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good evening everybody and welcome once again to the midnight ride I’m your host David carey CO and once again we’re going to be taking you into the midnight hour with cutting edge conversation and topics and tonight we’re going to be talking about something that’s going to be a historic event a historic event in the history of mankind this rolling out of the 5g Network and our program tonight is entitled Armageddon and the 5g network and this is something that I don’t understand I don’t understand the 5g Network and I think a lot of the people that are talking about the 5g network don’t understand it and that’s why tonight we’re going to have someone on that does understand it and we’re going to be talking about what this means with Bible prophecy and what it means for believers right now so tonight we have back once again Scott Hensler so Scott welcome once again to the midnight ride thank you very much from looking forward to passing the information on that I have to help everyone comprehend what we’re dealing with yeah and this is a huge event it’s a huge event that nobody will escape the effects of and it plays I believe the huge role and the enemy’s game plan for the last days so go ahead and take us on the midnight ride Scott Armageddon and the 5g Network okay well let me set the stage on Who I am so you understand how I understand the technology as a deliverance minister as someone who deals with the demonic who deals with the spirit realm I come from an engineering background I worked for more role I worked for General Electric I did contract work for Intel and microchip and and some of the others and so I’ve been in electronics I’ve been a radio have been electrical for a very long time and I got into deliverance about 18 plus years ago and the effects how the demonic acts on humans was just as interesting to me as the effects of electromagnetics to humans or radios or communication TV and so forth and as the years have progressed here dealing with targeted individuals dealing with sonic weapons dealing with energy weapons dealing with psychotronics and voice to skull and also those who have schizophrenia those who hear voices and tones and noise you know and so forth it’s all coming together and unfortunately this 5g is a game changer for all of us and the very fact that they’re even considering this is absurd it’s insane and it shows the narcissistic attitude or behavior against humanity now when when you have this type of attitude towards humanity and you’re willing to do to such great harm that this technology does now that also means cell phones cell phone communication cell towers the the actual devices themselves have been very very hard on our tissue on our nerves on our minds on our bodies and so we’re already beat up and now we’re gonna have the assassin come in and finish us off and that’s really what 5g is and so when when I talk about the technology tonight I want you to understand that and I’m going to be bringing some examples to of how radio waves were used to contact like necromancy clairvoyance talking to spirits people thinking they were talking to the dead but that’s not the case and so what we have today is the ability for technology to be handed over to the demonic and so with super computers with quantum computers there is a difference between the two and now implementing that with 5g along with CERN and some of the other devices or technology that’s used for changing our world as far as the structure of as far as the structure that we have around us called the the electromagnetic fields that was a difference between regular magnetic like well like we have from the earth and then generated electromagnetic and so as I kind of bring it all together understand that the Devils in the details and that’s unfortunately the case and so as we move forward this is an instrument that will bring the demise if we don’t you know stop it now so there you go all right so we’re talking about technology with an attitude and the what is the attitude behind this these people that they just have a disregard for Humanity there seemed to be this attitude of the secret societies that people are just the cattle for them to use and they have no real value for human life except that it furthers their own end the way it is the way it seems to me yes well greed money you know the love of money being the root of all evil but it goes a little deeper than this this is a part of genocide this is a part of controlling the mind causing our DNA to alter and change and so it’s an evil act and of course you know the Georgia Guidestones telling us that they want to remove six or seven you know billion people off the earth and get it down to five hundred million well this would be one of the processes now along with chemtrails putting metals into our body making us conductive making us more susceptible to radio waves cell towers and 5g so let me um you know since a since we understand that evil does what evil is and there’s no negotiating with evil this is what they do and this is how they’re going to to finish it out so when when we’re around electromagnetics now there can be light low frequency there can be low energy there can be high energy there can be high frequency the a whole band of spectrum to deal with from sound to radio to microwaves to infrared to ultraviolet gamma and x-ray so as we’re exposed to this radiation it usually comes in short increments but what we’re dealing with now with cell towers and 5g is a long-term effect that will be at us at 24/7 365 days a year now when we’re subject to this type of energy and I’ll get into exactly how 5g works here in a minute that our body is in trauma state the the hydration of our cells is altered the the proteins are kept from feeding our bodies our DNA is unraveled this is a slow kill or soft kill long term but in it in itself is the next generations that we really should be concerned out because our chromosomes are being damaged and so if you have pregnant women or you have women who have not bared children yet they’re you know their DNA their chromosomes are going to be damaged and so their children will suffer we have autism off the charts we have all types of diseases and by the way our immune system is affected Hedley by this and so all the diseases that our immune system is being able to hold off whether it’s been a cancer whether it’s been the plague or or tuberculosis or any of the others without this immune system all of these diseases are going to come back so it isn’t just frying us with radio waves it’s also bringing on the diseases that we have worked so hard over the centuries to eliminate so do you have a question before I get into the the actual technical aspect of 5g before I go well no I just have a comment a lot of things come to my mind as I hear discuss this but I know you deal as we do with SRA people that are literally lit in their soul because of trauma and I believe and I know the people we’re seeing are just off the chart in the numbers of people that are experiencing this and I believe that the electronic bombardment is going hand-in-hand with the increase of people that have splits on their soul and are multiple I think the two are directly linked and I just wondered what you thought about that well absolutely again I mentioned trauma now our brains act in a bi-directional sequence of thoughts you know emotions how you know our brains fire the synapses but it’s in a coordinated effort whenever you take electromagnetic energy that is oscillating back and forth with high amounts of energy then you’re overriding the thought processes you’re actually causing the neural connections to break down to be overloaded so if you have somebody that’s already traumatized if you have somebody who’s dealing with divorce or dealing with other matters that are you know stress to the system trying to to come out of that why you’re being bombarded with cellphone you know the coming five gene we’re also including satellites in this too because the energy that they have bring been bringing down on to us have been in this high frequency of 5g and and so yes the the amount of trauma the amount of identity disassociation disorders are off the charts and in fact the last time I was on the show I as I mentioned to you I got overwhelmed with calls again and most likely it’s gonna happen again and and and here we are as as God’s people who have been given all power and all authority against the wiles of the enemy have been programmed to stand down and now with the the energy weapons and that’s what this is regardlessly anytime that you use something against someone else and you cause arm weapon so by definition 5g cellphones are weapons in fact weaponized cell towers we can maybe get into that a little bit but as as we move forward we’re not under the protection because we’re still into the curses we’re still under the the the issues of our sin that we brought into our walk are Christian and so we have an iniquitous pool that brings us back into the your cut now there Scott okay I I don’t know what to say all now and might be like a couple moments am i back on now yeah we got you now okay well what I was saying is that the the sins of the father are being visited on the third and fourth generation is that a minimal and but the good news is is that through deliverance or the blood of Jesus Christ we can overcome that really deliverance isn’t taught spiritual warfare isn’t taught everyone’s looking for a sign everyone’s looking for healing or wondering but they’re not looking at the the basic order being God of a God of order and that is to repent to renounce to confess our sins to one another and to come together in acknowledgment that what Jesus did for us and turn these things over to them and so when we go through deliverance we’re willing to confess these things we’re willing to let them go we don’t want them in our lives we become that new creation we get rid of the old man well that’s not really happening and so coming into this future of this technology people are already beat up and so this can and I’m going to get into it more about the the the cohabitation of electromagnetics and demons that this is going to be a circumstance that if you’re not delivered now if you haven’t closed your doors and got your demons out there may not be enough of us left to even help even the few that we’ve been able to help so hurry up and get it done now and that’s why I’ve done my ministry for 18 years and why been doing what I do is to get everyone ready for these times now radio waves or the electromag bombardment was something that I didn’t even factor him you know being in engineering being in radio waves I being an amateur radio operator myself I’ve been around all this and and I find now that that I believe that there’s been some effects by the equipment that I used to work on my immune system isn’t the best but what the difference between me and someone else who has not got rid of their sins or rebuked their sins and gotten their demons out is that I did and so I’m able to still get up every day I’m still able to pray for someone else I’m still able to war and fight and cast out demons and deal with the day where a lot of people who call me are so beat up they’re ready to bite the bullet they’re ready to give up they’re just beyond themselves well they’re still under spiritual attack and now we have the radial spectrum that’s upon us so again my main concern is for everyone to get to get this resolved now because this 5g is not going to just go away cellphones are not going to just go away if it isn’t this system they’re gonna come up with something else and those people by the way who are gang stalked I need to say and I’ve said this before in my own show that many who are gang stalked actually you’ve got a target on your back and you’ve been set up spiritually for people to really just rave havoc on your life now there are those who are been selected by the by special departments of whether it’s been the Pentagon or the CIA or any of the five eyes they call them yes there is targeting there is those things that go on but the majority of the individuals that I deal with it’s really demonic because the more I pray with them the more that I break the curses the more that I cast the demons out the more the effects that they thought was gang stalking go away and so any questions from from this point yeah no very good just go right ahead okay well let me let me set the stage on understanding what radio waves are anytime that you have a influence of electro-motive force and I’m trying I’m gonna try and be very simple about this because I want to bore anyone in it and have you just kind of glaze over in your eyes but whenever you have electromagnetic influences that can come from radiation from the Sun that can come from a radio transmitter from your cell phone it can come from the ignition of your car it can come from