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today I am here with the recipe of Newari choila
this delicious food is consumed in every occasion or festival,especially in samayabaji
Normally, we make buff choila
buff meat isn’t easily available in my area so, I am making choila from mutton meat
use the same process for any meat
so, let’s get started with it’s ingredients
ginger garlic paste
red chilly powder
Sichuan pepper
1 spoon fenugreek seeds
half spoon turmeric
salt as per taste
5 spoon oil
finely cut green coriander
green garlic
2 tomato (optional)
i am adding tomatoes because I love little gravy in choila.
if you don’t like gravy you can use only one tomato
700 grams mutton
long cut
pierce meat with this metal rod
rod used in piercing meat is called gaso in newari.
pierce meat with this metal
pierce like this
the meat must be hanging like this
pierce all meat in the metal rod
already done
we will now take it to top of fire
Normally, hay is used to smoke the meat
I didn’t get much hay so, I used wood as well
I kept tomato with the meat as well
it will be very rapid flame because hay burns faster
this helps in tenderizing the meat
this is also called haku choila
haku means black in newari.
and choila means smoked meat.
meat must be well smoked till it is cooked
our black smoked meat is being ready
even though it looks black from outside, it is tender and juicy from inside
this is quality of choila
smoke all the meat
after it is a bit cool, take it out in a bowl
I will show you how tender it is from inside
you can see how juicy it is from inside
cut all the meat into small pieces
put it in a bowl
add green garlic
salt as per taste
black pepper
red chilly powder
ginger garlic paste
add small amount of cumin seed powder too if you like
smoked tomato
tomato is optional
heat the pan and add oil
add fenugreek seeds
add turmeric and stir it a bit
add that hot oil in choila
add coriander and mix well
I am mixing by hand
our yummy choila is ready
serve it as you like
I served it like this
Normally, this is served with beaten rice.
make it like this at your home and enjoy it at your home with your friends and family
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i will return with more yummy recipes, till then happy cooking

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