
here, some connected stuff and all disconnect them. And then inside out, yay! Great. remove. Disconnect Remove inside anything
like some slippery clothes Take it out. A funny story I have, when I was in Korea, we traveled, all my family, we traveled. I bought a huge octopus for my family. I asked the lady, “can you
clean the intestine for me?”. She said , “oh, okay, I can clean it for you, but can I keep the head?”. What kind of deal is that? It was very shocking for me. Head has also a lot of meat and is good, so I said, ” no, I can do by
myself.” and then I bought it. (laughing) Do this just peel
off insde the head. So clean. This is the head inside. Very smooth and white. So let’s put it back to normal
head, here you go, like this. Salt. We gotta really rub a lot. To remove all this dirt
and mud in the suckers. You need to do just this away. And massage. When you massage, this is
a really really slippery. So we gotta remove all slippery things. At list a couple of minutes,
you need to give a massage. Nice, nice massage. I’m going to wash this
and one more time salt and then I will do again massaging. All this black stuff, mud, is
coming out from the suckers. Not very slippery than before, but I like to do one
more time with salt. Pretty much clean, isn’t it? All the in the suckers. But still a little, around
here, a little slippery, so I’m going to put some salt and then one more time nice massage. You will see a lot of foams are also created. Nice. All the suckers are very clean. Let’s boil. I’m boiling my water, just waiting until really, really bubbling. How long you have to boil? This is very important,
because if you overcook, it’s going to turn really tough. It has to be cooked but
very soft and tender. So this is four pounds, large octopus. I’ll just cook around 13-15 minutes. I like to make a nice shape. Good boy. When you cook the octopus,
just let it cook open. Because it’s going to boil over quickly. I brought my timer all
the way from New York. I will just cook this
guy about 13 minutes. But soon, I’m going to turn it over. (church bells ringing) Let’s turn it over. The color changes to red. Let’s turn it over again. Beautiful. The head is well cooked. It’s done. 13 minute passed. Delicious, a little salty
from its own body. We gotta rinse this in cold water quickly. Gorgeous. That’s it! I rinsed this in cold water
because otherwise all this skin is going to be easily peeled off. It’s not pretty. So to get this nice skin
and beautiful color, we have to quickly rinse this in cold water. And then I’ll just let it cool down. From now, I don’t have to
worry about this, all done. So you guys can follow this, isn’t it? You are not going to be
afraid of any huge octopus, you can cook! First, head. And then here. Just cut like this. You’ll see here in the
middle, this is the mouth. We need to remove it. So let’s put it back here. You can cut like this. Look at this. Let’s cut this to eat. This goes here. Cut diagonally, slice (playful French music) I’ll make sauce. Easy sesame oil sauce. Salt, around a quarter teaspoon. And sesame oil. Sesame seeds. Let’s put sesame seeds here too. This wine is very special wine. It’s produced in this area in Nice. Rose, they call this rose. I’m going to have some wine with my muneo-sukhoe, octopus. And then I’m going to add rose petals covered with sugar. The clerk at the shop told me, “you can put this in your wine or anywhere” “or make tea and the
rose flavor you can taste.” “Instead of a sugar, you
can use this rose sugar.” Actually the color also changes to really pinkish color, really pretty. Herb of provence. I made spaghetti sauce with
this, really good flavor. And also I found it everywhere. in any open air market, they
sell this, well ripe persimmon. So I keep eating this. And also, this is rose tea. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. Why not? I like to taste it. This, it looks like heirloom tomatoes. They said, beef heart. Does it look like beef heart? Pretty, I like to taste this. Sauce. umm~ Sweet and tender and juicy. This is most delicious
octopus that I’ve ever tasted. The sesame oil salt
dipping sauce is awesome. I will have one more. This time I like to have a small piece. Amazing! So delicious! really tender. This sauce is very nutty. Nutty and sea flavor, this octopus, These guys go well together,
really really yummy. Meanwhile, my wine color is
a little changed, isn’t it? So pretty like it’s blooming. Cheers, everybody! (upbeat music) Good. Today, we made muneo-sukhoe. Cooked octopus with sesame oil sauce. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye.


  1. 제도 굉장히 좋아하는 문어네요
    생강넣고 삶으면 비릿맛이 없어진다고.. 관건은 삶는 시간인데 저는 성공한적이 별로 없네요
    쥬시 텐더~~와~우 ~~치어ㄹ~~!!

  2. It amazes me what process some go through to eat octopus. Octopus and squid are almost flavorless, its really about the texture thats it really that makes it stand out if you cook it properly. The reason why its delicious cuz it all ends with the sauce that you use. Seriously it is. Lol. Let’s be real here. Like who eats Calamari without sauce?? Chicken and beef you can eat with a little bit of salt and pepper. Who do you know that just chomps on squid or octopus plain or with just a little bit of salt? Lol. Never — you always eat it with lemon juice with seasoning or a sauce. 🙂

  3. I've never seen an octopus cleaned before, so this is fascinating! Not sure I could do it myself, tho. Haha. I'm weak when it comes to animal guts!

  4. Russian caption was submitted by one of my viewers! Thank you so much! https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?msg=20&v=69kNQqoTzvU

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