whatever source that creates a magnetic field that induces a voltage that travels through the air called EMF or electro-motive force now the the the question at hand that affects us is the level and what frequency so what we’re dealing with is we’re dealing with frequencies of radiation or energy that exceed any levels that we that our civilizations have normally been exposed to so in the 20th and 21st century we now have radio communications we now have other implementations of electromagnetics that that cause great harm to us that they didn’t have in the 1800s they didn’t have them in the 1700 so we’re in a new generation well what we have today when we’re talking about AM and FM radio we’re talking about waves that we can tolerate of course The Closer that you would live to one of the transmitters you know the actual radio station itself means that you would be in what’s called a near field so you would be subject to a higher amount of the electromagnetic influences then you would then then someone that’s 10 20 30 miles away well what they want to do with 5g and what they’ve been doing with cellphones is they want to allocate in locations all over the United States all over the world these things they called transponders a transponder is a device that picks up the signal and rebroadcast it and she have a cell tower well in order for the 5g to function they have to put in a thousand times more transponders than cell sites so picture this if you were in a forest and you lit one candle and the light was enough that you could see in the general area in front of you maybe you could read a map maybe you can you know make some coffee at the you know whatever you’re doing but as soon as you start walking away from that candle and you get behind a tree you no longer see the light so the higher that you go in frequency the more line-of-sight that it becomes and if you only have one transmitter one candle five candles in a forest well obviously it’s not adequate for anyone to function in the force you can’t walk through the forest you’d stumble and you fall because you get away from the light generated by the candles and you wouldn’t be able to see so what they have to do is they literally have to put a candle behind every tree meaning that within let’s say a mile forests are very dense forests there’s going to be a million candles in order for everyone to see to be able to go where they want to go because when you go up in frequency whether it’s a human whether it’s a tree that has moisture in it water is a very strong opponent to radio waves and when you go up in the higher frequencies these things are not able to carry the distance that the lower frequencies did such as am broadcasting FM broadcasting the old TVs police and fire radios so when you get up in these higher frequencies it’s required to have more repeater sites or transponders well you say well why would you want to do that well in order to have the technology that they want to implement such as uber cars that drive themselves everyone to have as much bandwidth as possible in order to supply the bandwidth required to have this new technology you have to go higher in frequency when you go higher in frequency you automatically get a higher bandwidth and so in order to have this technology this is their answer so the federal communication about two years ago what they did is they allocated 24 Giga Hertz and up in in frequency so let me go through when I say gigahertz and kilohertz and megahertz a killer herd is a thousand times a second so meaning that the oscillating wave or the frequency of the wave oscillates at a thousand times so if you have 10 kilohertz it oscillates 10,000 times a second well that’s amazing just in itself to think that something turns on and off or oscillates at that speed but then you get up in two megahertz well that’s a million times a second so let’s say that you you have a police radio and you want to listen to fire so you’re going to tune your radio to 154 million times a second reception to receive these waves well that’s amazing that’s incredible but we don’t stop there then we’re gonna get into the Giga Hertz well the Giga Hertz is now called the millimeter wave or what we call microwave now unfortunately this frequency will notice I said microwave you have microwave these to call them radar ranges you can put your coffee in there you can put a stake in there you can put a chicken in this microwave and cook it well what’s happening is the Energy’s going through the tissue and the tissue made up of moisture and remember I said earlier that moisture is resistive to radio waves so now you have friction so now you’re creating heat and that’s how the the the food heats up but unfortunately the waves as its passing through the the old terms nuke it but it’s not really being any nuclear radiation that the structure of the cell of the chicken or the beef or whatever you’re doing changes and if you consume microwave food on a regular basis if for any reason you had to have blood work done someone who looks at the cells your bread cells your white cells and the looks at the count don’t ask you you eat you know or tell you you you eat a lot of microwave food and you say how do you know that I said well by the cell count or the stacking of the cells so radio waves as you go higher in frequency are natural enemies to human tissue in fact Geiger counters when you read rads means how much radiation it takes to to damage tissue over what period of time well there’s even higher frequencies you can go up into the terrace we know it as x-ray we know it as gamma these are things that probably in the future if anything continues they may go to that but right now we’re dealing with the gigahertz frequency so when we’re talking about 24 25 26 and even 50 and 60 gigahertz we’re talking about such crazy frequency and energy that it is a weapon if I were to build a weapon those the frequencies that I would use well what happens to our tissue well when as I mentioned about the microwave and of the food as the energy goes through the cells our DNA the the helix actually begins to unravel the other is that the our immune system our natural ability to create immunity is then hampered but the other two is that we have metals in us we have copper we have beryllium we have you know different things that are good for us but we also have things that are bad for us like aluminum well when radio waves pass through them these metals begin to oxidize so the anti accidents that you would take to help you know keep yourself healthy no longer can keep up with the amount of oxidation that’s being generated in your body this includes your brain so this is why we have dementia this is why we have Alzheimer’s this is why we have autism along with all the metals that are being put into us through vaccinations through chemtrails spraying and so we have a combination of influences of electromagnetic that we were never intended to have in fact these frequencies were originally reserved for military and for aerospace exploration and now the Federal Communication has allocated these frequencies to commercial use and they’ve just grabbed it up and and got it ready now they’ve been working on this for some time but you need to understand that all the candles I was talking about the transponders that you would need to light the forest this is a multi-billion dollar project and it’s not going to happen overnight so if you’re worried that you’ve got 5g near area you may or you may not they’ve did some test bed work they’ve done a lot of experiments prior I know that San Diego and parts of Los Angeles and other parts of the country have had the the experiments done but there’s also the implementation of a lower frequency for tests like the uber cars in Arizona 5g isn’t really in place in Phoenix and they they don’t need it just yet to do the the automatic non driver car because there’s not enough of them on the road to exceed the banned limit necessary to operate but when that does get approved and they start to increase the amount of the of cars that are driverless then they’ll have to implement the 5g so five gene itself is so advanced with the ability to create communication with limited distance as I mentioned like you know getting behind the tree with with the candle that they have to use supercomputers these supercomputers are connected to basically the internet and to microwave and and fiber optics and satellite and so they’re on the system now in order to control this whole network I believe that the system that’s already online we know as artificial intelligence on the Internet has the ability to control the 5g do you have any questions before I go into this next part at all I got a bunch of them B and I don’t want to get you up course because it’s really beginning to make sense but basically the 5g is going to have the same effect on our blood that microwave would or eating microwave food only at a much higher magnified scale but let’s say someone that is being exposed to this and they go down and they get a blood test what would their blood test look like how would they know if this is beginning to affect their blood well the ability to transfer oxygen to take it in from your lungs and get it to the vital areas your brain literally takes half the oxygen in your body to sustain yourself and so you’ll be lethargic your memory will start to go you’ll start to act like you have Alzheimer’s you know dementia you’re you’ll catch colds you know the flu will always get you you know you’ll just have every issue and so when they look at your blood work they’ll see that your you know your your white count your ability your your red cells to carry the oxygen that’s what they’ll see they’ll be they’ll see them stacking up they’ll see them also oxidized so they’re not able to obtain the oxygen but the numbers will drop and so anyone doing blood work would automatically know that you’ve been exposed and radiation will do the same thing too if someone’s been radiated you know if they worked in the nuclear industry along with other you know obvious signs such as tissue burning but the other two by the way is cataracts blindness the inability to see at night your night vision I mean this is horrific what what this this whole thing is just insane by the way police officers that that used to the old radar for you know speed measuring and that some of the units that that were available you know back in the 70s were high-powered and they were so strong that they actually mounted them behind the officer on a little tripod and it shot over their shoulder out the window and many of them they won’t tell you this and they won’t release the information they got tumors in their brains and we’re one of the first victims of this issue along with people in the military now I did a show recently with Eric dollar and I’ll probably talk a little bit about him too that when he was in the military he worked for RCA he was in the Navy and whenever they worked on radar they would always shut it down they were always conscious to make sure that the the sailors that the technicians were not exposed to the radar were not exposed to the communication electromagnetics and today people are being bombarded as if they were on ship standing in front of the radar and you know the the World Health Organization the Federal Communication OSHA all of these agencies are looking the other way and and so with with the amount of damage that’s that’s already been done because people are already dying from brain tumors and cellphones they’re already having issues again mood disorders there’s there’s even those that that I believe that that needed deliverance that were some of the voices that they’ve heard wasn’t necessarily voice to skull wasn’t necessarily schizophrenic demons it actually was a combination of the two and and so when when you think that you’re losing your mind what’s the one of the first things that comes in and it’s fear and so the gripping of the fear causes people to behave in manners that they normally wouldn’t to to reject being part of society and argumentation amongst married couples loss of job inability to think just all of these things so if someone were to go in the hospital and to have these test stones those would be the symptoms and those would be the things that the medical people would see as they did the blood work very good well Scott we’re coming up on the bottom of the hour why don’t you give your contact information out we’ll do that again right before we go to questions and Donna is collecting questions from the chat and I bet we’re getting a lot of them but the Scott has a lot of broadcast with gobs and gobs of information and for those who would want to contact Scott for counsel or deliverance Scott go ahead and give your your contact information out well I originally the show that I did was Scott answer network I still have the website up my my organization is actually based on to that