Nutrition & Diets : Losing Weight Taking Vitamin B Complex

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My name is Christine Marquette and I’m a registered
and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’m going to talk to you about
losing weight taking vitamin B complex. Now for most people, if they are getting enough
B vitamins, taking a B complex by itself won’t actually help you lose weight. However, if
you have been very deficient in your fruits and vegetables, you haven’t been eating a
very healthy diet, say for example you’ve been eating a lot of fast food or you’ve been
eating out a lot of restaurants, you may actually benefit from taking a vitamin B complex, so
short term, it could help you with your weight loss in a sense that B vitamins are heavily
involved in our metabolic pathways. They are used as catalysts and help our metabolism
actually function properly, so if you’re just getting back into healthy eating, taking that
B complex can kind of give you a little head start. It can help boost your metabolism short
term. If you rely on taking the B complex long term and you don’t ever improve your
diet, the effects will not carry over. They’re only going to last, again, short term. But
you really need to make sure that you are eating a healthy diet that does include B
vitamins naturally from your foods. The main way that B vitamins work is they work synergistically
with other compounds found in the foods, so just taking a B complex vitamin, you’re not
going to get the same exact effect on your metabolism as you would if you were actually
eating whole foods. So the best thing to do as far as B complex is make sure that you’re
getting your B vitamin from your foods. Don’t rely strictly on the B complex multi-vitamin
to get your B vitamins, because that’s long term, not going to actually impact your weight
loss. The other thing to keep in mind is you’re still going to need to include some type of
physical activity. It’s very difficult to lose weight without including the physical
activity as well as eating a healthy diet, so those are just some things to keep in mind
when thinking about B complex for weight loss.


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