Nettle Soup Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

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Nettle Soup Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show


  1. Hello Heghineh! We watch your video with a big pleasure! Thank you very much! Could you say the singers name, who sing in the end of the video?

  2. Oh Arka, you have passed the age of adding salt only…lol… please give him his own day to make salad…and maybe lemonade… I would love to see…

  3. Great vid! One think we have plenty of in England is lovely juicy nettles! I put them in my smoothy everyday but I will definitely try this, I love quneoa too. Thank you!

  4. Hi everybody😘As always cool and the children supplement mom🖒Heghineh jan thanks for the helpful recipe ❤

  5. Lovely Soup! Reminded me of my childhood. And yes, I can't stand these airplanes. I hope that private airport goes away soon.

  6. Thank you for this recipe and video, I've been looking for a way to incorporate nettle and this is perfect. You're so inspiring! I love your backyard too, its gorgeous and it seems as though you have a wonderful life and family.

  7. Hi Heghineh,
    I would just like to say that it's so nice to see your kids helping you with cooking, they are so sweet. Food is so important, and, even if they don't eat everything now, they are exposed and educated about what is healthy and delicious, which is really rare in America. I remember my grandmother back in Ukraine making nettle, but I wouldn't touch it, because I thought it would sting me. We used to just sautee it with onions and garlic, and it was so delicious, but of course little me didn't know what was good. And now I gather wild nettle whenever I get the chance, because it's so healthy and so creamy when I cook it. People look at me weird because it's not a popular thing to eat, and it's not often that I come across a recipe using nettle, but I don't care. Thank you for uploading this!

  8. Loooll arka ur so cute with ur 👎🏻
    I saw this at the store and thought how to make it until I saw ur video
    Thanks heghineh for making our kitchens interesting everyday !!!!!

  9. Hexine jan barev wonc ei dzes karotel mi worosh jamanak chei karoxanum tesnel dzer [email protected] esor em ditel bolorit shat ei karotel. lilit jan kes shat em sirum. yev Hexine jan inchpes mist duk gerazanc eq apreq

  10. I must say that I had heard about the Tisano tea of nettle but not a real soup like this (y) and I have noticed that you never peel off the potatoes, which I prefer too! thanks for this healthy & easy soup, but I have to wait a bit longer till they start growing in my garden ! Thanks again & once again love your kids all!

  11. Oh, that looks beautiful with the cream at the end,,,, i bet it is good,, What do nettles taste like? Greens, Potatoe, Onion,,, and more is perfect soup,,, Thank you

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