but the main show that I’ve been doing now for a couple years is called tinfoil hat Club and the reason that I chose the name getting away from the basic of the mainstream Church is because trying to bring deliverance into the church and trying to bring the information about UFOs about gang stalking you know all the things that that that I deal with and help people out wasn’t received very well by the church and so I decided then you know we’re to evangelize we’re to make disciples of all men and so I’m meeting them in the trenches and so my show is designed to reach all types of people and believe me I do and so tinfoil hat club.com is the main show or Scott Hensler org if you go to those websites the contact him information will be there you’ll see just tap on that and you’ll be able to reach me very good very good all right well you just continue on this is really you’re doing a really good job of making this understandable for the layman of which I consider myself and this is something that is is no one’s going to escape this we’re not escaping it now and it is indeed going to play a huge role in Bible prophecy so the what kind of an endgame scenario and concept do these people have in mind as they are putting this together and I know a big part of that is like you mentioned the population reduction and just making people dysfunctional so they can be controlled but how does this fit in biblically with Bible prophecy what role is this type of technology playing well there’s several ways to approach this one our spiritual ability to connect with God if we are sick if we are confused if we are wounded if we are traumatized and you have not been delivered then the likelihood of you being a stance against evil and the last days will be greatly reduced your likelihood to fight their likelihood to understand who you are you may be more susceptible to caving in accepting the system that would be the endgame along with just plain removing those people in large numbers because when they get down to it you know I’m I’m gonna be 62 and I’m too old for them they’re just gonna take me out there’s nothing they can do with me they’re not going to change my mind but at the same time that I’m also somebody that is willing to stand in the name of Jesus Christ and buek them and so since the Devils in the details and these individuals are demonic whether there were reptilian whether they’re a demon-possessed individual the point of it is is this is a spiritual battle so to to harm the church to to take those that would have been able to stand in the last days and make no mistake about it if you are alive today you’re here for this fight and so this has been an attempt to keep you from being the men and women of God that God intended you to be and so that would be the endgame on that that plane but the other is if if you are your cognitive ability to comprehend if you have this this and you’re not able to see the next thing that’s coming because you’re blinded from pain you’re blinded you’re your thought processes aren’t there you’re unable to reason you’re unable to you know just see what’s really going on and see the big picture then you’re not going to fight you’re not an opposition you’re not going to oppose and that would be you know the rest of the world basically but I need to also point out as I mentioned that with the ability of the demonic realm now I I just did three shows on on my broadcast called the Beast of the earth series of one two and three and I pointed out that as we go higher in technology as we get more towards the actual how shall I say it the the connection to the atom the connection to to the electromagnetic spectrum as being the dimensions just like CERN is doing then it’s it’s easier for the demons to control and manipulate and that’s part of what artificial intelligence is about so on 5g which can which is considered the font the the V ban you have the elbe and you have the K ban that’s all microwave as I mentioned before it’s all line of sight now you you already have your cell phones which are 901 point nine 2.4 gigahertz you have Bluetooth which is 2.4 gigahertz you have Wi-Fi which can be two point four or five gigahertz these frequencies bombard enos also Bay this in electromagnetics that we can be monitored we can be observed we can have radio waves that pass through us because they’re not as high as 5g and from one cell tower to another as the radio waves pass through us then our thought processes which have electromagnetic stimulation that’s why you can have your brain scan that’s why they can see you know what’s going on in your noggin basically is that the small electrical pulses that are generated influence the radio waves that go through our brains that’s called carrier so from one cell tower to another as the signals pass through us we influence it with our mind we influence it with our emotions and it’s picked up at the other cell tower well with super computers or artificial intelligence they’re able to take this massive amount of information by a great deal of the population so otherwise the bigger the computers are we you know we’ve got the the mining data centers we’ve got Google we’ve got the NSA in Salt Lake there’s these you know massive data collection sites everywhere and through supercomputers they’re able to take all this information and decipher it so once you’ve been mapped meaning that you have and you have a personality you have a thought process everyone thinks differently you know that’s part of your personality that can be mapped and once you’re mapped you’re put in the system now that can be by a gang stalker who’s standing behind you and the checkout line at the grocery store with the cellphone and they pointed to the back to your head and it only takes us you know about one or two seconds they’ve mapped you they hit the button it uploads to the system and they have you so now in the crowd of a thousand people they know where you’re at they know what you’re thinking they can even see through your eyes they can hear through your ears because all of the data is brought into the mind carried through the electromagnetics that go through our body it’s influenced to the next cell tower that’s then downloaded to the data centers so with this in order to crunch all these numbers we have to have quantum computers now when I talk about supercomputers we’re talking about crate computers we’re talking about Motorola computers we’re talking about all the devices that have been able to crunch high high amounts of data for over periods of time but now we have a new kid on the block and and that is quantum computers and through the qubit that they call it it’s a kind of kind of visualize a plasma that has thought that instead of a data line of 0 & 1 that just comes crunch crunch crunch you know binary hexadecimal which is the computer language the strings or the data lines now they’re able to come in in a three dimensional thought process so instead of just doing ones and twos on lines they’re able to do multitasking in all directions and all thought processes and when this is then brought on line for artificial intelligence it is able to take on the Charis –tx of whatever they want it to do so let’s say that it now because of the carrier being able to read your mind being able to take your thought is now formed into a second alter of thought process and the artificial intelligence well what good is that well this way they can stay one step ahead of you on what you’re going to do now they’ve been using Facebook they’ve been using other media’s to basically map you to see you know like your your search habits you know what do you what do you think what do you look for you know which what is your interest which your hobbies what do you like and what do you dislike well they have that already that’s what’s in that that’s what’s in these data mining centers but the whole point is now it’s going to be taken to another level and let me let me show you why here okay on on 5g in order to do when I talked about to have all the candles in the force so it lights up the forest has to be handled has to be controlled has to be able to to be able to extract the information or send the information where they wanted to at a very fast rate of speed so that means the ability to control each one of member I refer to it as a transponder that’s the actual site where the 5g will transmit from or trance Eve and this is an intelligent beam forming note that the term beam forming this is something very specific to 5g well what it means and and David I talked about this earlier picture a spider that’s able that has a thousand eyes you know they’ve got all these little eyes and they can look at all directions this transponder isn’t just one antenna or four or five antennas like on a cell site it can be several hundred within a box about the size of a shoebox or double the size of the shoebox so if you if you do not see the shoebox size antennas all around you then you do not have 5g they’re not in the cell towers they’re not in these these other communication networks when you see these these will be very distinctive so like a page that you get out of your printer will be about that big about three four inches deep and there may be several sever all of them well since the microwave is so high in frequency that means that it’s a melon and that the antenna can be very micro small so this box can have hundreds of antennas that virtually are like the eyes of a spider that can look in all directions at one time and now in order for this to look in all directions at one time and be able to determine the circumstances which I’ll talk about in a minute you have to process the data so each one of these units in itself is an amazing feat of engineering a work of art when it comes to to controlling that each one of these units will be able to determine which antenna needs to point in what direction in order to complete the communication to to an unmanned car to a drone to a cell phone to to a computer that’s being used and when the person moves around and walks remember I said if you stand behind a tree then you lose the light well then the other antenna will kick in and it has to do it in an instant and so the ability to process this information again means that it’s tied to the supercomputers which then means it can be automatically tied to the artificial intelligence so with this beam forming which is a type of directional instead of an omnidirectional meaning all directions they have to put these everywhere so when five g’s in that means you’re going to see these boxes the shoebox size or paper size boxes everywhere they’re gonna be on street poles they’re gonna be on traffic lights they’re going to be on power poles they’re going to be everywhere and that is when you’ll know that you have 5g now when that takes place as this all happens that the the ability to transfer the data means like the system that I talked about for cell towers of reading the mind the carrier that now not only can they do this no matter where your ranch it also means that each one of these boxes are like radar so as someone walks by it detects them because of what’s called Doppler not on if you’re familiar with Doppler you’ve probably heard of Doppler radar for weather reporting picture someone on a train that’s blowing a horn and you’re standing on the dock at the train station the train depot and the Train continues by but as the train comes at you and they’re blowing on the horn you can hear the horn but as the train passes by you hear the tone change right you hear that the the sound is now going away from you and the the sound traveling at the speed of sound now slows down because the train is moving away from you versus coming to you so there’s a change in the tone well that’s called Doppler so this Doppler effect is also used in the 5g meaning that it is a personal radar that if you have two people five people ten people a hundred people on the crown not only can it profile you because you’re already in the data system it knows exactly where you are so if you’re not even carrying a cell phone they can still track you well this also means that we’re going to be absolutely flooded and this this electromagnetic spectrum all the time at levels unheard of before the very fact of subjecting us to this type of frequency in this radiation shows that they really don’t care they have other you know means you know that they not telling us quite yet but we know that anyone who would ever do such a thing because who would want to harm another human being who would want to cook them who would who would want to make them suffer well again whether whether you believe in the pre-adamic race whether you believe in reptilians or greys or whatever the circumstance are there are demons period and whether they’re whether you have a live flesh creature that’s being created in a lab whether you have an offspring of the Nephilim whether you have a demonic spirit