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Welcome back to another cooking video I’m Chef Devaux and to day
I say F**k you sushi rice, now I’m sorry for the swear word but
I’m fed up of making sushi rice every
single time it’s such a long process you have to
wash it you have to
cook it you have to season it, you have to make the seasoning
then you have to cool it down to the
right temperature, then keep it at the right
so that it is perfect with fish which is
usually about
sushi rice body temperature and fish at
room temperature
and it’s just so much hassle, so today we are making the f**k you
sushi rice sushi roll ain’t nobody got time for that
lets go!
ok so the first thing you want to do to make the f**k you sushi rice sushi roll is just take
half a sheet of nori
and toasted lightly over a toaster, any toaster will do
just make sure it doesn’t become burnt, just make it a little bit crispier and
toasted so it becomes a bit more fresh, ok so once you have toasted your nori sheet
just place it on a bamboo roll a mat like
this one and then you start laying down your ingredients
half a piece of imitation crab meat, then add a little bit of masago
fish eggs (roe) this stuff is really delicious you have got to try it, it’s
much better than any other fish roe, it’s
beautifully seasoned and it’s delicious
said delicious twice there because it just is

okay, now in nice piece of sushi grade salmon
and another little piece
just to get salmon throughout the roll, now add some
sushi grade tuna, now if you don’t know
what sushi grade fish is
then click on the link on the top left corner to
find out more information about it, now you
add a couple slices of avocado

and who once that’s done a couple slices
ok so now to role it you simply bring
up one side
and you pull it over the contents and then
once it’s together release
and move forward then press again
release move forward press again
perfect, now you may want to leave this just so that the seal
goes together, that takes about three minutes, just let it rest before you cut it.
ok so once you have let it rest rest for about 3-4 minutes so the nori has tightened up
you want to start by cutting off the edges, ok so once you cut both edges off
you simply cut in half cut it in half and put teh halves together
and now cut this into three pieces
which makes six pieces of sushi without rice
6 sushi rolls without sushi rice done
ok so now all that’s left to do is just eat it
you just simply dip it in soya sauce like you would any other sushi, and place it in your mouth using chopsticks (eating)
I love these little bites so much
there’s no sushi rice is just delicious
it’s just only fish and nori
and avocado, just delicious
I have already had like 10 of these today
that is about as good of a testimonial as I can give for this, they are just awesome
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thanks watching till next week, good bye


  1. Please Chef Devaux make a video with Rice paper instead of Nori sheet, like spring rolls

  2. I love sushi! My fitness goals right now, requires a low carb intake so this no rice sushi and naruto sushi is right up my alley!! Thank you so much for sharing

  3. I tried to make sushi using cauliflower rice, stir fried it with butter and added all the normal flavouring you would use for sushi rice.  It wasn't sticky enough for normal rolls so gave up and made chirashizushi.  Now this was deeeelicious.  This type of sushi is "mixed" sushi, like a rice salad.  You can also make a japanese omelette, place it on your nori and then wrap everything inside like Chef Devaus does.  This also works without rice.  Using the avocado as a "holding" ingredient is very good.

  4. I usually make sushi with rice, so this was much quicker. I like that I could use the toaster for the nori! But I said I would try making it, and so I did! It was yummy!! So much so, that I posted it on my Instagram page with a link to your video, for other fitness followers could make their own! Thanks again!

  5. Ah, I see you endorse Miyabi knives.  Have you used the Red Series 8" chef's knife (Morimoto series)?  Blend of Japanese/European style knife.  I tried it and was stunned by how sharp it was.  Would be quite an upgrade from my Chicago "chef's knife which holds it's edge for about 5 seconds.  Anyway, it's quite affordable, just wondering if it's a good purchase.  Thanks!

  6. Not big on the rice but I was told I needed it for the roll to stick. Thanks so much. I'll probably eat this almost every day now! Yay.

  7. I just made these and they are fabulous. The only problem I had was that the nori did not stick together well when I rolled them closed….they fell apart and could not be picked up with chopsticks. What am I doing wrong????

  8. I must admit I did not toast the nori…..I also used salmon, avocado, carrot slivers and cucumbers in it… fish eggs. Did this make a difference in it holding together?

  9. Honestly idk how raw tuna tastes but it tastes like terrible flavorless medicine with a battery in it, I did taste it one at this sushi restaurant, waited an hour for our order too

  10. Well, there's no such thing as sushi without sushi rice. Sushi IS cooked, vinegared rice and any other ingredient. You're making sashimi rolls. Not sushi rolls.

  11. Ok here's my thing I don't like fish like the tuna and salmon but I do like crab also I don't like a ton of nori so do you have any suggestions for me?

  12. What supplies should I get. I bought some stuff but it seems to break quickly. Whats a good intermediate set up? Thanks!

  13. The word Sushi means "with rice". this my friend is a Sashimi roll not a sushi roll. Also avocado does not go on every roll of sushi, maybe give the avocado a rest.

  14. woohoo, thank you Chef Devaux!!! i learned to make the rice sushi rolls with your video last year. just recently going back to a low carb diet. torn between making sushi rolls for the kids and not being able to have any myself. Thanks to you, i can keep making the rolls without feeling deprived 😀

  15. oh, good. I lately started wrapping all my vegetables into nori . hate sloppy messy salads. gotta try toasted nori sheet

  16. Please leave black slag out of your tutorial … use sound so dumb …it’s not comedic it’s inappropriate. Especially when you change your tone of voice… dumb ass

  17. I thought all was lost for me, I keep seeing recipes to use cream cheese and cauliflower as a rice substitute, which I am not a fan of (i know its for fat contents but ugh) I am way thankful for this!


  19. Sushi, by definition, is vinegared rice, combined with other ingredients. This is explains how to make a sashimi roll, not sushi.

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