we still have evil so this whole system is evil and it’s at the control through the artificial intelligence being basically operated by supercomputers and this network and and by the way it’s so intelligent 5g that when they install it the operators or the installers can really just be regular construction people they do not need to be engineers they do not need to be technicians all they need to do was mount it and bring power to it and when they fired up it has the ability to profile the neighborhood to profile your house to profile the surrounding area puts it into memory and then makes adjustments to the best efficiency in order to complete the communication necessary to fulfill its operation and this is beyond this is science fiction we’re at a stage that just literally shows and by the way drones are gonna be used quite quite a bit more because of 5g with all the data processing that’s that’s now going to be available but my concern again is the tracking in the the ability to know where everyone’s at to know what everyone’s thinking to know what everyone sees or hears or or whatever their thought process is so if you have somebody that you know doesn’t agree with the deep state government or or agree with with what’s going on they’re automatically categorized now that’s already been done to some degree because of what we have today but this now takes it to another level that I call the beast system and that literally leads us into what we’re heading in to Armageddon what we’re heading into the tribulation the apocalypse all of the things that you know that we’re going to be facing but none of us really thought that we would be dealing with this type of creature this type of evil radio waves that come into our homes and even it doesn’t matter just like you said no one’s going to escape this and and so what do we do well it’s already late to fight it’s already late to try and petition you know our congressmen because they’re all bought out and and by the way the electrical grid system is being altered if you go to my youtube channel which you can link off of tinfoil hat club you’ll see an interview that I did with Eric Dollard and he revealed to us that because he runs into it he’s an electrical engineer he’s professor in science that they’re altering and changing the electrical grid to the point that instead of having the safeties of grounded systems the way that they’ve altered the electrical wires that run from you know the transmission of the substations to the power poles into your house now you you no longer have a grounded system you no longer have the isolation to keep you from getting electrical shocks lightning storms emps even breakdowns in the system itself that would send high amounts of energy to your home which happens you now do not have the protection but that also means that all the radio waves all the electromagnetic noise that’s in the air now comes right into your home so if you’re hanging on to your dishwasher you’re holding on to it you’re you know you’re doing laundry and you’ve got your hand on the lid of your washing machine at that point in time you become the grid system where before you were isolated or before you were protected that’s no longer the case so now we’ve entered into another issue that puts us all at risk and I’ll stop there and see if you got questions Wow that as I hear you impact this the thought that comes to my mind is just evil people that implement things like this and of course many people that are in the in the system they don’t understand it but the people that are implementing us they do understand it and they’re doing it without any regard to the effects that this type of technology is having on the lives and the health of individuals and I believed that most certainly the the people that developed and implement these types of things in the higher level they understand the connection that this type of technology has with the supernatural realm and I believe also there’s a growing awareness on the part of occultist just like now there are believers that are getting the connection between this technology and the supernatural there are people on the dark side also and I wanted to ask you about something that John pounders run into he was in Denver and he was filming ritual sites and they came upon a power cone and this power cone was set upon an electrical box and basically what power cones are they are just a cone and Bill they’ll pray over it and bless it which is an occultist will use power cones and a design of it is to draw a particular entity into an area and this power cone was set up on top of an electrical box there at a transformer and it seems to me that the people in the dark side are trying to use this just as there are believers now that are becoming aware of it and how to fight it from the spiritual side yeah there’s no question and in that particular circumstance and I and and so that brings up something else that I need to talk about in the General Electric Corporation when in its in its early stages they when you had you know the man of the time they actually were spiritualist and so they were using electronic means called spirit phones and what that means is that through an analog type radio receiver they would ask questions like you would go to a psychic and instead of having a familiar spirits than any spirit that was capable or understood the electromagnetic spectrum could manipulate the the radio waves and you could actually hear the answer that you asked the spirits come over the speaker so that’s been you know since the turn of the century or the nineteen of eighteen or of the 20th century and so it’s been going on for a long time now you you can actually buy these things online and I’ve told people they call them the franc box and a few other things do not use them it’s necromancy no absolutely so so what you’re talking about this cone if they have a non electrical system and they’re calling in spirits then again with the grid system that I was talking about that no longer has the proper grounding and that all interferences are all electromagnetic radiation that should have been bled off so you’re not affected by it again can put you at risk at this but again maybe they’re looking at failure maybe they’re looking for gaining energy now here’s something that’s very interesting one of the transformers that Tesla Nikola Tesla had developed for the Philadelphia Experiment was in the shape of a pyramid and they found that through the the the action of the magnetics coming upward into a peek at the cone which they call it you know what you call a capstone there was an acceleration or the ability to open up that spectrum open up that dimension open up the ability to come and go in a hence this is one of the creation or one of the operations of the Philadelphia Experiment to make things disappear so yes there is a connection and this this coma that is all you know this is one of the things if you see something like this rebuking we still have the authority to to disconnect it to take it offline yeah yeah they did they tore the thing down then and prayed over it and rebuked it absolutely and I wonder if you had ever heard this in regard with Albert Pike Albert Pike made the claim that he could communicate with giuseppe mazzini who is in italy and with other of his ilk with wireless means and this is something that Pike claimed and people around him claimed that and I wondered what was going on there was just some kind of a spirit film was this technology that they possessed that others did at the time and a wonderful kid never heard that regarding mr. pike well Pike would have been prior to most of the technology that came along like in Tesla’s time and so forth but today they would call it remote viewing that is astral projecting now you need to remember that Albert Pike being the head of the Free Masons in Europe and the United States that he worked with a third eye and so astral projection or using the ability of familiar spirits would have been exactly what what he was doing so they’d be conjuring that would be channeling it be the basics of witchcraft so yes absolutely yeah yeah anybody could do it ol Albert could no doubt about that and but just go right ahead Scott it’s just amazing the thoughts that come and the just the scope of this is just mind-boggling and I believe that what we’re seeing is that we are seeing people that rdid that are acquiring it in ways have not been in the past usually it takes a sexual abuse in a repeated manner that begins before the age of five or a systematic attempt by a cult with the repeated trauma to break down the soul but now like you were mentioning divorced scenarios which are terribly traumatic or other things that this along with the the bombardment we’re getting from electronic impulses that this is producing the same effect in people that a lot of this ritualistic abuse and I think this is why we’re seeing this off the chart people that are experiencing of the splitting of the soul well I a couple it’s been a month or so I interviewed Preston Nichols from the Montauk Project now one of the things that was achieved at the Montauk Project for programming for satanic ritual abuse type trauma-based mind control MKULTRA was through electronic means able to to to get into the mind to to program someone at a faster rate so instead of taking you know a year or two years or the age that you were talking about when’s when the best time for the occult to do such things they could do it in a shorter time they were able to program people of different ages that maybe could not of prior and this was all through electronic means that again through this same system of psychotronics of carrier and again even paints scenarios because one of the things with trauma-based mind control is to induce pain to induce fear to induce extreme cold lack of sleep frequencies of high noises just waiting for the other shoe to drop which we call post manic stress so this technology again as we move forward can be used for all that now one of the things that that I am concerned about as as I as I mentioned on the show that I just did the Beast of the earth that we have hybrids Syria right now has been reporting that the super soldier type hybrids have been killing and eating the soldiers right there on the field now these are a self-sustaining warrior that has been basically genetically modified as a soldier to do the dirty work which I believe comes from Israel which I believe comes from the United States and even Russia I believe in the opposition of all this but they too have to have a communication system they too are need to be controlled they need to be brought back they need to be told what to do they need to be shown where to go and so this electronic system whether it’s through military type cell or through satellite or any of the other technology I call this being online whether you’re online with demons through astral projection after of travel whether you’re online through clairvoyance meaning of familiar spirits whether you’re online through psychotronic means everything that is taking place and more time scenarios leading up to what we will be dealing in arm again that this technology is in place and i believe is being tested out now this is part of what’s going on in syria so if you have a clone if you have a hybrid if you have a super soldier if you have basically a beast meaning anything other than human then it doesn’t have the soul it’s it’s an abomination it’s like a disembodied spirit from from the dead Nephilim and what it means that it does not have a conscious it does not have the ability to do love and it is able to basically to to kill indiscriminately without any thought whatsoever no conscience nothing of the holy spirit to tell it to give it you know any feel of guilt that it should stop such a thing and and so this technology again I believe through satellites and through the you know military type cellphone that everything that we’re seeing taking place in Syria is probably the first really experiment of these types of soldiers in a full combat situation that is literally going to lead us into these days now I know that that we’ve talked a little bit about pre-adamic we’ve we’ve talked about different things in the past but when it comes to what we’re dealing with now if you’re wondering how they’re going to control these things whether you have someone who is a sorcerer that’s in the military that is doing a stroll controlling whether you have somebody who’s using control through electronic means of these particular clones which may have a chip in them a super soldier or a hybrid that may have a chip in them regardless it’s still gonna be the same technology and so I was mentioning on my show that just south of me here at area 52 which is the Tonopah test range I came across some information that the underground facility is housing potentially 250,000 of these creatures that are super soldiers well if you’ve got that many that you release at one time you know if you’ve ever kicked an ant bed or throwing a rock at a wasps nest as a kid just to see what happened to try and control these things would be quite a task so I think that 5gn in itself that once it’s in place may be one of the main control networks to control these things so I don’t expect to see anything real fast real quick here that will happen as I’m speaking about this but I think that once 5g or some of the other technologies are in place I believe that will be the control grid Wow we had a man whose father was in the CIA give us knows his grandfather excuse me and they gave us his Bible and it was a Masonic Bible and it was very elaborately encased in metal we have it in the other room in there and I have had other people tell us that similar books on objects encased in metal have been seen in ritual sites and the you know you talked about chemtrails about how the medals and the chemtrails will actually make our bodies conductive and open us up to be able to be manipulated not only by the frequencies in the air but to use that in opening doors the supernatural now could it be and is there any connection and I and that’s what I thought when I see these Bibles and ritual books encased in metal that they’re literally just using it as conductors and could the use of such things like the lustrous waters the use of waters with salts in them that they’ll spray on individuals and in the area could just do the same thing create a conductivity that would open doors up and enhance their of invocation of their Devils is is this something that is a reality absolutely and in fact water in itself h2o is non-conductive if if you were to accidentally be exposed to electrical wires while in contact with water if it is distilled water you’re not going to be shocked it still it’s a and until you add salt to it where you add any type of metal that is what takes place are we still in line you went off for a second okay if I’m still online I’ll just continue but with it when when you introduce salts metals aluminum’s beryllium or any of the other that comes from chemtrails and you consume them then this is a circumstance that they he is back alright and Scott we lost you okay why is it I wasn’t sure I’ll pick up where I left off yeah I was mentioning that water in itself h2o is not conductive I used to be an analytical tester for Motorola on denies water and the reason that they had this particular filtration system was so that when it came in contact with their processes there was no contamination of metals onto the integrated circuits that they were making and I noticed that if I were to take my finger and actually touch the tub of water the meter that measured the conductivity or the resistance of the water would peg just from the simple touch of my finger because of the salts and my finger would now make the water conductive Wow so anytime that salt aluminum’s beryllium and any copper or any of these other metals are introduced in our systems in fact an electrician who’s working and sweating very profusely stands a higher chance of being completely electrocuted than someone who is not sweating because now the salt is on the outside of their body and and so yes if it is all affected metal is absolutely a conductor the length of the metal the width of the metal can be can have a resonance meaning you have an antenna that has a certain length well that length is proportional to the frequency so a book if it’s a certain length or width or height or whatever it may be a certain residence so if it’s got a metal cover on it I mean I’ve never run into that but it wouldn’t surprise me yeah it maybe also to that the particular metal in itself may be of a ritual content of having silver maybe having some gold in it that would be my guess but I wanted to mention too that your pineal gland which is part of the third eye meaning that that it seems to be our transducer or our antenna to the Holy Spirit now the occult has learned that the opening of the third eye takes over the pineal gland this is why the Catholic Church has the the cone on on their staffs which looked like a pinecone which kind of looks like a pineal the pineal gland in our brain if if you if you take too much mineral content such as you know the water treatment that we have in our you know the United States that can that can absolutely foul that up it can take it into a carbon level where it’s no longer functioning so what does that mean well that means that our ability to connect to the Spirit meaning in in the sense of God’s Way is hampered when when I pray for people and I break the the Freemason curses off of them or the occult I close their third eye and when I do that their nightmares go away the visitations go away their thought processes clear up they’re no longer confused they’re no longer getting these false messages from the demonic realm that contradict the Holy Spirit so it’s a battle you know the the spirit realm battles over the mind this is where the fears in our mind this is where the thoughts come in that that maybe we think we’re not loved or cared by God or no one cares or I’m worthless or any of this other the battles in the mind and and when someone has their pineal gland or the third eye open they’re going to hear every kind of demonic message that contradicts the message that God has for them so whether it’s through through spirit means whether it’s through word curses or curses that come through opening up the third eyes such as the ceremonies that take place in Freemasonry or whether it’s heavy metals and and electronic means this is what we’re running into so everything that that is your concern I confirm it is a concern yeah and I think there is a awareness of just like with the power comb just like that these lustrous waters and I believe that a lot of the potions that these people are having people to drink that it’s the same thing that these same principles are an operation and wanted to digress to what we were talking about just before this just a bit and in the regard to the super soldiers are all sides using this is this primarily the United States and Israel who are the people that are actually using this or is that all of the above well it’s all the above definitely China definitely a Russia def the United States and and definitely Israel Israel is extremely advanced in technology it’s been 12 years ago I was offered to go to Israel to contract with Intel well who would think Intel would be in Israel well Israel actually has one of the most advanced sites for Intel to make micro processors in fact being in the war-torn area that they are the walls of the factory are literally three feet thick with you know all the steel and all the concrete to protect it so when we’re talking about advancements of technology whether it’s electronic being of military being a bio being that of being able to alter DNA they’re definitely at the top of the game and by the way 5g and it’s developed Manufacturing is mostly coming from Israel with the agreement with with President Trump to purchase and to have their engineering lead the way into the United States Wow so when it comes to Russia well Syria was reporting even by their own administration even in the UN that they were reporting the genetically modified soldiers that are in the field and they’re blaming Israel they’re blaming the United States and so in order to counter this then you know someone like Russia who who is on on Syria side is going to bring in their bad boys and and let them Duke it out so again Syria right now is it is a test site for this technology for genetically modified super soldiers there see you after the smoke clears they’re gonna see who’s whose toy works the best and and so China themselves you bet you they’ve got that technology remember they the amount of money that they were making off the United States for all the goods that they were selling Harbor Freight and tools you know I mean everyone had to go to Harbor Freight and buy tools they were taking all that money and building up their military and with this the selling of the secrets and the Clintons by the way when they were in office they sold a great deal of information to the Chinese they sold a great deal of information to the North Koreans along with nuclear information so yes they all have them at least the big boys on the block have them and the United States has led the way with area 51 with Project Paperclip you know bringing in the Nazi scientists to develop all of this and here we are today 60 70 years later they have state-of-the-art weapons and these weapons are hybrids and they’re being unleashed and and released and again the technology in order to control them is again you know much like the 5g so the 5g once it’s in place I believe we’re going to see more of this activity of these hybrids because this will be the control mechanism well a couple times tonight you have mentioned pre-adamic spirits and I’ve never discussed this with you before and I do believe in the pre-adamic race and pre-adamic spirits and if you do a lot of effect do you think these spirits are having what are they what effect do they have and what role are they playing in the dark side well again with the last three shows that I did the beasts of the earth I go into detail and I go into detail about how the brain works now again when I was talking about the electrical impulses you know you even have chemical we have hormone you know we have the all the system makeup of our brain that is alive and electrical pulses and since these electrical pulses are minut again when a demon influences when it comes to paranoid schizophrenia when it comes to hearing voices when it comes to fear when it comes to delusional or any of the other circumstances of of depression being suicidal this is how this takes place in the brain is that the demons manipulate the electrical and the chemical and the hormonal and it takes a specific demon to do it so you have a spirit of fear you have a spirit of anger you have a spirit of rage I have a spirit of infirmity and they’ve learned to manipulate and control so when you take medications when you take a psychotropic drug then and what it does is it short circuits what the demon is doing it keeps them from from being able to manipulate that part of the brain but you’ll notice that people who come off the medication they crash well now you’ve got a demon that’s been bound for two months five months a year and he’s man he’s he’s not been able to act out his ugly ugly nature and when you come down off these medications you’ve got a rattlesnake that wants to stretch come out of the hole and stretch himself out so demons are able to use electromagnetics that’s why I was talking about the spirit phone that’s a great representation to show that the electromagnetic spectrum can be influenced by the demonic well again what is the demonic well again as I’m you know Book of Enoch and other cases that tell us that the sons of God coming into the daughters of man mating with them bearing Giants then we have an abomination we have a altered or a corruption of man and this pre pre flood you know such as the Book of Enoch that when they were destroyed that since they were not a spirit of God God being the father of spirits those things during conception during the formation of human in the womb that this spirit that God places into them then as sanctified or as holy because it comes from him when you have Lucifer when you have the Fallen Angels or the two hundred fallen angels when they did what they did that was an abomination so when these creatures when these hybrids when these Nephilim died they then became evil spirits now you can also have human spirit and this is in the form of what we call sirens so there were women who didn’t who were not just taken by fallen angels they actually lusted after them and so this was a damnation that came place on to a human and we call them sirens so in the spirit room we have quite a mixture of things now with pre-adamic whether we had prior to Adam where they whatever you want to call it I believe that there is such a mixture of demonic spirits out there that trying to separate them are trying to determine where they came from is task I’m not qualified to do but what I do do is I categorize them to their purpose to their ability what they’re capable of doing otherwise when they infect an individual when they act out their ugly nature is that a nature of depression it is a is a symptom of anxieties or or even being lethargic or anger or whatever but in either case we’re dealing with a entity that is able to manipulate the mind and since the mind works off of electrical impulses since the mind works off of chemicals this is what they do and this is not mastered by all the demons there are demons that are lower-class that are just simply there to torment in to terrorize we also have demons and by the way you know we’re body mind we’re soul and spirit and and so if if you are a Christian your spirit man your spirit belongs to Jesus Christ so when the demons come in they come into your physical body they come into your brain they come into the actual body itself and this is where they cause havoc and by the casting out of demons then these symptoms these problems go away and this is called deliverance this is or the the world calls it an exorcism but unfortunately it is not exercised and so many many people suffer from this issue and I know that this is what you deal with – with the people that you pray for yeah we certainly do and I the longer we live and the more we deal with things we certainly are dealing with a complexity in the fallen world there are many different entities that function in different ways and we can’t we’re not going to understand it all but I’m convinced there is that complexity there and when it comes to deliverance when a person is coming to be delivered and they’re at the point of confession and renunciation what effect can electronic weaponry or exposure or whatever what effect can that have in keeping the ground for that devil in place in the individual well I brought out and again in the show that a ministry that I worked in in Arizona for a while that the man who was running it was interested in the equipment that they used for paranormal research so otherwise when you have someone who’s ghost chasing they used instruments that measure magnetic they may have electromagnetic sticks static electro there’s heat sensors there’s infrared monitoring otherwise being able to see something in a different spectrum and so he funded and I purchased this equipment and I set it up in the main delivery sanctuary where we would have group deliverance and we would have 50 to 100 people on a Friday night or a Sunday night delivering masses of people and you’d have thought the pits of hell opened up why all the screaming of the demons coming out of the people that anyone in walking by would have been terrified thinking that people were being murdered but it was just the demons coming out and I need to tell you that not once did any of this equipment measure any demonic activity any action any altercation nothing well if that’s the case then why do these paranormal individuals get all of these instrument readings they get the the needle that moves they get the LED bar the changes well I came to the conclusion that these individuals who are paranormal investigators most of them are new agers and they’re not in Christ so in in their presence just like the sons of sceva where when the demon manifested he says Jesus I know Paul I know who are you and then leaped into thee to the leave the father and the son and causes them to tear their clothes off and run naked down the street that when you’re operating in the blood of Jesus Christ there is a protection that keeps the demons from acting out their ugly nature keeping them from retaliating and bushing or sabotage keeping them from basically manipulating the electromagnetic spectrum when you’re truly operating in the blood of Jesus Christ when you are a bondservant you’re doing exactly in the order being God of a God of order what he’s called us to do there is a protection so when someone comes to me and they need deliverance and again they may think they’re being gang stalked or they may think that they’re being affected by psychotronics that in the breaking of the curse and the casting out of the demon that all of these effects go away and the ringing of the years the the visitations at night the nightmares the night tears all the things that gave the appearance of being gang stalked including the target that was on their back were the rage road rage stops now they get along with the clerk and the store that they didn’t get along before because the demons come in and they just play havoc they work on our emotions they cause people to to be countered to each other in fact we see that in Scripture that you know the love of many will wax cold and there will be a separation of people you know just father against son and and mother-in-law against a daughter and and it’s going to be a circumstance that will be devastating to us but when we do deliverance when we break the curses and we get the demons out then these effects stop so my point in this is that regardless unless it’s an energy wave that causes so much pain that you’re taken to the ground which will do to anybody that any of the effects that come from the microwave towers that will come from the 5g that are part of mind control that are part of some type of pain or reward system I believe from what I’ve seen is not going to have them and this will be a part of the end times that the remnant few who stand in the authority and do what they’re called to do they they are obedient and and they’re honoring God through what the through keeping of the commandments like the Great Commission that there’s a job to do so yeah it doesn’t you know the the amount of circumstances that I’ve run into over the years doing deliverance that a lot of people are concerned that you know that I would be injured that I would be killed and so forth in and there’s been many circumstances that could have led to that but every time that there’s been in a conscious attack by the enemy whether it’s been electronic whether it’s been through demonized people or those who are controlled either by spirits or by electronic means I’ve been able to walk away from it and so I believe that that from from what I’ve seen with all the deliverances that I’ve done that that’s the case there regardless of electronic being used that many of us will not be affected we may we may you know take the slap across the face but we’re gonna get up or we’re gonna dust ourselves off we’re going to come up swinging and that’s my goal is to get everyone ready for that and I can’t see it any plainer than that Amen well said and I’m going – sister Donna – get ready to present questions to you from our listeners and as she’s getting ready Scott once again give out your contact information for listeners okay well again the two basic websites is my name Scott penslar H ENS lar Scott hence alert org and then the main site that I’m working right now is tinfoil hat Club comm and if you go to any of those sites you can get the contact information it also get the links to my YouTube channel and I have one of my first books out was called second heaven invasion the the condensed version was called hoodoo voodoo and what it is is it’s a basically a step-by-step understanding of the spear room understanding of the curses understanding of deliverance self deliverance to deliver your child I’ve got a chapter on delivering children chapter on delivering yourself spiritual warfare understanding soul ties that’s another thing that really needs to be addressed because of all the divorces that’s taking place and and so if you go to the the tinfoil hat club they’ll link you to the YouTube you’ll see 30 hours of an hour each dedicated to each chapter of the book ii have an invasion so if you haven’t heard those yet they’re all free obviously available my book is out of print right now so if you email me scott at scott answered calm or.org and i’m request my book i will give it to you in PDF form and we can least print out parts that you want but in the back of those chapters such as deliverance are examples of how i pray what i say and in the order that i do it and that’s what i’ve been doing for many years with great success and i’m just simply trying to pass it on to everywhere else amen that is fantastic and i’m going – mr. Donner – come on now and to give some of the questions from our listeners this evening okay um çb actually had a sudden thought about the 5g network because there’s five major religions churchianity Islam Judaism Hindu and Buddhist I’m so the 5g will set the mind to be malleable towards ecumenism our religions deemed equal and no standards towards anything so what do you think about that Scott well I know that the FCC is already allocating 6g so it’s not a number that’s going to stop but when it comes to numbers the occult is is well that’s how they live that’s everything is based on the Stars the dates the times the number system gematria if anyone’s familiar with that you can go to a Jamaat rate calculator online if you come across numbers such as 5g quit 5g in the gematria calculator and see what you come up with I think that that’ll that’ll answer your question and real fast okay William once you know what’s the difference between the towers such as cell towers I guess Harrison the 5g I thought article on Wikipedia I believe and I said that the 5g was supposed to be a little shorter mmm-hmm I don’t know if there’s any other differences yes well again it’s line of sight so so cell cell phones are still microwaved with their lower frequency so they’re able to go longer distance they’re able to penetrate through the walls that’s why you can use the phone in your house but a 5g can’t cannot do that because it’s so high in frequency so Heights means nothing to it so they can put it at ground level they can put it on a light pole doesn’t need to be the hundred feet in the air and so yes there is a difference in it that’s why you’re not really going to see it on cell towers that’s why you’re going to see it more in a head height or no more than maybe 20 feet off the ground okay well Valerie wants to know um when does 5g actually happened here in the USA or has it already happened well again it’s just equated to lighting a candle one at a time remember it takes so many of these to complete the system they have to manufacture them and they have to install them and we’re talking about a multi-billion dollar project so it is not in place everywhere by any means whatsoever we’re talking about a couple years and so there may be some areas that have it that have been part of the experiments like I say San Diego was one of the test beds but again when it starts happening you’ll see these boxes you know again 10 20 feet off the ground one around the corner one on the fence one on the light pole they’ll be everywhere it’s not going to be like cell towers so you’ll know when it comes okay and Valerie had a question about what you said about our protection from yaw that she thought you said we’re not under the protection because of the curses so could you explain that a little bit more well we are in the protection because of if Lucifer could wipe us out he would have already done it these demons would have just run us over like a steamroller but a lot of us operate in what we call generational curses meaning that the sins of our Father you may have had a freemason grandfather you may have had a grandmother great-grandmother that was a practicing witch and these were abominations and these carried down through the bloodline the sins of the father carry on of the third and fourth generation so it doesn’t mean that you’re excluded you still have the seal of God upon your forehead your name is Stewart in the Lamb’s Book of Life but you’re operating in a deficit meaning that you have that since the blood of Christ has been there to redeem us otherwise the Great Commission to cast out demons and set the captives free and bind up the broken heart and set the captives you know and in the ability to move forward and full authority isn’t implemented because the church has stood down they haven’t taught the deliverance they haven’t brought in they haven’t allowed to basically God to – – to fill us up with what we’ve been called to do everyone’s got a call in everyone has the ability but until you renounce confess repent and get the sins broken off the demon still have a legal right to you the good news is that Jesus Christ gave us that ability and that’s called deliverance amen and that’s that simple yes thank you so much Scott we’ve learned in our ministry many times people want to jump in and start casting out Devils but they do not deal with the groundwork of why that devil has the right to be there so that’s why we always start with a lot of the basic things you know praying about the doors that you’ve opened objects you have in your home things like that that you have to do the cleanup work before you get down to do casting out Devils a lot of times so I have an example let me let me give you uh there was a dear lady in Coeur d’Alene Idaho her and her husband were just precious people of the Lord and their their spouses died and they came together in their seventies and married and on their honeymoon they went to Greece well while they were in Greece the new you know husband wanted to buy his bride a necklace so he buys her a necklace in Greece that was made of gold not really understanding the occult and the symbolism and when they came back to the United States she became so ill that she they almost lost her a few times they could not figure out what was wrong with her and I went to a Bible study and just happened to be there when when they came in because they were searching for prayer and someone said to me what do you think of the necklace and I took one look at it nice and I just couldn’t believe what I was looking at of course they didn’t know they weren’t educated on the occult and I said you need to get rid of that right now you need to repent of it they did they they melted it down and sold it off and guess what a year later I saw that woman in the gym working out like some 30 year old it was you know she was someone that was going to be dead within a couple of months and all accurse and once that was broke off because of that jewelry she she completely came back I know I told al any one time to get rid of her Favre ASCII crystal necklace or bracelet she’d bought I couldn’t figure out why but I had been on the website and I had done some information I don’t know if it would still be up there but I found out that there were a lot of felicity questionable people that had been praying over that jewelry before it was ever sent out so we always have to be aware of all the ways that the enemy can come in yes in jewelry can be that way to being I I was raised in Arizona and and so the Navajo the Hopi the the Apache all of them making their jewelry and selling it within Arizona not that they had the intent like a witch word to hurt somebody what they do pray spirits into it and so many of the people who came in for deliverance that was one of the entries was that jewelry yes Amen Ali wants to know well five G effect landlines at all are they planning to make landlines obsolete like they did local TV networks well the the hardwire landline is really already obsolete a lot of the phones now are brought in by cable know you’ve got your cable network and you’ve got TV and you’ve got internet and then you’ve got the IP type address phone so landline will be around most likely all the time because there’s so much money invested into it but it also takes a lot of money to keep it going you’ve got to repair it you’ve got water leaks you’ve got ground the changes you know with the Cape Barry cables you’ve got lightning strikes so it will be phased out but it’s going to take a long time okay amy has the question do the EMF devices on the internet really protect us from EMS like the whole house EMF reducers no no and in fact I’m glad I’m glad you brought this up there are a lot of devices that people are selling on the internet that claim that they’re able to give a shield of protection away from arm from RF radiation that’s the the electromagnetic frequencies there is some relief there is some suppression but as a whole it does not because radio waves come in in all directions and unless you are completely shielded like a Faraday cage or a Faraday shield you’re still going to get radiated now here’s the other problem some of these devices jam some of these devices counter meaning that there are actually transmitters and they’re trying to fight fire with fire they’re trying to null out the signal otherwise there’s devices they call anti anti knock devices on diesel engines and it’s a microphone built into the engine and when it hears the engine knock it actually out of phase of the of the of the sound of the knock reproduce it with a type of speaker and it cancels out the noise so you don’t hear the knock in the engine because it’s been canceled out Wow listen this is kind of what they’re trying to do but here’s the problem that these devices let’s say that you knocked it off the table let’s say that you bought it from the Chinese and they used inferior components that in time just from temperature changes in your room from winter to summer that they can they can alter frequency otherwise they can come offline like you change the channel on the TV now you’re on a different frequency so now they can be radiating at you instead of helping you and many of them are the lower frequencies that are supposed to help you you know become one with with the with the earth what they call the Schumann resonance what you need to understand about Schumann residents at seven point eight six or whatever it’s at Hertz which is very low that if you get up to eight Hertz people have been driven into insanity there was a apartment complex where a fan bearing went bad and it was resonating at 8 Hertz and people were jumping out of windows people were shooting themselves people’s insides were becoming like jelly it was a residence that our human body is not able to tolerate and so these devices that you buy in my opinion you’ve wasted your money and you didn’t know what many them can be dangerous so I am absolutely against it the only thing that you’re going to be able to do is to put yourself into a complete shield now online with YouTube you’ll find some examples that people who are electromagnetics sensitive hyper electromagnetic sensitive make cages that they put around their bed and it’s you know cumbersome it’s unfortunate but if you’re not gonna get a good night’s sleep because you’ve got a cell tower down the road from you that is the answer and in my opinion and from what I’ve seen and what I’ve dealt with though that is the only answer and when it comes to 5g I’m going to be considering of making myself a Faraday cage very much like the ones that you see on YouTube so that’s that’s what I recommend about speaking from a mechanic’s daughter point of view they might be able to get rid of the sound of that knock they’re only getting rid of the symptom they’re not really getting rid of the real problem that’s causing a knock which is the same thing happens with a lot of people with medications yes I think it’s really simplest but it really doesn’t cure the problem that’s right absolutely and it’s the same thing with let’s say that you have a demon of I call them crazy makers you have someone that you just can’t be in relationship with because they’re always causing trouble they’re troublemakers oh yeah oh yeah so so you do something to get them involved in let’s say music or a hobby or try and you know point him in another direction well yeast they still have the demons and there’s so in time they’re gonna turn back to being crazy makers so you never resolved the problem until you remove the demons you’re always going to have the issue I’m this idea here I know God doesn’t want us to live in fear so we really appreciate you Scott for sharing your knowledge with us so we won’t be ignorant of it however you’ve mentioned the cage what are some practical things we can do to shield ourselves and our homes and can we’d like to have some suggestions for prayer strategy too that we can pray about so just go ahead and share that if you would well prayer strategy again if someone’s in sin we’re reminded that that in your sin that when you pray God doesn’t hear your prayers and a lot of people can argue that and say no no no well Gina I found just the opposite that when you get your life straight now and and you really truly become that bondservant you’ve dedicated yourself that is a that is that completely turns things around so if you’re in an environment that is let me put it this way demons are opportunists if you’re being affected by radio waves and you already have a demon of anxiety then they’re gonna ride the gravy train they’re gonna hang ten on the surfboard and they’re gonna use that electromagnetics to irritate you even more in fact they’ll draw you into by technology they’ll drawing draw you into buying the home next to the cell tower they’ll do things like that you’d sound as crazy as it is that happens so first off get yourself right then your prayers will start to manifest and the power and the authority of Jesus Christ and that way if you are next to a cell tower at least you’ve eliminated the demonic issue and now it’s in God’s hand is what we’re to do when if we’re in a circumstance that is beyond our control we have authority over demons but we do not have authority over man and whenever you have a human who is willing to do evil things we have authority over the demons in them but they still have the will to override in the kamacho that’s why we have murders that’s why we have rapists that’s why we have people who do things that you just shake your head wondering why they would do it so that’s a that’s something that you need to go to your prayer closet and straighten it out with God between you and God and let God direct you because I can see her all day and give you examples and it may be the exact opposite of what God’s directing you well and like we said there’s other things that couldn’t bring spirits into your home usually dimensional objects and a you know honor in our ministry david has been impressed and the God has revealed some new prayers Brett strategies and we have a a playlist on our YouTube channel we call it new spiritual warfare so David did you want to just just briefly touch on a few of those ways well what we have found is there’s a operation that there are three heavens and there’s a complexity of spirits in the 1st 2nd and 3rd heaven and in binding of the powers in the 2nd heaven of in job it talks about binding the Pleiades and there was from most ancient times and understanding that these Pleiades were a seat of dark power and all through Scripture the stars are talking of spoken of as actual angels and in the Book of Enoch it talks about the heavenly luminaries actually being moved by angels so another one of so we will pray to bind the Pleiades and also the plan tastes from the most ancient times into the the temple at Babylon there were seven levels of the temple that were aligned with the seven planets and the plan tastes and in the book of Jude it talks about these teachers being wandering stars or plant aides under the influence of his powers in the second heaven so we will specifically pray to bind these powers and we have found this to be very very effective and we also pray about the connections to the astral plane that’s also another way that we deal with issues let’s see Amy had a question about when you said something about being mapped what does that mean big mapped well we have personalities we have our bio so when your biles scanned there’s also i don’t like the word aura but there is a magnetic field around us that is specific or your signature of who you are and so when you’ve been mapped your minds mapped on the basic process of your think or your thought process that’s being mapped so so when you have a hundred people that are at a concert and they’re in the cellphone tower range and as the waves go through everybody they can pick each individual by the mapping or the signature of the person’s bio so that’s what it means okay Rachel wants to know is it better phones or just hardwired phones um well anything that’s Wi-Fi is is gonna be bad the wireless mouse the Bluetooth that you got stuck to your head thus telephone in itself I try and go hardwired including the Internet so my office or anything that I that I have I try do not use Wi-Fi I stick with Ethernet I stick with everything that can give me data communication without wireless the more you have that’s wireless the more affected you’re going to be by the microwaves okay is there any way to insulate your house to the five G thing no no that’s the other thing you would spend so much money in fact let me give you an example I’ve lost contact with this older couple and they were they definitely were one of the targeted individuals for the satellite targeting so they were they were being burned on a regular basis and the wife figured it out I get a give her credit she figured out she went online and she looked at the satellite there’s there several programs that tell you what satellites or what and where they’re at when they’re gonna be over your head on orbit and she figured out that there were two or three satellites that when they came within the range over her property her and her husband were suffering from tremendous amounts of pain they spent thousands and thousands of dollars including lead shielding to stop and block the microwave that was being transmitted by the satellite so I don’t know why they were targeted they they had experts come in I don’t know what the husband did he there was a time that they they were very wealthy they have the financial means they literally spent their their life savings to shield their home and it was ineffective though and I’ve lost contact with him I do not know what happened to him Wow Jeremy with him in prayer a Valerie wants to know about the smart meters what do they do to this well again they’re Wi-Fi and they have two specific frequencies now they’re connected to the electrical grid for monitoring of the wattage the voltage you know the wattage hours or kilowatt hours that you consume but there are also a relay device like the transponder that I talked about for 5g and so when you have smart devices in your home like your TV your dishwasher or any others it’s rebroadcasts the signal from these devices to the power receiving stations and so that means that they’re a Bluetooth device or frequency device on that range and then they have another transmitter that transmits the signal from your home to as much as 30 miles away so that means they’re fairly high powered so now you’re getting the Bluetooth Wi-Fi bombardment and now you’re getting another frequency range at high power so there are many many people that live in apartments who never thought about this but on the other side of their wall were thirty twenty fifty meters because that’s where the electrical came in to the apartment complex and their life was upside down they couldn’t sleep their immune systems were shot so smart meters again are part of this terrorizing basically of humanity now if there is smart meters in a complex and like we live on the second floor but I think smart meters are down in the basement how much the further you are away from them the better that it is those people began that that are you know would have had it on the other side of the wall there in what we call the near field and that means they’re in the highest point of radiation and that’s that’s a very terrible situation so the further you are away the better you are okay what about these machines I’ve seen on YouTube and they advertise that you get this machine you know hang on to these two poles and you receive frequencies and then you know you’ve actually get electric things running through your system plus you put on a headset and you hear these frequencies is there anything it really works about that or are they all just well that that isn’t really – – they may say it but it’s not the original idea was to try and to get your body back into the earth residence there was a time that we didn’t wear shoes and we walked on the earth our feet were planted we neutralized to the magnetics or the electrical field of the earth we don’t do that anymore wrong concrete we’re on a rubber and so our static charge our bodies become out of balance to the normal magnetic field in the earth and so the process of trying to neutralize you back to the same polarity as the earth has lividity it has truth but unfortunately that the occult also uses is to try and do astral traveling try and connect with spirits and so I don’t recommend it if you if you don’t know where it came from and you don’t know what you’re doing don’t mess with it okay Ally learns Genoa is DARPA brain mapping somehow involved in all this 5g revolution well DARPA is the engineering behind all the military weapons that blow up things and kill people so they were the pioneers in this technology so yes okay what about these cars that have the OnStar thing like when you get in trouble you can just punch a button and get connected I can me is this connected to the 5g stuff and can they control your car well it’s not connected to the 5g it’s connected by satellite and some of the later systems by cell phone out there is enough cell phone towers they can lock you out of your car they can keep your car from starting so if there is martial law declared anyone who has OnStar will find that their vehicle is useless so if you in plus they track you this way too and the insurance company’s looking for speeders because they can now see how fast you’re going there they’re looking at charging you for carbon taxing because you’ve driven so many miles most people that are aware of this just going and disconnect OnStar I I don’t want it I’ll never have it in my vehicles Amen well praise God we have cars that run most of the time but they’re not new and so ok you mentioned something about necromancy so Ally wants to know does this mean the craft is real right not that the dead are really communicating you’re not denying that there’s actually demon speaking right yeah it’s necromancy the familiar spirit is one that leads you to believe that you’re talking to Uncle Joe they lead you to believe that your dog that you had as a boy comes and visits you the whole thing is a scam to get you the neck Buddhist pull into the behavior of committing divination and this is an abomination so the whole thing’s alive but it is evil spirits and and when we say familiar spirits they’ve been in your family so they know your bloodline they knew your father they knew your grandfather and so they know and they’re very intelligent and so they know how to fool you to think that you’re talking to Grandma so ok and I had a question what about our old teeth fillings can they can this 5gb you somehow I know I’ve heard that’s bad have mercury fillings but I want it yeah mercury in itself when you chew and you bite down there’s actually mercury gas released every time that you that you eat so the removing of mercury should be done anyways but any metal within your body will be conductive and you know that if you go in and get a cat scan you know get it an MRI the electromagnetic field that is so powerful that if you have any metal in you at all let’s say you have a chip metal chip in your eye and you didn’t know it you literally could drive the chip through your brain so metal is something we need to remove from our bodies and and you know we’ve got the normal minerals that we should have of copper and and so forth but those are what we call colloidal the meaning that it’s not in the mineral form like an ore or a ferrous metal so if you have anything that’s ferrous in it meaning magnetic or susceptible to be magnetized we need to get rid of all that and when you mentioned ferrous that makes to think of iron so if you have to take iron supplements and things like that well again it should be in colloidal form if you want to look that up what you’ll find is plants when they upload metals in the ground they were able to confer convert it into a form that your body can absorb so I’m actually talking about the the metals that we condensed and accumulate that do you no good so you have gall stones kidney stones these are remnants or masses that have come together that are too overwhelming for your system to remove and of course you know how painful those things can be so kalota was as though is the way to go when it comes to any of these forms of bringing in iron or copper or any of the others that are beneficial to us okay like once you know any act in the event of the activation of 5g with this be fulfilling of first Thessalonians five and three or when they say they have peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child and they shall not escape well III don’t know well I I don’t think so I think that that something like this would be more of an energy weapon more of an atomic issue again you know Putin mentioned that the super-soldier the hybrid is actually more dangerous or more terrifying or more destructive than nuclear weapons well how can that be a nuclear bomb goes off it kills a million people in one shot but if you release let’s say a million hybrids the terror in itself that would coming to the death over a hybrid would be a long term would be a longer death a more terrifying death and that’s the destruction that he was talking about so it’s kind of up in the air what what it really means but unfortunately I in time we’re gonna find out okay Alec had a question was living in the mountains protect us seeing that Yeshua told his followers to flee to the mountains when they saw the event he warned them about absolutely the propagation of radio waves now micro or microwave that comes from satellites is a different animal because it has an overhead effect of shooting straight down onto you but if you’re in the mountains mountains are made of what metal or full of forest full of trees even in the deserts with the low shrub those absorbed those block those tender radio waves so living in the mountains living in an area that does not have the buildup of cell towers and all the other communication is a plus that is my goal in fact I feel so much better when I’m up in the mountains and get behind and away from all the stuff from the towns so yes alright season has a question are you familiar with the news aircraft the Malaysia Airlines Rothschilds making 100 percent of a revolutionary patent on semiconductors liquid metal and robots in 2014 and now in 2018 and now the electromagnetic activity a twitter has been deleted without permission which said danger is serious for you to evacuate to be cautious in other words you know is there anything to this Rothschild well the Rothschild bankers they the amount of money that they have and they have their hands and just about everything I’m not from area exactly with that statement but the technology of craft that we have today with the ability that in its operation in itself just like weaponized cell towers any of the stuff is going to be an issue and a problem but that specific reference to that I’m not familiar with okay I like those another question we can’t we clean our pineal gland by decalcifying it with the Casa de iodine x2 by Infowars I know they recommend iodine supplements does ja way want us to have a clean the calcified pineal gland absolutely again no the the the generations prior to us were not exposed to any of this and the generations prior to us if if they were to see the way we behave and what we allow to take place they would be horrified and I think the dumbing down of society has been through that particular means because there’s so many people now who have rejected God will never accept God and I believe that that was one of the tools used in order to block the masses from being able to comprehend who God is I’m a friend who recently got copper bracelets I’ve seen them advertised to try to help with arthritis pain and there’s been an influx of a lot of copper products and even jewelry like I said for joint pain is that good or bad well the properties of copper can have a effect on electro magnetics is non-ferrous meaning that that magnetics magnets do not stick to it so its own property and its structure its molecular structure seems to have relief for arthritis seems to have something that is a benefit my question would be who did you buy it from did they pray over did they put emblems on it so again be very cautious of stuff like this okay that was their last question so did you anything else you wanted to share before we in the program no just just understand that regardless of the information tonight God is in control and and we need to rely on him corporately come together and petition for divine intervention for all of this stuff and bye-bye what has happened to the churches and by just the the the attempt to take anyone that’s that’s of a nature that of God they have just tried to do their best to keep us from from being who we are so turn to who you are in Christ and that I just say Jesus plus nothing so my bear got his back well my the the basis of what I just said was Jesus plus nothing amen that is very very very good advice well I don’t see John here I sent him a message so maybe he’ll be back here in a second all right he should be so we can close this show out and I just want to thank you once again Scott for a fantastic program tremendous information and tremendous spiritual balance and great information and great advice for believers here in the last days so thank you so much for a fantastic broadcast thank you alrighty well can we just go ahead and why don’t we just close in prayer David thank God for the many people that are targeted and for people that are being affected by this can we just close out in prayer we absolutely can I know we have many targeted individuals and many SRA people and that are listening and all of us that are concerned with these issues so why don’t you just close out the broadcast with the word of Prayer Scott all right thank you all right Scott is back again all right right when you begin to present Scott look at that you flicked out there to thought it so go right ahead all right father in the name of Jesus Christ I thank you for who you are and I thank you for the gift of your son and we invite the presence of the holy spirit and father right now in the name of Jesus Christ anyone that is under spiritual attack anyone there’s other anxieties or fear in the name of Jesus Christ second Timothy 1:7 we have not been given a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind and so father’s we corporately come together in petition in agreement – or more than in the name of Jesus Christ we pull down strongholds we will not in the name of Jesus accept any retaliation ambush or sabotage and so father I just ask that your peace comes upon all of us and under Psalm 91 you take us under your wing and as we move forth in the name of Jesus Christ and obedience that you bless us and as your hand is upon us to violently guide us to your will and we thank you in Jesus name Amen amen well high five everybody god bless you and we’ll see you next Saturday night on the midnight ride


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